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  1. Visionary

    New Tesla model 3 / Y 2017-2022 Driver Side Airbag

    Open Box - New Tesla model 3 / Y 2017-2022 Driver Side Airbag Actual Pictures Shown. $295 Shipped in the 48 States.
  2. enolam

    Model 3 REAR SEAT air bags

    Can someone please explain what airbags the Model 3 has and how it may affect a dog in the back seat. When I first put her in... there was an image on my screen where I could "X out" or what I thought was turn off air bags? I can't figure out how to get back to that... I have no idea how to...
  3. Jae001

    Model Y Crash

    What a waste of a beautiful car! These kids have no respect for speed and performance and are lucky to be alive. According to reports they try to get the car airborne by going over bumps in a parking lot at high speed doing well over 120MPH. The kid blames the car of course saying it wasn't...
  4. M

    Updated to 36.10 - Now have Airbag deactived icon?

    Just noticed I after updating I have a new yellow icon in the right corner to the righ of LTE and Bluetooth icons there is a yellow icon with a 2 underneath and it says airbags deactivated. It's always on. Is this a bug or is this a permanent new thing? I dont like it.
  5. B

    Airbags on the outside of the vehicle

    So, with all of the cameras and sensors on Tesla vehicles as well as the onboard AI computer. It occurred to me that a Tesla vehicle would probably have at least 250ms to 500ms warning that an unavoidable accident was about to occur. Having said that does it make sense to add external airbags...
  6. C

    Model S Airbag Light Always On

    I have a model S that I recently purchased and has the airbag light on all the time. Carfax did not claim that the vehicle was ever in a wreck and there are no signs that it has been in any type of accident. So i would like to believe that it could be a connector or a software issue. Can anyone...
  7. J

    Buying a damaged Tesla and repairing it without the help of a Tesla SeC?

    Hello Tesla Community, I‘m considering buying a used facelift Tesla Model S which was in a minor accident. It collided in a parking lot with an SUV. There is damage to the hood, minor damage to the bumper (Tesla unauthorized Bodyshop told me the bumper can be fixed without replacing it) and a...
  8. Jimbydude

    Friend crashed model 3 and they think due to foot obstruction (maybe)

    Hi all, Since I'm recounting this from a friend, clearly there could be other things at play, and my own research (googling) doesn;t provide any real info or similar incidents, which is telling of course. This friend doesn't actually own a model 3, they had put their car into shop for...
  9. C

    Model S P90D Damaged Salvage

    Hi all first post as this is the first Tesla I’ve bought. Just bought a P90D Model S last week and have started stripping it down when it arrived home yesterday (4/7/19). It has some front damage but fairly high up not affecting the front bumper reinforcement bar or chassis legs. Air bags...
  10. Beta V

    Airbag Location--Safe Mounting Spots

    I want to mount my ham radio control head (about the size of a thick piece of Texas toast) on the dash somewhere. I looked in the owner's manual for airbag locations, but the picture is not clear as to where it's safe to cover a small part of the dash. I'm thinking about using a...
  11. F

    String of issues with 7 months old Model X

    Hi All, I have had my Model X for 7 months, and I've had a string of issues with it, and the latest problems are not fixed yet. I was thinking of contacting the Tesla customer service with the list of issues I've had, but before that I'd like to share my experience and ask owners on this forum...
  12. Eevee

    Takata Air Bag Recall - STILL!?!?!

    I received a notice 3 days ago that my 2016 CPO that I bought nearly 2 months ago needs to come in for airbag replacements. WTF??? Seriously? This Takata airbag issue has been known for years and years now. And my car was supposedly inspected and deemed safe to drive before I took delivery. So...
  13. O

    2015 70AP Parts car $12k

    17,000 miles More pics Tesla packs - Google Drive Everything but the crash damage is in excellent shape Car drives I will be keeping the battery pack And the Drive unit/subframe Charger Hv jb. With motor and pack cable If you want the car with everything $24k Im in fl shipping to...
  14. R

    WTB: deployed Model S steering wheel airbag

    Looking for a deployed Gen 1 steering wheel airbag module. (Gen 1 has two white wires to the brown clock spring connector). These are usually discarded. Anybody know of one?
  15. M

    Tesla 2015 panel+airbags

    Panel, 2roof airbags, wheel and passenger airbags 2300eu
  16. U

    Newer Teslas also with Takata recalled airbags?

    Supercars at Risk: McLaren, Ferrari, and Tesla Added to Takata Airbag Recalls My nearly new Tesla has one of these?! How was this not corrected in 2015? Or 2014? Or 2013? Or 2012?... The situation concerning ammonium nitrate has been known forever. What the swear-word?!