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ap 2

  1. N

    2022.8.10.17 2017 MCU1 AP2 HW3

    Just received notification to update firmware to 2022.8.10.17 on my 2017 MCU1 AP2 HW3. Have FSD, location Norway. Is this the new AP disengaged punishment update? Or is this just another small fix update? Also, Tesla seams eager to replace all my cameras to new version, but read somewhere...
  2. David29

    Curiosity -- Anyone use AP1 on the Jamaicaway?

    We were driving into Boston for a dinner on Friday night, and took the Jamaicaway. I have often wondered how AP would work on it. The curves are tight and the lanes are narrow, headways (distance between cars) are often short. Based upon my 4 years of driving with AP1, I have never tried it...
  3. J

    AP stays close to edge of lane

    I picked up my new M3 about 10 days ago. After 200+ miles without successful AP calibration I took it in to a service center for examination. They told me that they couldn't figure it out, but that they were able to get it to calibrate after a re-initialization of the firmware. Now, however...
  4. G

    When did AP gain your trust?

    Curious how many miles of AP driving you think you did before it gained your trust. I'm still not there quite yet personally (1st time tesla owner with a week under my belt). I see brakes lights in front of me and think "ok car.... anytime now." I love it so far btw!
  5. S

    Strange error messages (or lack of)

    I had a strange problem with my Model 3 last weekend. I was going on a short trip and I loaded up the trunk. Then about 20 minutes later I got in the car and headed to the freeway. After 5 or 10 miles I engaged the cruise control, but I got an error that said (something like) "cruise is not...

    How to Keep Hands on Wheel? Reward it.

    New rule: People who keep their hands on the wheel the most get the upgrades first. (I'm gonna hear about this one!) Look at it this way. Those who get repeated warnings - do you want them to test new AP features? I guarantee you will have an immediate improvement... along with a lot of...
  7. fasteddie7

    Look ma, no lines! Autopilot growing up or glitching out?

    On my commute home yesterday the sky was the perfect shade of grey and the read was just wet enough to reflect it and make road markings seem to disappear from the autopilot camera, yet it continued to navigate curves and the roadway. The display would freak out from time to time, almost looked...