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  1. D

    Teslogic with dedicated screen

    I saw comments on another post about a dedicated screen for Teslogic. I figured posting my experience and how I overcame some of the concerns may be helpful to others. I’m using a OnePlus 9 phone. Overheating: I’ve had several days over 90 degrees and the phone hasn't overheated. I think Cabin...
  2. nguyentoogood

    7.2 Inch Rear Display for the Model Y. Almost perfect!

    Hey TMC, I just wanted to share my thoughts on the Tesla Model Y's 7.2 rear display. Let me tell you, this thing is a game-changer. It's like having a personal movie theater and climate control system in the back seat of your car. Throw out that ipad for your kid! You don't need it. It's so...
  3. MeEr

    TEWAMO - Tesla Wallbox Monitor App for Android

    Introducing TEWAMO - TEsla WAllbox MOnitor app for Android. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=io.kodular.ersoez.Tewada71 Free and without adds.
  4. L

    App not sending notifications Android

    Anyway else having issues with no notifications apart from the 'Phone Key' one the is always active on Android. Yes - all notifications that I want are selected Yes - Notifications are set to 'Allow' in android App settings Yes - Notifications are set to display and have not been muted Its a...
  5. DJ Palmis

    Lock Screen Widget on Android (Samsung S22 Ultra)?

    New Tesla app version but how can I set Lock Screen Widget?
  6. MrWattson

    Android Phone not recognized.

    Over the past several days it appears that my MY is not recognizing my phone. I cannot unlock the car and it is asking for the key card. I tried to uninstall and reinstall the Tesla app on my phone but today had the same issue. I eventually could manually unlock via the app, but when I got in...
  7. J

    Tesla app Iphone vs Android

    The Tesla app on my wife's Iphone has charging data and the app on my Android does not. Can I add that to my Android app, already made sure it was updated to the newest version. Thanks
  8. B

    Mobile app updates

    Moderation comment - thread renamed to include general 4.4 discussion from "Mobile app 4.4.0 gone metric?" Since updating to 4.4.0 my mobile app (iOS) seems to have decided to show stuff in kilometres rather than miles (so range and last charging session for example). Anyone else seeing the same?
  9. RNHurt

    App v4.0 Font Size

    First I would like to express my joy at being able to turn on the A/C without having to wait for the car to wake up. This capability alone is worth the upgrade. However, all is not perfect, at least on Android. The fonts don't seem to be following the Android guidelines for using the system...
  10. Jimt29

    Android Wear Smart Watch And The Tesla Model Y

    A few days ago I installed this "Wear For Tesla" app directly on to my Android Wear smart watch. It installed with no issues, ran fine immediately. My plan is to use the frunk more than the trunk and to that end I'm thinking this smart watch app will aid in that endeavor. For any of you...
  11. R

    Tesla findus on Android phone Scroll, Pinch and Zoom not working

    On the Tesla Findus page the scroll, pinch and zoom function has stopped working for me. If I switch to the desktop site it works. Anybody know how to fix?
  12. F

    MX Bluetooth known firmware issue

    My Samsung Android S10 wouldn't connect to my MX last week. I tried to "Forget" the connection and repair but that failed. I couldn't forget the connection. Tesla re-downloaded the last update but that didn't help. A tech indicated that this was a known firmware issue, then remotely reset the...
  13. N

    TeslaAssist Android App

    Hey, so I've been working on an Android app related to Tesla vehicles ever since I got my Model 3. Originally I was planning to just keep track of my Model 3's state periodically, but the app evolved into something more. Now it can do that, shows trends, exports the tracked data, awards...
  14. willow_hiller

    Tesla app for Android version 3.10.2-388 (Nov 27, 2019) now incompatible with some phones?

    I've had my Model 3 since March this year, and only had minor quibbles with the phone app on my Motorola moto g(6) phone. But since the last app update, I couldn't find the app in the app store. Looked it up online to see that Google Play says the app is now no longer compatible with my phone...
  15. A

    Android connects, music title displays but does not play

    My moto X4 phone connects via Bluetooth to my car fine. I can receive calls via the phone & car successfully. When I select "phone" on the car's audio menu, and then play something from the phone via Google Play or another app, the Tesla displays the name of the track, and the play/pause...
  16. H

    Unable to Consistently Connect with Phone

    Hi everyone, I recently picked up my SR+ and was trying to play around with the app and check out what it can do. However, I've noticed that the app after about 25ish minutes will no longer be able to connect to the car and eventually errors out with a "Vehicle Connection Error". This isn't a...
  17. G

    Signature Bluetooth Connectivity Issues

    I have a 2012 Tesla Model S (sub-500 vin Signature) with 100k miles and some bluetooth connectivty issues. Both my wife and I connect to the car using Google Pixel's running Android. The bluetooth drops occasionally when we first enter the car. My phone will indicate connected on both the...
  18. S

    Free app for viewing TeslaCam and Sentry videos on your Android device

    Hey, first post here! Just wanted to let everybody know that I made a free Android app for viewing TeslaCam and Sentry videos on Android devices. This requires an OTG adapter to plug your USB stick into your phone. Once you have one, just plug it in, run this app, find your TeslaCam folder...
  19. B

    Android Problems With First Call

    So, this is odd. When I first get into my S and try to make a phone call using Bluetooth connecting to my Android, the first call I make has no audio. I cannot hear the call being made. I believe the person I call can hear me, but I cannot hear anything... no ringing, no talk. The call timer is...
  20. M

    12V Switched Power in Rear (Radar Detector Install)

    I had initially posted a few photos of the testing I was doing on this unique Radar Detector location in the Radar Detector thread. I finally finished my Valentine One install and thought it deserved a separate thread because what I did could be used for other applications. Like a Rear DashCam...
  21. dacastro4

