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  1. D

    Alliant - Final Approval Requirements

    I just had the weirdest experience with Tesla Lending/Alliant, so I wanted to share with you guys to see if this is normal. My tesla is scheduled to arrive in a couple of weeks, so I applied for a loan through Tesla Lending. A few hours later, I received an email from Tesla, presenting me a...
  2. T

    Alliant backed up?

    Has anyone recently applied for financing through Alliant? It's been nearly two weeks and we haven't heard anything other than the "underwriter is working on it". We've gotten mortgage approvals faster than this. :rolleyes: The Alliant rep said they've been slammed with applications. Anyone...
  3. BrandonR22

    Merge Alliant Accounts(After Loan)

    Hey guys, The post probably isn't for everyone but is for you if you already had an Alliant account with a username and password and now have an auto loan with them also. When you get financed with them but you have already had an Alliant account (I've banked with them for a while), you...
  4. thegangler

    Other financing options?

    I've seen a few threads make mention to the potential Alliant rate reset. My car won't be delivered for a few months, and they won't lock in the rate I was approved at (wasn't aware of the 30 day approval when I applied. If the rate does go up, what's the next best option for someone with A+...