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air mattress

  1. M

    Tesla Model Y Foam Camping Mattress - In Chicago - Never used. $85

    Bought the Tesla Model Y mattress from Tesmanian.com last summer for camping, but never used it. So it's new, but not in its original bag - It ripped the day it was delivered. Custom design 3" High Density Foam Mattress specifically for Tesla Model Y. Tri-Fold mattress is a convenient and...
  2. DNSJames

    Camping in a Tesla X 6-Seater like a dream... better than the 5-Seater and even with a cpap machine!

    OK... so I'm a regular guy who wants to both have the six-seater Model X as well as have options to camp. I ended up with the 6-seater after an early-delivery option forced me to upgrade. I upgraded which made me think the camping option was out... but it wasn't. In fact, it's better! I have a...
  3. S

    Best mattresses for Model S

    I measured the back of my Model S, and it is around 38.5" x 72-75" (depending on where you measure, and how far forward the front seats are). This is about the size of a twin bed. So, I was wondering: has anyone tried to put a mattress (air mattress or otherwise) in the Model S? How does it work...