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  1. M

    White Center Dashboard Trim Scratch Repair

    Hi guys, Ordered a white dashboard trim that got damaged by me during handling. Can anyone give some thoughts as to how I can repair this?
  2. NJturtlePower

    Model 3 Skid Plates - Upgrade from Fiberboard to Aluminum 👍

    Upgraded my skid plates from the cheap and flimsy OEM fiber board type to these sleek and well designed aluminum ones. 😍 After 3+ years I found a chunk missing out of my rear skid plate and rather than spend the $250 Tesla wants for a single OEM replacement which would easily be damaged again...
  3. A

    Is my rear quarter panel repairable?

    hello all, I backed into a concrete support beam at work, I’m trying to work out the best way to repair my issue The first two body shops I received estimates from do not include a rear quarter panel replacement, they both saw the car in person too Tesla’s body shop in Maryland suggested a...
  4. MTN Ranger

    Topfit vs Generic Aluminum Pedals

    Here is a revisit to my first video on aftermarket aluminum pedals for the Model 3. I will compare the Topfit with generic pedals.
  5. W

    How to become a Tesla Certified Body Shop?

    I have an acquaintance who owns a high quality body shop, handling mostly high end Jaguar, Audi, Mercedes, Lexus, etc., here in West Virginia. A lot of the cars he seeing now include aluminum body parts, so his team is trained and experienced with working in aluminum. There are no Tesla...
  6. T

    Model S and X aluminium body thoughts

    Given the high cost of repairs for the aluminium body panels, what would be the weight increase if the body were made of steel or some other composite? (I'm not talking about the underlying structure). What might be the cost differential? Surely, it would make it cheaper to produce and I would...
  7. malcolm

    Laser welding for Aluminum?

    http://www.economist.com/news/science-and-technology/21630375-one-way-or-another-fords-new-aluminium-truck-set-be-game-changer-adding-lightness Article discusses Laser welding instead of spot welding for aluminum car panels
  8. P

    Repairs to aluminum body work?

    Does anyone yet have issue with body work yet. Will regular body shops be able to repair or does tesla service center do the work? How are insurance premiums out there as well