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air suspension

  1. VegarHenriksen

    Air suspension automatically adjusting after 2022.8.10.5

    Hello. After updating to 2022.8.10.5 the car automatically adjusts the height after location, whereas before I had to press "Always adjust at this location". Now I have to go into suspension setting and press "Don't adjust at this location" every time I manually adjust it. Anyone else seeing this?
  2. C


    My suspension has been disabled and it’s stuck on super low and Tesla Spain where I am currently can’t seem to find a fault with suspension and won’t change the sensors without finding a fault! I am now leaving (fast) away from Malaga Tesla as they are useless and trying Madrid where I am booked...
  3. J

    Control Arm Replacement with Aftermarket Suspension

    Hello everyone, My 2020 M3 recently began squeaking around the front passenger side. It seems to be the common control arm issue. I made a service request with Tesla and since I have an after market air suspension, the cost will be out of pocket. They are willing to replace the arms regardless...
  4. original

    FS: Air Lift Performance 3P Kit - Tesla 3 & Y

    Hi, Selling a complete Air Lift Performance 3P kit for Tesla Model 3 & Y. The detailed list of the kit is listed below, upgrades available as well. - Air Lift Performance Front Kit - Air Lift Performance Rear Kit - 1/4 Lines (Upgrade to 3/8" available) - 444c ViAir compressor (Upgrade to Dual...
  5. Y

    Aftermarket air suspension, anyone done it yet?

    Hello everyone, I have a 2014 Model S with factory air suspension that I picked up a couple months ago. After looking at the aftermarket availability for these cars I finally found an aftermarket air suspension company that could provide me a full kit. Tried looking for videos or tips and...
  6. O

    Can model s smart air suspension be swapped for coils?

    I’ve been searching for an answer to this question without much luck. I have a 2014 model s with smart air suspension that is now having some repeating issues with the car getting “slammed” or lowered related to the air compressor and air shocks. Instead of sinking more money in to fixing...
  7. P

    For Sale: 2013 Model S P85 RWD, Black, Free Unlimited Supercharging, Chicago

    2013 Model S P85 RWD - Solid Black - FREE UNLIMITED SUPERCHARGING 62,500 miles (daily driver) Warranty expired (I bought it CPO on 12/2016, so warranty expired last December) Charges to 245 miles at 100% Solid black paint Black Performance interior (red piping) leather / Tan roof liner All...
  8. rns-e

    Air Suspension deflating slowly - SC will replace bascially everything

    My 2015 P85DL is losing air in the suspension slowly overnight. It seems to be the rear right that drops and sometimes both rear and front right are deflated while the left side is still inflated, and other times it's both sides in the rear that seems deflated. As such it is not that big a deal...
  9. Gerardjake


    Just got my Artisan side rockers painted/installed + rear diffuser. Compressors in the front were super loud so I got the frunk sound dampened which helps a lot. Last min pickup with the CF steering wheel. The feel and grip is really nice!
  10. S

    1st gen model s air suspension failure

    2013 model S 60 with tech pkg and air suspension. I recently had the 12v battery service performed by a mobile tech, on the same visit they replaced the washer fluid nozzles and a tpms sensor. After the service was performed it was a few days later that the air suspension started warning us...
  11. IsthataTesl.a?

    Jack Mode MOVED !

    Jack Mode setting has apparently been moved on a recent software update. Had a wheel swapped out today and neither the technician, a manager at Discount Tire, nor I could find a Jack Mode setting. Called Tesla and Jack Mode is still present in the car but is now found under the Service tab and...
  12. K

    Suspension clicking noise while parked?

