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am radio

  1. Jklunk

    Constant cracking sound in speakers; sporadic loss of audio

    2015 Model S, upgraded to MCU2 with SXM/AM/FM receiver. Since the upgrade, my SXM/AM/FM crackles anytime I turn volume up or down, and also at random/sporadically when listening to music. Now it also started cutting out for 1-2 seconds randomly when using Bluetooth for music or phone call, as...
  2. J

    AM Radio Available through update?

    Hey All, I was curious - can AM radio be added later through an update? Or is it missing any necessary hardware needed?
  3. JJOhio

    Model 3 Am Radio

    There has been some speculation that the model 3 does not have an AM radio due to car generated noise. So I thought that I would do a test using my Ham radio with an antenna that is not tuned to AM radio frequencies. I picked an AM radio station that was 50 miles away so that any noise could be...
  4. S

    Winter Driver: Extremely hazardous

    Last week, I drove from the SF Bay Area to Lake Tahoe. Above 5000 feet, it was snowing (heavy flurries), snow on the surface, temperature 29-31F, on a two lane highway (US50). We stopped for 2 hours while an avalanche was cleared, and then resumed travel in the dark. Soon, the road was barely...
  5. youlikeadajuice

    Tune In radio losing hundreds of stations

    Was listening to 880 AM news radio via TuneIn on my ride into work this morning when I hear an ad saying that 880 will be moving to radio.com and to use the new radio.com app to listen as it will no longer be available on TuneIn. Obviously, Tesla doesn't have a radio.com app, soooo, I guess no...