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  1. David29

    Alarm actuating randomly on Model S

    This morning, I heard the alarm horn of my Model S honking as I was getting ready to leave my church after the service. It shut off on its own before I got out to the parking lot so I was not actually certain it was my car, except that there were no other cars nearby. The next weird thing was...
  2. M

    Alarm keeps going off

    My alarm has been going off recently in the middle of the night on my model 3, twice last night. Car and house cams picking up nothing. Didnt even get a mobile notification of it being triggered the recent times. I will check during day if theres a fly inside. Ive just disabled tilt/intrusion...
  3. WillC

    Model 3 Alarm Going Off When Opening Door!

    My Model 3 alarm has started going off when I open the door from the outside. I use my phone and Bluetooth to unlock the car and it seems there is a delay from the car recognising its been unlocked with the phone. The alarm sounds 3 times then turns off, not great at 6 am for the neighbours. Is...
  4. F

    Sentry mode false alarms from earthquakes.

    I want to use Sentry mode at home. I’d rather just use the recording feature of sentry mode and disable the blaring alarm if I could, but it doesn’t seem like that’s possible. So my questions are as follows. Now, in 2021, does sentry alarm still play the loud classical music when it’s...
  5. B

    M3 alarm keeps false triggering. How to stop it?!

    Over the last 2 days, my Model 3 has false alarmed about 10 times and its starting to seriously annoy all the neighbours! I have done a full reboot and reset, removed the Sentry USB (as I head these can cause issues if they are faulty). I have tried with sentry mode on or off. The only...
  6. m-i-l

    How do you switch off the Security Alarm?

    I had the car alarm go off 4 times last night, waking up ourselves and quite probably several other people in the street too, with no indication as to why. I had problems with repeated false alarms when I first got the car, so switched the alarm off, and wasn't troubled by it again. However, it...
  7. Freewheeler

    Secutiry Alarm Turns On With Sentry - False Alarms

    I've seen variations of alarm issues on the other forums but can't seem to get a resolution to this. I've read that Sentry and Security Alarm are separate things, but I can't have one without the other it seems. [Version 2020.24.6.5] I have toggles for both Sentry and Security Alarm. When I...
  8. M

    Model X - réglage alarme & sécurité remis à valeur par défaut

    Bonjour tout le monde, Bien que cela fasse quelques mois que je sois l'heureux propriétaire d'un Model X 2019, je suis encore loin de maîtriser toutes les options et fonctionnalités de ma voiture. Première question: - J'ai désactivé par le passé, l'option alarme intrusion et déplacement pour...
  9. T

    Before you get used to the Sentry mode it can cause dangerous situations

    My wife left our car (Model 3) with her phone for a short visit to kiosk and she did not remember that it would cause locking of the doors of the car and also activation of the Sentry mode. Our daughter with her four months old baby were waiting inside the car since they were soon continuing...
  10. X

    Sentry mode mechanics

    Hello, I had multiple (23) sentry false positive events last night. There was no alert on the phone. A neighbor informed me that the car lights were flashing multiple times last night. Looking at the footage, the recorded events were between 2.00a and 5.00a but I didn’t see anything suspicious...
  11. S

    Model 3 burgler false alarm

    We had the burglar alarm go off on our model 3 yesterday, has anyone else experienced that? It made a frightful noise and commotion for a minute or so and I'm trying to understand what caused it. I had tried to summon the car in a car park earlier but to no avail, there was some sort of...
  12. D

    Model X car alarm not possible to turn off...!

    Hi community, This is my first post after getting my Model X earlier this spring and now I am in despair not knowing what to do... The car alarm of my 2018 Model X keeps going off all by itself without any warning in the app and no messages on the screen in the car. Worst thing is that it's...
  13. Z

    interieur detectie

    Weet iemand toevallig of het mogelijk is om de interieur detectie standaard uit te zetten in een model X? Ik word helemaal gek van het alarm wat de hele tijd afgaat. Het systeem is nogal gevoelig en gaat spontaan af agv vliegen de auto. Nu moet ik dit na iedere keer stoppen opnieuw handmatig...
  14. Y

    Sentry Issues

    Came back to car after a music event, and found 118 sentry events. Realized, subwoofers at concert had been rattling the car for hours, setting off alarm. Ooops. Guess I'll park on the other side of the building next time
  15. N

    Alarm set off by a different remote

    This has happened twice now, I have two model s cars, when I went to unplug one of the cars the alarm on the other went off (that car was not plugged in/charging). The sequence was ‘unlock using the fob’, then pressing the charge release button on the handle. Anyone had this problem? The other...
  16. S

    Model 3 Insurance security features

    So I'm trying to shop around for my Model 3 (coming September 1st!!!) insurance and I can't seem to find a specific answer(every answer differs) to the list of security features the car has. Right now the Geico quote page I'm on right now has the following options: - No Device - Alarm only or...
  17. zanary

    Improving the Tesla Model S Alarm

    Back in 2005, I installed a shock sensor to the hood latch alarm of my old Infiniti FX35AWD primarily because the alarm in my old FX (like my Model S) only activates when a door, frunk or trunk is forcibly open, not when there is substantial motion detected. With the help of a friend, we...
  18. A

    Problem with Falcon Wing Door

    After 4 months of happy driving, one of my doors stop operating. I called the 800 number, but notwitstanding a number of over-the-air resets, they were unable to fix it or stop the annoying alarm that sounded repeatedly while the car was in drive mode. It took Tesla 48 hours to have a ranger...
  19. Carspotter Daily

    Custom warning/alarm through the Tesla API

    So, as some of you know, i've developed an app for macOS to control Tesla vehicles. I decided to add an alarm button into the next version(V1.5). This sends two commands to the Tesla API every 3 seconds until the user hits the stop button. These commands are flash lights and honk the horn in...
  20. B

    3 Beep alarm!

    On a short drive yesterday I got a 3 beep alarm. I sounded like it was coming from the drivers door and sounded like the door alarm. It occurred while on a short drive with no notifications on the dash or 17 inch screen. It repeated about 3 times in a 5 mile drive. The doors and everything else...
  21. BizJet

    Mystery at Foxborough: a Model X Security Head-Scratcher

    I sent this to Tesla for analysis to pull the logs, and they haven't gotten back to me for ten days, so I offer this mystery to the TMC community for your consideration. Here's what happened: Monday Night Football at Gillette Stadium, with my Model X parked in the stadium lot. Walk-away lock...
  22. Mike Tuccelli

    When alarm goes off, live video on phone

    Tesla S has front and rear camera so why not Tesla update ability to activate both cameras and stream video to your smartphone so you can take pictures of perpuators? A $99 drone can do that! Insurance companies would love it as if someone keys or trashes your car, you have a photo or video...
  23. msp85+

    Automatically Alarming ADT with Smartthings hub

    Anyone looked into automating their ADT alarm system when they close the garage and disabling the alarm when they get close to home? I saw an ADT module you could build to accomplish this at ADT Integration - Devices Integrations - SmartThings Community Anyone have experience setting up an...
  24. ViperDoc

    Passenger seat belt warning

    I seem to recall a time in the past when the seat belt warning alarm sounded when my passenger didn't buckle their seat belt. Recently, I noticed that was not the case. You could drive around all day with someone in the passenger seat with the belt unbuckled and not have the alarm go off. Tesla...

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