    I got my brand new 2020 Model X mid-August, everything was great until I got it wrapped and the tech told me that my car is making a weird clicking noise while parked. Send the video to my Tesla rep and the tech told me to monitor the noise and let them know if anything else happened. (as if...
  13. C

    2018 Software update - "Suspension Improvements" question

    20018 Model S 75D The latest update notes "Suspension Improvements" For improved comfort, the maximum allowed speed and ground clearance in HIGH and VERY HIGH have been reduced" Tesla describes the feature on its website: Add the ability for your Tesla to adjust vehicle height for better...
  14. K

    UAS vs air demand suspension

    Hey everyone! Wasn’t sure where to post this but since I’ve seen more M3 bagged than any other model. Anyways, I’m looking to bag the MY and I’ve been talking between the two brands and was wondering if anyone here has any experience with either brand? Pros? Cons? Advice? Etc? Universal Air...
  15. T

    Lowering Links Install

    Hey, just wanted to share that I installed bloc lowering links on my model x. Took a couple pics/videos that I hope to share. Didn't find much content on lowering links online, especially for the model x. Really easy! I say if you can change a tire you can install links. But you have to be...
  16. LA PYD

    Custom build Performance Tesla Model 3

    2018 tesla awd performance condition: like new cylinders: other drive: 4wd fuel: electric odometer: 14500 paint color: black title status: clean transmission: automatic Selling my lightly used ‘Stealth’ forged carbon fiber black Long Range, duel motor AWD Performance custom build...
  17. LA PYD

    Sold Custom build Performance Tesla Model 3

    2018 tesla awd performance condition: like new cylinders: other drive: 4wd fuel: electric odometer: 14500 paint color: black title status: clean transmission: automatic Selling my lightly used ‘Stealth’ forged carbon fiber black Long Range, duel motor AWD Performance custom build...
  18. Triumphz28

    FS: $85 with Ship - Model S/X 2012-2020 Adjustable Lowering Links - Air Suspension Vehicles Only

    FOR SALE - Tesla Model S/X 2012-2020 Adjustable Lowering Links - Works with Any Air Suspension Tesla Vehicles (all years) $85 with free shipping included lower 48 Used for about 5k Miles - worked great and made the vehicle look amazing. Payment Accepted: Venmo or PayPal Friends and Family...
  19. F

    Tesla S 2019 Air suspension is not available

    Hi, I am facing a problem were my Tesla S is stuck in very low setting and doesn't lift up. the damage is under carriage, the car run just fine. I tested the compressor and it did work when I gave it direct power from the battery. Bought the air suspension valve block and replace it thinking it...
  20. Radlaw

    Seeking opinions on EV Tuning Airtekk Air Suspension and Model 3 lowering concerns

    Has any one looked into the new EV Tuning air suspension unit? Model 3 Suspension If so, what are your thoughts? It seems like an answer to model 3 lowering concerns.
  21. E

    Snow experience with and without smart air suspension

    I have been searching for the right 2015 or 2016 Model S with dual motors. Has anyone driven in a snowy winter without air suspension and then switched to a car with air suspension? I am wondering if it is worth the extra weight and complexity (and repair costs) to be able to raise a dual motor...
  22. K

    Used Long Term Suggestions

    Hi guys, long time Tesla fan and hopefully will be a Tesla Owner soon. My plan in to buy a used Model S somewhere in the neighborhood of $30k and I'm looking for suggestions about what to look for (feature wise, warranty wise) to maximize the possibility of having a fun, but reliable long term...
  23. dark cloud

    Rebuilt air suspension

    Just browsing eBay and noticed an ad for rebuilt air suspension struts. Looks like a shop that has quite a bit of experience doing this work for various manufacturers such as Mercedes Audi etc. and they have a decent google review rating. I don't think anyone has needed this Model S part...
  24. M

    Air Suspension question

    Only had my MS100D for 10 days and haven’t messed with the air suspension. However, got message today, while driving, that the air suspension was being raised because of location. I have no idea why it would do that. Anyone have an explanation??
  25. BizJet

    Fair Warning: From "Air Suspension Needs Service" --> Total Failure

    When I left a Tesla Service center a couple of months ago after a complete tire swap-out for my MX 90D, I noticed an "Air Suspension Needs Service" warning. But after I made a stop on the way home, the warning disappeared. Then I saw it again several times, and it rarely stayed on for more...
  26. cpobuyer

    Upgrade sound or suspension - if you have to choose one?

