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  1. invisik

    External 4G and wifi antennas

    Hi! MCU 1 2017 Model X here.... I would love to add external antennas for the 4G and the wifi systems for better reception. I'm an IT tech so I'm somewhat familiar with this stuff, but not to this technical level. From the forum here, there are cables and plugs in the doors running from the...
  2. Beta V

    Routing Cables Through the Firewall

    I just mounted my Ham radio antenna on my Model X in the only place that made sense--on the frunk lid. Once installed, I had to route the antenna cable (a very small coax), into the cabin. I researched some forum discussions but it seems my Model X is newer than the one shown as I could find...
  3. scotty2541

    Looking for a GSM antenna for my 2.5

    Does anyone have an old GSM antenna, or can recommend a source to buy one? I have damaged my antenna, while attempting to R&R the radio. The antenna is only a PCB in a case, with the coax soldered to it. A replacement PCB is all I would need, I can easily solder the replacement. Fabricating...
  4. Haxster

    Update Withdrawal...a WiFi issue?

    I've not gotten my update fix in nearly two months. Not since 17.17.4. I can't take it much longer. Where's my silky smooth? I'm tired of being jerked around on the highway and have my mediocre parking skills challenged every time I back in to a parking spot. And the latest and greatest is...
  5. pl804

    Any experience placing exterior cell phone antenna on roof?

    We're doing a few trips this year through areas with poor cell phone coverage. I'd like to figure out a way to boost my cell signal while driving through those areas (better maps, ability to make and receive calls in case of emergency, etc.). I was looking at some signal boosters and the like...
  6. MajesticSound

    HELP: Trying not to destroy my antenna removing my dash cam mount

    ​I got a dash cam (E-Prance Mini0801) it worked great for 2 weeks and then the video had issues. Decided to upgrade to the BlackVue Wi-Fi DR500GW. I attached the mount on the front windshield to the right of the rear view mirror with the double stick tape on the antenna raised dots...