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  1. Jomak

    When I charge at home do I need to...?

    I have a Bosch L2 charger 30A or 32A, not sure which. I have always manually adjusted the 48A on the app or screen to 30A before plugging in at home. Do I need to adjust it? Will it auto adjust if I just plug it in? My Rivian R1S has no option to adjust amps and I just plug that in and it...
  2. C

    Normal voltage drop in a house

    I've an issue in our house with voltage drop whilst charging. Background is: 2 electric cars BMW iX on a 7kW charger and a Model Y on a 13A charger. These are both timed to start charging at 23:30. For around that time we also have the Dishwaster and Washing machine timed to come on. The 3kW...
  3. T

    Can I install charger on an existing 70amp breaker?

    So I’ve installed new 60amp breakers and all work flawlessly. An existing breaker in an old panel is 70amps. Wiring gauge etc all in good order. Wondering if 70amps is ok on mobile charger with adapter on 240v. Thank u
  4. kuruma

    Change charge rate from app please!

    This is THE most tedious aspect of having our Tesla. Please Elon, allow us to change the amps remotely rather than having to head out to the car. Please pile in to lend support so that this somehow makes its way onto Elon's radar. Cheers.
  5. studioloft

    What ameprage do you supply your Wall Charger?

    I just purchased a Gen 2 Wall Charger. I am reading in the manual that you can supply anywhere from 20A to 100A to the charger. I am reading in the manual that if I feed the charger 100A it will supply the car 80A of power. I currently have a 200A service on my 1500sq ft house. (Central AC...
  6. G

    Car not charging using all Amps available

    Hi there Can’t see if someone already post about this. when I plug my Tesla 3 with Tesla wall connector, car will not use all 32 amps available, thus charging at 11km/h instead of 52km/h. As anyone experienced this? if I unplug and plug it again, one or two times, problem is fixed. But last...
  7. B

    Reduce Charging Amps

    If I recall correctly, there was a way in the Model S and X to reduce the number of amps that are being drawn when charging? Is there a way to do that for the Model 3 as well? Thanks.
  8. L

    House Breaker Box Maxed Out

    On Saturday, my wife is going to test drive a Model X. This will be for her car and not mine as I already have a reservation in for the Model 3. This will be our first time ever in a Tesla actually. Depending on how it goes, we might be placing an order for one. Though, who am I kidding... I...
  9. TexasTeslaRacing

    Charging @ 40AMP - Volt differences

    I'm curious if anyone can explain why on a 40AMP circuit there are different volts at two separate locations I use to charge my 2015 Model S. My home 240 outlet gives me 248V at 40AMP and a public charging location gives me 206V at 40AMP. See attached pictures. What would be the reason for the...
  10. Ramisanders

    Does charging at a lower rate give me any benefits?

    Some days I drive very little. And I have a Tesla Power charger that's charges at 48amps and usually takes 2-3 hours to charge to 90%. I've been reducing the AMPs to 10 and allowing it to charge overnight for 6 hours. I feel that if I have the time I should lower the amps and give the car a...
  11. D

    Charging slower

    Hi all. I'm a new Model S owner. I remember reading somewhere that charging at a lower current is better for the battery than a higher current. So when I plug in the car to charge at night, I set the current to the minimum needed for the car to finish charging as close as possible to the time I...
  12. J

    At what voltage does the Model S motor work ?

    Sorry if that was asked before, I just did not find anything. After my test drive seeing about 320KW coming out of the battery to the motor I was wondering how the cables look ! At 320 volts that would be 1000 amps ! Does anybody know at what voltage the motor runs and how they get this power...