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  1. N

    Tail light alert?

    Hi there : ) I recently saw a Model 3 being pulled over for tail lights not working… is there a notification or service alert to tell us if that is the case?
  2. E

    Alert VCFRONT a192

    So after one week exactly, of using my Model 3 Performance (btw, love this car) I got an alert VCFRONT a192 -> electrical system power reduced; vehicle may not restart. This happened almost right after supercharging. Temp outside was hot, about 30 deg C. Wow, so disappointing. I live in Ningbo...
  3. M

    Tire Pressure Warnings: WWTD?

    My wife’s new Jag ePace (oh, Model Y, why couldn’t you be ready?) gave us a low tire pressure alert. Not the first time ever, but she ignored it recently. Swears it was never a dramatic alert. $300 and a new tire later, for what should have been a $30 repair, I began to wonder how my M3...
  4. X

    New chime sound in NoA or 42.3?

    while driving home tonight using Navigate On AutoPilot, the car made a “chime” noise I hadn’t heard before. Sort of a “ding” noise with a long decay, and higher pitched than the normal EAP/Autosteer tones. We couldn’t figure out what they meant, seemed to happen when cars were in our blind spot...
  5. M

    TPMS alert

    So I had my tires/wheels changed at a local tire place today (swapped for winters). The old ones were 19 inch. The new ones are 18 inch. The new ones also have TPMS. But despite driving over 1 hour at highway speeds. The display still has this alert. Anyone else have this issue. I Have not tried...
  6. fasteddie7

    Take over without being in autopilot

    Here's one for the books. Just got 3 sequential "take over immediately" warnings with the red flash and hands holding the wheel on the display. The kicker: I wasn't using autopilot. Gonna try to catch this one on video.
  7. B

    After 8.0 Upgrade - 'Autopilot Features Currently Unavailable -- Manual Driving Required While...

    I got my software upgrade today and installed it. When trying to activate the cruise control or auto pilot, I get this warning: "Autopilot Features Currently Unavailable -- Manual Driving Required While Camera is Calibrating" I drove for about 15 miles on streets and on the freeway, but I...
  8. mspohr

    Pop-up energy graph?

    Has anyone else noticed this?... What does it mean? I don't display the energy graph on my drivers screen since I like to keep it uncluttered and I don't find any value in the energy graph. However, today I was driving I80 over Donner Summit down to the valley and I noticed that the energy graph...