    About to order a 2015 85D from Tesla used inventory. Super confused with the upgrades. Not willing to compromise on color (Red it is), and the options I see in CPO has either sound upgrade or suspension upgrade. Not upgrading any of those and use that extra money on great detailing...
  27. T


    2017 Model S 100D I have had body panels creaking against each other since day one. Highland Park, IL store says that engineering is aware of the issue and is working on a solution. I also have continuing problems with air suspension. Last promises to fix were over 2 months ago. Now I...
  28. Colby Boles

    Model X front air suspension failure

    Background: For more than half of the Summer days, we live up in the Sierras near Donner Pass in California. The last 2.5 miles of road to our property is a dirt / rock road that is graded every year by the utility (PG&E) that also manages a lake up there. Most of the road is relatively smooth...
  29. B

    Ride quality of the 100D vs P3D

    For anyone who owns both, or at least experiences both on a regular basis, how would you compare the ride quality of the 100D's air suspension vs the P3D's coil system? I've seen Daerik's comparison, but I'm not sure if there's anything different in the P3D system vs the older coil system...
  30. J

    Model X Suspension (very stiff) vs Model S Suspension (smooth)

    When I bought my 2016 Model X 75D used with 16k miles on it, the first thing I noticed was the stiff ride. The best way I can describe it is like driving a bobcat or a gocart. I feel like I bounce over every little bump in the road, like a bobcat. I tried to get use to it and for a while I...
  31. B

    2016 Tesla Model S 70 w/ Autopilot ~ 11k Miles - FL

    Selling my 2016 Tesla Model S 70 with AP1. It's in MINT condition and has been garage kept every day of it's life. Zero accidents, Clean Carfax. It has Suntek PPF (Paint Protection Film) installed on the entire front of vehicle. Below is a list of areas covered: Full Front Bumper w/ Nose...
  32. E

    Air Suspension/Coil Suspension Swap

    Aside from the electronics involved that controls the air shocks. Does anyone know if it is possible to mechanically change out coil structs to the air struts from an air smart suspension? I'm hoping to do the swap and manually control or use a raspberry pi controller to control the height of...
  33. V

    Smart Air suspension confirmed for Model 3

    Elon Musk have now confirmed that SAS will be linked together with dual motor in about six months. Elon Musk on Twitter
  34. JChris

    Can Air Suspension Set To Very Low When Parked?

    Just as the title asks: Can the Air Suspension be set to stay Very Low when parked? When I set it to Very Low before I park, it seems to adjust to Low. Thanks! JC
  35. M

    2014 Model S P85 AP in Europe €68900

    Helping a friend sell a late 2014 P85 with Autopilot. The car was bought as a CPO almost 3 months ago and has around 53000 km on the clock. The price is €68900 (VAT not deductible). It's Dark Grey Metallic and has the following options: - All Glass Panoramic Roof; - 19" Standard Wheels; - Black...
  36. S

    Model S Smart Air Suspension Problem

    Hi all, I've had a Model S for just over a little over 1 year now and while I love it, I've been reporting a consistent problem with it for almost the same amount of time and I'm getting nowhere. The car grounds when in Standard mode when I reverse down the drive. I've set up various auto...
  37. CameronB

    Wanted: dual motor with AutoPilot

    posted this in for sale forum accidentally but now putting it in right forum Debating about buying a 60D New before they discontinue them mid April. But also very open to a used one (better value) if I can find something in the next week with these criteria: Must haves AutoPilot 1 (or AP2!)...
  38. J

    Speed to set Air Suspension to "Low"

    With the Smart Air Suspension, at what speed do you set it to transition from "Standard" to "Low" height? 55, 60, 65, or higher MPH? I don't care so much about the aesthetics (lower looks nicer). I understand lower suspension makes the car more aerodynamic and efficient overall, at the...
  39. J

    The reasonably* priced Model S

    Hi there, I am placing my order this week to take advantage of the referral discount that ends 10/15 that a friend of my provided me. I know a lot of people post a lot of things about getting the fastest best Model S available out there, but I never found a good post about someone looking for...
  40. K

    Air Suspension Red Indicator (Jack Mode?) Appears in Instrument Cluster

    I searched around a bit to see if anyone else had posted about this but the forum search didn't seem to turn anything up and a custom google search didn't give me anything relevant either. When I was coming into work today (mid 70s, after a morning rain, slightly damp roads, high humidity) a...

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