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ap 2.0

  1. J

    FSD Computer upgrade issues

    I took my 2017 S P100D to the service center early yesterday for the AP2.0 to AP3.0 upgrade. The service center said that it would take around 4 hours to complete. It has now been almost two full days. The service center informed me that they are having software issues with the car and that...
  2. O

    Confused about AP 2 vs 2.5 - Buying a CPO Model S

    I'm looking to buy a 2017/2018 Model S with FSD and I'm confused about whether AP 2.5 is something that's worth focusing on or should I just get a 2.0? There are more cars to choose from with the AP2.0 cars on the site and I'd have to make some slight (but not huge) compromises to get a AP2.5...
  3. