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  1. MontyFloyd

    Vintage aircraft crash in Dallas, Texas. 6 killed.

    There was a horrific mid-air crash in Dallas, Texas (USA) (updates on investigation). A P-63F "Kingcobra" collided with a B-17G "Flying Fortress" named "Texas Raiders" during the Wings of Dallas air show. 5 on the B-17G and 1 on the P-63F died The reasons why this mid air happened are being...
  2. B

    Thoughts on driving through highly corrosive AFFF?

    I work on a Navy base and had an aircraft fire recently. AFFF was deployed, then fresh water rinse. Interesting to watch, didn't appear to be any injuries, but there's no articles or word of it. Anyway, didn't think much of it after the occurrence. Later that night, when we were all leaving for...
  3. Brando

    Racing stopped improving road cars how & when? F1 history

    Racing and Road Cars and Air Craft Many don't realize when auto racing rules stopped technology improvements. You'll find interesting. Quick history of how engineers are inspired to solve problems in these 3 slightly different applications of technologies.
  4. Brando

    solarstatos - solar powered max altitude 75,000 feet = 22860 meters

    The plane – SolarStratos THE AIRPLANE AT A GLANCE Length 8.5 meters Wingspan 24.9 meters Weight 450 kg Autonomy more than 24 hours Propulsion propeller, 2.2 m, 4 blades Engine electrical, max. 32 kW / 2200 rpm Engine efficiency 90% Two seater in tandem Energy solar Solar cells 22 m2 Cells...
  5. mspohr

    Norway to make all short-haul flights electric (by 2040)

    Norway will make all short-haul flights electric by 2040 Interesting news item that Norway is going to try to use electric planes (not in production yet) to make all short-haul flights by 2040. They mention a few potential manufacturers Wright Electric, Boeing, Airbus, Siemens.
  6. dauger

    Lillium - VTOL all-electric plane

    An all-electric two-seater vertical take off and landing personal aircraft: Personal aircraft aiming to take off from your home Lillium: The Private VTOL Plane Of A Quieter Future "The European Space Agency is incubating a new kind of aircraft. ... The planned two-seater will be all-electric...
  7. F

    Powering Imagination: Electric Flight Symposium

    Leading advocates of electric technology for aviation will meet later this month at the Museum of Flight in Seattle to offer an all-day symposium that's free and open to the public. The event will feature talks by Erik Lindbergh, founder of the Lindbergh Electric Aircraft Prize; George Bye, CEO...