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  1. O

    New Tires for Road Warrior

    Searching for tires. I drive 225 miles per day for work on the central Florida hwys. Looking at the Hankook Ion EV or the OEM goodyears. The reason I am looking at the Hankook is the 50k milage warranty. Anyone have the Hankooks? Also thinking of increasing aspect ratio to 275 45 20 for rim...
  2. R

    N2itive Camber and Toe arms - Model S/X - Brand new

    Going a different route. No longer need. Brand new never installed. Currently on backorder $1500 obo plus shipping
  3. EVS Motors

    Vendor N2itive Lowering Link and Alignment Houston, TX

    Hope all is well! We have a few Lowering Link Kits in stock here at EVS Motors. We have N2itive Lowering links for Model S/X Available for install. https://n2itive.me/product/rsx-1-plaid-performance-ride-height-adjustment-lowering-link-set-brackets-for-tesla-s-x/ Theyre $750 for parts, labor...
  4. G

    Tesla Alignment wrong from factory?

    Was your car aligned properly when it was made by Tesla? You can make multiple responses to the poll. I'm on my second Model 3. On my 2018 LR AWD, I didn't notice the poor alignment until the tires wore out at about 12k miles. The inner part of the tread was completely worn out while the outer...
  5. gh1953-X18

    Alignment - no report of pre & post setting, now excessive tire wear

    Last September at a Tesla SC I had 4 new tires installed and an alignment on my 2018 Model X. Removed tires had approximately 42,000 miles on them, car’s 2nd set of tires with 92,000 miles on car at time of service, and were showing excess wear on the inside of both front tires. Service took...
  6. Alignment


    Camber and Toe Settings for Early Model S & X https://n2itive.me/tesla-sx-1-and-tsx-1-installation/
  7. M

    Place around Montreal doing Alignment Kit installation

    Anyone know where in Montreal I could get an alignment kit installed and then the car aligned ? I have a X since 2016, I am tired of purchasing tires again and again. Would like this installed...
  8. E

    Vehicle pulls right at low speed

    Our 2017 100D Model X suddenly started wobbling at low speeds and pulling really hard to the right. As the speed increases, the need to fight the pull lessens, but never quite goes away. Here’s a video of the issue: Any ideas what might be causing the issue? I turned off lane assist. We...
  9. N

    Steering Wheel off center?

    Got my new 2021 Model Y (Long Range) delivered before new year. Didn't see any big issue on the outlook like other earlier Model Y owners posted on Youtube. Love the car so much. But did noticed two issues: 1) Limited movement on the driver side mirror. Seems this issue have been resolved...
  10. N

    Where are the hex screws for MS2014 window glass tilt adjustment

    I have found a number of videos showing how to align/adjust the window glass on a M3. Unfortunately the hex screws they mention do not exist on the 2014 MS. Is is possible to adjust the RH rear glass to eliminate wind whistle? If the hex adjustment screws don't exist on the MS, what other...
  11. S

    Problem with Camber during alignment check

    I recently got an alignment done on my 2017 MS 75 at the Firestone that Facebook Tesla Group recommended. I bought the car used about 3 months ago from Tesla. After the alignment, the car is now pulling hard to the left. The tech at Firestone said the left camber is maxed out and this is the...
  12. U

    Alignment in NW Indiana/Southwest Chicago burbs?

    Besides the Tesla dealership, which places do you go to for tire alignment? my 2018 LR M3 just got new cross climate+ from Costco (they had worked on other model 3 previously) after 28k on the oem tires, and I’ve read that after getting new tires is the best time to get an alignment. I’ve...
  13. R

    New tires needed after less than 30k miles

    2018 long range dual motor. At FSD upgrade the service center told me that front tires are almost bald on inner edge due to wheel misalignment. I ended up replacing all 4 at Costco and did a 4-wheel alignment afterwards at another tire shop. I don't recall ever doing an alignment on Toyota...
  14. C

    Trunk hatch scrapping side when opening

    Has anyone noticed this? When I open my MY trunk, it looks like the plastic light/reflectors on the hatch touch the passenger rear lights and makes a sound like it wants to get stuck. You can also see the hatch move sideways when this happens. This does not happen when I close it. My guess is...
  15. jordanthompson

    Wheel alignment on the X

    Is this a thing? Is it covered by the warranty? Thank you in advance!
  16. S

    Bumper alignment issue?

