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airport parking

  1. M

    MIA offsite parking

    Leaving out of MIA soon, any good recommendations for offsite parking that has 110v plugs for EVs or just a good rate for parking in general. Typically fly out of MCO and use fastpark as they have dedicated space for an EV to plug in and ample parking. Was looking for something similar if there...
  2. H

    George Bush parking/charging options

    Anybody have tips, suggestions on parking at George Bush? Have a Model S 100D. We live in Tyler and usually fly out of DFW but are using IAH soon and don't know the ins/outs. Does valet charge your car? Can you leave your car in a charging stall? I know charging is free at Love Field...
  3. Boourns

    Love Field parking

    We're taking a trip this weekend from Friday to Monday. Given that it's going to be so hot and you can't turn off cabin overheat protection in the 3 yet, I hesitate to take the 3 and leave it parked all weekend just to run the AC all day. I see that Love Field has EV parking. The website...
  4. Chrisizzle

    All About Valet Parking (charging) at Toronto Pearson Airport

    I thought I'd provide a summary of my recent experience to anyone considering using the valet service at Toronto's Pearson Airport. (Note: This is not for Park n' Fly) First, you can reserve a spot at any official Greater Toronto Airport Authority parking lot online through the GTAA.com. The...
  5. xkwizit

    Charging at Airport long term parking - best practice?

    When you go on a vacation and park your car at airport long term parking for 3-10 days, assuming there is a charger available, would you park at the charger or normal parking stall?
  6. N

    Battery drain while car is left off for several days/weeks/months.

    Hello, I want to share my experience on this subject. I have a new 2015 tesla Model S 85D. I left for 15 days trip overseas. I left the car at 257 range when I left, and when I came back I had 233 range left. I averaged a 1.6 miles loss per day on a period of 15 days. check box for "always...
  7. mnx

    Buffalo Niagara Airport

    Does anyone know of any 120V plugs that are close to the buffalo airport? I had planned to park & fly via the Holiday Inn across the road from the airport. They don't have an accessible plug and aren't willing to install one. I'd love to avoid taking the ICE to the airport if possible. I...