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  1. DasHHat

    Late 2021 onwards MIC Model 3s Have poor/faulty air conditioning from factory

    After 4 Months of sending my Model 3 (December 2021, china factory) back to the service center for blowing on my knees and being told that "nothing was wrong" and everything being correct in the dash, it turns out that I was just the first of people noticing that the Model 3 with the new Heat...
  2. D

    Aftermarket air suspension for Model Y, what do you recommend?

    Hi all I am considering to install an aftermarket air suspension kit for Model Y 2022. Several reasons: ride too firm, I will tow a caravan (short distances), roads in my region are bad, and why not. I am not aiming to slam the car, but rather be able to increase the height over OEM and get a...
  3. LargeHamCollider

    Retro-fitting HEPA filter in Model Y

    This thread is to explore the feasibility of retro-fitting HEPA filters to Model Ys that were manufactured without HEPA filters standard. I don't own a Model Y but my parents have one that was manufactured in December 2020. My mom is quite sensitive to pollen and other particulate and I'd like...
  4. H

    Range drop

    Could this sudden drop be due to my using my heater today? Thanks very much.
  5. Lasairfion

    Air pollution damages 'every organ in the body'

    Today's front page of The Guardian, UK, 18th May 2019 Online article: Revealed: air pollution may be damaging 'every organ in the body' Extract: Air pollution may be damaging every organ and virtually every cell in the human body, according to a comprehensive new global review. The research...
  6. P

    Research: Will imposing tax on Tesla cars really improve air pollution?

    Tesla Vehicles do not emit any gaseous pollution on streets because they are battery-powered, unlike other conventional private cars which work on combustion engines. It is interesting to see that despite knowing the severity of the roadside pollution in different traffic-prone areas, the...
  7. T

    How does the Bio Weapon filter work?

    Hey Guys I am curious to know how the bio weapon filter works in the MX. Does the filter only filters the air coming from out side or does it also filters the air with in the cabin. A few days ago, I order fast food and turned on the bio weapon to filter out the food odours but I couldn't...
  8. tmarcc

    Lucid Air - private showing and ride yesterday

    Hi folks - I attended a private viewing of the Lucid Air last night at the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles. The company hosted a small reception after hours attended by Lucid employees, friends, family, and some EV enthusiasts. It was a very nice event. There were 3 vehicles there...
  9. myblubu

    2016 Tesla Model S 90D - Titanium - Panoramic Roof + XPEL

    For Sale: 2016 Tesla Model S 90D - Titanium - Panoramic Roof + XPEL Selling one of our Model S vehicles to make way for our Model X Titanium Color with Classic Fascia / Black Next Gen Leather Interior / Michelin Tires Car was treated with XPEL on the way home from the Sales Center XPEL...
  10. Larry93428

    Air At The Supercharger ?

    Now with no longer a need to go the gas station, how do we air the tires? Would it be a good idea to provide Tesla-specific air at the supercharger? That is with a secured hose set at 45 psi or whatever. . Gas stations are dirty, the people scary and are charging $1.00 for non-customers. I hope...
  11. Electric700

    Could Tesla Use Zinc-air Batteries at More than Five Times the Energy Density?

    A company called Eos is close to commercializing zinc-air battery technology. Imagine a Model S with this, able to go over 1,500 miles on a single charge with the same battery dimensions (or 750 miles if the battery dimensions are halved)! Zinc-air batteries have an energy density between 5 to...