    Is it normal for the older MS to have a gap between the bumper and the headlights. It doesn’t really show well on photos but you can that I can push the bumper to align it with the headlight. It’s not that bad on the facelifted s. I can’t really see any damage under the bumper either.
  17. ME_UK

    Headlight Alignment - Getting Flashed - Solution (M3)

    I've been getting a lot of other drivers flashing me recently, and started to wonder if my headlights were misaligned - as per Tesla Bjorn's video and a number of other dormant threads on the board. Was planning to take the car into a local MOT centre to have the alignment corrected but found...
  18. H

    trim issues / software update on newly-delivered vehicle - help, please!

    Hi, new Tesla owner here. I picked up my car last Friday, and despite my best effort to check out the car before bringing it home, I saw several fit and finish issues when I got home and spent several hours learning more about my vehicle. Specifically, I saw a sensor by the rear wheel well that...
  19. B

    Recommended Alignment Shop in Bay Area for Modified P3D?

    I have Eibach springs currently, with too much negative camber. Want to install MPP camber and toe arms but need to find a place I can trust to handle the alignment. When I installed the springs I asked several local/chain shops and *none* of them would even touch the car. They all said I...
  20. R

    Driver door chrome trim hits FWD chrome trim

    When I close my (driver) door, it makes a big "metal against metal" sound. I found out it's because the chrome trim runs into the FWD's trim. See attached picture. It didn't use to do that... Is there something that got out of alignment? Perhaps the position of the car when you close the FWD...
  21. W

    Autopilot won't work- Cameras require alignment message.

    Earlier in the week downloaded the latest maps I assume as could then suddenly engage navigate on autopilot which had been greyed out for a few weeks. Running 2019.16.3.2 . Nav on autopilot and autopilot ran a few times after it installed the maps. Then suddenly the car stopped detecting any...
  22. bakerboy

    Alignment @ non Tesla SVC - SoCal & I.E. areas

    Scored a set of used tires (90%) for a good price, my current tires seem to be wearing on the inside more. Has anyone done an alignment at other shops around SoCal? I'm assuming an alignment is not a "Tesla SVC" thing only. T.I.A.
  23. M

    Service Observations

    A couple of quick thoughts as my Model 3 is in for service to replace a headlight, fix a bad actuator on the glovebox and check the alignment as it seems to be slightly pulling to the right. 1. I was given a Cadillac XTS as a loaner. Man I miss my Tesla. Apart from it feeling like I'm driving...
  24. B

    Charge port door not flush? Am I crazy here?

    Is the charge port door supposed to sit this way? I already took it to service because: 1. Charge port door wasn't sitting flush/closing all the way 2. My app showed charge port door was open even when it wasn't They replaced my charge port door, and the app no longer shows it as open when...
  25. SeminoleFSU

    Unusual tire wear

    Hello all, I'm wondering if some of you more mechanically inclined members can offer me some insights... I had my alignment done by Tesla at approx 69k miles. I noticed when they were finished that the car (which always drove straight as an arrow) pulled slightly to the left after the...
  26. S

    Rear Tire Inside Wear

  27. skhenry81

    3D LED Digital Alignment Toronto

    For my fellow owners in Toronto. If you're looking to have your car properly aligned in Toronto/GTA you need to visit Al Tech in Etobicoke. After going through my rears in 6 months I took it to theses guys and they worked magic. Ask for Pat he works on all the high end cars. He does...
  28. S

    Tesla Service Center

    Anybody know of a service center around Bay Area, CA that will do work on a Tesla with aftermarket rims? I just got denied alignment service at Dublin, CA service center because my car had aftermarket rims. Service manager said they cannot touch my car at all because I have aftermarket wheels...
  29. N

    Recommendations for mechanic / tire shop in Raleigh/Durham, NC?

    Any recommendations for a good place to get tires and an alignment done in Raleigh / Durham? My Roadster needs new rear tires and Tesla won't install the AD08s, only AD07s, and they want $299 each. I also need to get an NC-state inspection for the Roadster. What kind of inspection do they even...
  30. tfboy

    Xenon HID Headlight alignment for continental driving

    First post here :) I thought I'd post in this section as there probably aren't many other RHD Teslas in other areas... I went for my first Model S test drive yesterday from the West Drayton branch. Having read up an awful lot about Teslas in general, spending a week watching various YouTube...
  31. jerjozwik

    Model S alignment dimensions.

    hello, as me and the wife prepare to order our S next year im curious about something i ran into today. i took my fiat 500e in for an alignment, range was suffering, only to find out that the right rear is WAY out of alignment and there is nothing that the shop can do. you see the fiat 500e only...

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