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alignment issues

  1. M

    New Model X Plaid Malfunction Rant/Story

    So—I had (with much excitement) picked up my Model X Plaid about a month ago. Totally a Tesla loyalist here ( already have the powerwall since 2018, just got the universal wall connector installed). 2 weeks into driving the car (March 23rd), loving enhanced autopilot and the overall drive, I...
  2. P

    M3 AWD 2021 alignment feedback for tire life

    I just had alignment done on my 2021 M3 AWD after I had to discard my OEM tires because of substantial wear on the inside of rear wheels. I thought that calls for an alignment with the new ones on. I am sort of a n00b when it comes to alignments, so was hoping if you guys to critique or comment...
  3. P

    Model Y Headlight Gap On Passenger Side

    Hello, I took delivery of 2023 MY and noticed that there is a large gap on passenger side headlight compared to driver side one. I was wondering if Tesla would fix this. I am worried they will have to take apart the frunk and bumper and that may create other issues. Has anyone had this issue...
  4. John Lim

    Model Y Delivery Panel Gaps

    Hi! It's delivery day for me, but I'm noticing some gaps for trunk and driver side's taillight. I took some pictures that I measured with a calipher. I'm seeing 8.4 mm gap for driver side taillight and 6.0 mm gap for trunk. For the tail light gap, I can fit my finger in. (Just as reference, on...
  5. D

    Should I attempt to have Tesla adjust trunk alignment?

    So I noticed the passenger side of my trunk is shifted in a few mm more than the roof panel. The other side however is perfect. Think I should attempt to have Tesla adjust it or are they just gonna mess it up worse or cause a seal leak?
  6. A

    Model S 20” 11inch rear aftermarket wheel installation issue

    hi all i purchased a set of 20” ‘’works’’ brand aftermarket wheels and going to install in wheel shop. Front 9.5 15 (265 30 20) Rear 11 35 (295 30 20) Front wheels are perfectly fine. Unfortunately rear wheels are rubbing the inner fender liner. The wheel shop has offer solutions 1.inner...
  7. jmatero

    Center Console Doors Misaligned - DYI Fix?

    My lower center console door (ahead of cupholders) is shifted to the left and so not centered. Also, when the phone door is closed, it sticks up on the right side where it meets the other door. I know the side panels come off pretty easily but wondering if there is any adjustment that can be...
  8. G

    Advice Needed: Return or Wait for Potential Fixes

    I picked up my new Model Y last weekend and noticed several cosmetic (paint, chips, others) and a couple alignment issues. The person on the lot recommended that I take the car and schedule a service appointment to have these issues fixed. Problem is the next available appointment is not until...
  9. S

    Problem with Camber during alignment check

    I recently got an alignment done on my 2017 MS 75 at the Firestone that Facebook Tesla Group recommended. I bought the car used about 3 months ago from Tesla. After the alignment, the car is now pulling hard to the left. The tech at Firestone said the left camber is maxed out and this is the...
  10. U

    Is it possible to remove/adjust window trim?

    Hey everyone! I have a 2019 MX Raven. Since purchasing it, I've obsessed over getting all of the road/wind noise and the cosmetic alignment issues fixed myself. (from placing expanding foam bags in the A-pillars to adjusting the door latches to make the door handles line up) The one area that I...
  11. bakerboy

    Alignment @ non Tesla SVC - SoCal & I.E. areas

    Scored a set of used tires (90%) for a good price, my current tires seem to be wearing on the inside more. Has anyone done an alignment at other shops around SoCal? I'm assuming an alignment is not a "Tesla SVC" thing only. T.I.A.