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all glass roof

  1. J

    Model Y Glass Roof TOO HOT?

    My Tesla Model Y Long Range finally delivered at the end of March. I like the car a lot. It is a great car but the downside is the glass roof. Summer time is coming and it is getting hot! Did anyone tint their glass roof for a model Y? My tint shop was not willing to do it for me. It is a big...
  2. K

    New Owner 60D all glass roof impressions coming from Leaf and BMW i3

    Hope to post some observations and opinions that may be useful. Nissan leaf - Loved the car and the cargo space loved the comfortable ride and seating position. Can't beat the price. Liked it so much I bought two. Comes standard with heated steering wheel. Ride quality better than the BMW i3...
  3. L

    New pearl white 60 with all glass roof.

    I just picked her up yesterday and I am in love. Can't wait to really get to spend some time with her. She was gone all day getting tint and Expel clear bra at One Armor in Scottsdale. They fid an amazing job, couldn't be happier. Pretty nice view of the palms from the front seat looking...
  4. cmd_keen

    Road Noise with All Glass Roof

    Any feedback from owners who can compare???
  5. Camera-Cruiser

    All Glass Roof in Buena Park

    Swung by the Buena Park SC today after a day in LA and I noticed they had P100Ds on the lot with the new all glass roof. After seeing it in person, I don' t think I would ever order the car any other way. Pretty incredible. I got to check it out from both the front and back seats too. I blanked...
  6. S

    Model S: All Glass Roof Customer Photos

    Haven't seen many customer photos. Took delivery yesterday. Dealership said this is the first All Glass Roof in Washington State. Took some photos for you all.
  7. C

    Crush / Rollover safety impacted by glass roof or panoramic roof?

    One selling point for the Model S is the famous story of how it "broke" the testing machine which tried to crush it. I *assume* that test was conducted with a solid metal roof. Any engineers here who can comment on how much, if any, crushing resistance is likely to be traded away for a clear...
  8. houstonian

    Pictures of the new (2016) ALL GLASS roof?

    Title says it all. Anyone here care to share pics of their all glass roof? :cool: Also if you have it how's the headroom? Similar to the pano roof?
  9. B

    Any problems with All Glass Roof

    I'm thinking of going with an All Glass option instead of Full metal. Any thoughts if the following are concerns with the All Glass option ( same concerns I suppose would apply to the pano roof): 1. Damage from rocks/pebbles flying from back of a vechile and cracking the roof. I've had a similar...
  10. N

    Glass Roof...questions

    So I have seen a set of photos circulating around showing the all glass roof on the MS. I just ordered this on my MS but wondering what the heat situation may be like? I am in SOCAL and my SA told me this doesnt have a screen shade but wil block out majority of the sun. Is this true ya'll think?
  11. M

    New Glass Roof Option, Any Info?

    In addition to the Sunroof there is a Glass roof option now, anyone have any information on this? How new is this?
  12. C

    Model S now has glass roof option..

    I was went to Tesla.com and Model S offers glass roof option for 2,000 CAD now. (I live in Canada) Is this new?.. I havent been to Tesla.com for a couple of weeks now that I am not sure if this is new or not.