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  1. D

    Supercharger - Orange Beach, AL

    Looks like a 12 stall Supercharger going in at the Wharf in Orange Beach, AL. Looks like V3 bases. Link to Facebook Lat/Long are: 30.292239890806496, -87.62709424633567 Closest address is: 4700B Main St Suite 108, Orange Beach, AL 36561 @Pluto ETA: Meant to put this under, if a mod could...
  2. Guacahummus

    Supercharger - Alabaster, AL

    https://alabaster.onlama.com/PrmtView.aspx?ref=YXQZB1 https://alabaster.onlama.com/PrmtView.aspx?ref=CEB5XJ https://alabaster.onlama.com/PrmtView.aspx?ref=3JZSAZ https://teslanorth.com/2023/10/07/60477 235 Colonial Promenade Pkwy, Alabaster, AL 35007
  3. M

    Supercharger - Prattville, AL

    A new Supercharger is being installed at the Target in Prattville. Currently under construction. Not yet on supercharge.info. 3 cabinets so probably 12 stalls. 2754 Legends Pkwy Prattville, AL 36066 United States
  4. 2023 Model 3

    2023 Model 3

    My 9 year-old granddaughter convinced me to buy it and I love it!
  5. D

    Supercharger - Montgomery, AL (Mobile Highway)

    Thanks to MarcoRP on twitter for this one. Guessing it will be close to here: 32.31054166513683, -86.35042955777926 @Pluto , looks like this would be permit status.
  6. D

    Supercharger - Guin, AL

    Surprised to not find this here yet. Construction of a 12 stall, 250 kW supercharger is well underway at 5750 AL-44, Guin, AL 35563 (Holiday Inn). See here for progress video. @Pluto , can you add this to supercharge.info?
  7. Chuq

    Supercharger - Gardendale, AL

    Erichj on the supercharge.info forum posted: I can't find the picture, presumably it's in a closed group. Can anyone confirm?
  8. T

    Supercharger - Evergreen, AL

    The Tesla find us map shows a supercharger coming to Evergreen in Q1 2023. I'm guessing it will be on AL 83 near I-65 (exit 96). It'll be a good splitter between Mobile (or D'Iberville, MS) and Greenville, AL. We travel the I-65/I-10 corridor a few times per year and try to avoid Mobil due to...
  9. M

    Supercharger - Auburn, AL - South College Street

    New Supercharger almost complete at the Winn-Dixie on S College St
  10. M

    Supercharger - Leeds, AL

  11. D

    Supercharger - Robertsdale, AL

    According to a local involved in the Tesla Owners Club of Alabama on Facebook, the Supercharger to be installed at the existing Buc-ee's in Robertsdale is on the Planning Commission agenda for today (1/24/22). The location is here. Fingers crossed as this would be a big help to Tesla Baldwin...
  12. B

    Supercharger - Dothan, AL

    Dothan has been on the shortlist for Tesla and wishlist for everyone else nearby for a while now. Last update I could find was Jan ‘22 @ Target. I passed through Dothan a few weeks ago and couldn’t see a site being prepped. Columbus GA site took a decent amount of time to complete so I assume a...
  13. D

    SuperCharger - Tuscaloosa, AL

    What is everyone thoughts on the lack of SuperChargers in Alabama. While traveling from Jackson to Atlanta last week. I was a little nervous after not fully charging (80%) in Meridian. I ended up stopping in Tuscaloosa at a Destination charger but that took forever just to get a few miles. It...
  14. B

    The honeymoon finally ebbs...

    I’m a little more than two years in with my late 2016 Model S 90D. I love it. Always have, still do. Brag on it at any opportunity. And, have often said “I’ll never go back...” meaning not just EV vs ICE but Tesla in specific. This weekend my wife and I traveled from our home in Alabama (one...
  15. Gwgan

    Supercharger - Steele, AL

    supercharge.info says construction just started. On a trip north through there two days ago if this were online I would have charged in Steele and skipped the awkward Chattanooga airport charger. Steele, AL Status: Construction - 1 days 905 Steele Station Rd
  16. Missile Toad

    Supercharger - Oxford, MS

    Posted elsewhere... around 07/09/17. seems like completion is expected this Summer.
  17. X

    Ordering inventory car vs custom order

    Hello, We live near Baltimore, MD and I was working with a sales advisor in DC but looks like she left Tesla. I talked to the new rep and he was helping me get a Model S. When I asked him to check on inventory models for the P60D with the configuration I was looking for, he said he couldn't find...
  18. pjfranks1509

    Tesla cars in Alabama

    Please respond if you have a Tesla in Alabama. I am trying to get a Saturday meet in Birmingham in the next few weeks
  19. BlueShift

    Supercharger - Mobile, AL

    3201 Airport Blvd, Mobile, AL 36606 5 miles north off I-10 Permit can be seen here: http://permits.ci.mobile.al.us/tm_bin/tmw_cmd.pl?tmw_cmd=StatusHitList (Put "Tesla" in the Business field). Superchargers - - - Updated - - - Thanks to Friman, who report this via [email protected]
  20. pjfranks1509

    Supercharger - Birmingham, AL

    I heard that Tesla will be installing Superchargers off Hwy 459 at the Colonnade. I hope it is true. That would be a GREAT location!
  21. SR22pilot

    Supercharger - Greenville, AL

    The Tesla Motors map shows a super charger at the Hampton Inn in Greenville, AL. However, searching the Greenville paper for Tesla yielded no hits and I didn't see any hits searching this website. Has anyone been by there? I expected Montgomery but not Greenville.