    Android Wear

    Hey guys, I made this standalone Android Wear app for Tesla: Google Store Play Link. I was hoping to get some feedback. I'm going to work in more features and voice commands and stuffs like that.
  22. AndrewL

    Tesla mobile app data usage

    Hi, Since I’ve had my Tesla iPhone app, my monthly mobile data usage has rocketed. I’m not sure if it’s due to the app or not, as I can’t see mobile data stats on individual apps. The app does receive data constantly while open, at least. Has anyone noticed increased data use? Can anyone with...
  23. G

    Tesla Supercharger Iphone Android Smartphone Dock Charger

    Hi, I've a Tesla Superchager phone charger left over from a series of gifts I purchased from my clients. I already have one for myself and this is extra. If needed I can include the micro-USB wire. $45 (Paypal donation) free shipping. Reasonable offers considered. PM for info. Thanks...
  24. grayguy

    Update on TMC Mobile app for Android and iOS

    I was wondering if there is any progress or plans for TMC to provide either a native App or support a 3rd party forum app for Android and iOS? I found a thread from earlier in the year discussing that support for Tapatalk was going away. Is the current plans still to just use the mobile browser...
  25. DrumCoder

    Android App Notifications Missing? (Dec 2016)

    First, I did a quick search and didn't find anything about this, but go ahead and merge this with an existing thread if I didn't see it... ...Starting last week, I stopped getting notifications from the Android app. This coincided with a recent update of my phone (Galaxy Note 4 on Verizon, not...
  26. N

    Android app to schedule charging

    I have been working on an app called Ctrl+T in my spare time that allows the vehicles charging level to be scheduled remotely within a 24 hour period. The app works by waking an android device and sending commands to the vehicle at a designated time. It requires a My Tesla login, but the...
  27. SG57

    Vendor Dashboard for Tesla - the better app for your Tesla

    - Hey all, Here is the official TMC forum thread for the Tesla Android app, Dashboard for Tesla, on the Play Store. Background This project was conceived a few months back while waiting for the delivery of my Model S (which I now have and adore ♥). I was excited to learn I could be...
  28. bschippers718

    TeslaTracks App Updates

    TeslaTracks App Updates Thanks to everyone who has signed up, the response has been amazing. I've gotten a lot of feedback around security. I'm going to be updating our FAQ page to illustrate how we're collecting the data and what we're doing with it. With that in mind, the TeslaTracks app is...
  29. bschippers718

    TeslaTracks App

    Hi All, I, along with a few other engineerings have been building a really great application called TeslaTracks. It's a lot like FItBit but for your car. You get in, start driving and the application begins monitoring everything about the car as you drive along your trip. You can invite your...
  30. K

    Connectivity Improved Android App Version 2.7.8 160?

    One of the more annoying problems with the app has been having to routinely open, close, then open again before the app would start showing you car data. After today's update I have opened and closed numerous times but each time it works flawlessly. Are you seeing the same thing? Go to your...
  31. singleview

    Tesla app on the Android phone?

    Howdy. I'm getting close to ordering my Tesla Model S, and am going through a number of things on my checklist. I have an Android phone, a Samsung Galaxy 7 Edge. How well does the Tesla app work on your Android phone? Any feedback from any of you? I saw this and was concerned. This may be...
  32. stace

    Pebble Smartwatch Notifications?

    I use the Tesla app on my Android phone (previously a Nexus 5, now a 5x), and I've never successfully received a notification from the Tesla App on my watch. They show up on the phone just fine. All my other apps show up just fine. I've ensured it's enabled in the notification section of the...
  33. Lightmatrix

    Issue That Impacts Such A Narrow Band Probably

    All, I'm having a terrible issue with Bluetooth on my 2015 S85. I'm concurrently working on the Android side to also research. The problem is with my Nexus 6P running Marshmallow 6.0.1. This is why I'm fearing it's a narrow issue, how many of you who have a Tesla also have a Nexus 6P...
  34. David29

    Odd behavior of outside mirrors when open or close sunroof from Android app

    I was showing some family members how the Android phone app works on my Model S yesterday, and noticed that the outside rearview mirrors had opened. I had opened (vented) and closed the sunroof, flashed the lights and blown the horn. So today I did some testing. Sometimes when I close the...
  35. markn455

    Problems with My Tesla and My Tesla App

    I created a My Tesla account and put my name on the list for a Model 3. I received an email and can see my reservation information etc. The excitement was killing me and was poking around looking at previous owned Model S vehicles. I ran across a dealer here in ATL that sells high end exotics...
  36. SimplyFoolish

    Plugging Android into USB - User Experience

    Hi All, I'm anxiously awaiting my Model S! In the meantime, what's the experience with plugging an Android phone into the USB port? Will the car scan for Music like it was a USB Flash? If so, does the scan take a long time? Does it re-scan every time? Right now, I have a Ford with Sync...
  37. J

    Calendar sync no longer working

    Since 7.1 calendar sync is no longer working. Android 4.4.4, no change since before I bought the car. I haven't yet tried re-pairing (I shouldn't have to). It does still make a Bluetooth connection and phone calls still work. I don't know how they managed to break this, I didn't think they were...
  38. R

    Model S 85D? Some questions?

    Anyone know about seats in new Tesla S 85D? Is same seats(as in Model S 85)? I would like to have littlebit more like recaro style. And how will android mobilphone work up against Tesla Model S 85D car? And how is google maps against android(have used one time a google map in a audi, and I like...
  39. doctrewho

    Bluetooth not allowing two devices to connect simultaneously when it should

    A little background: In my old car I had a Pioneer app radio 3. I had my Android phone connected to it via Bluetooth for phone calls and I had an iOS device connected to it for streaming audio. Since they use different bluetooth profiles this worked like a charm. Fast forward a little and I...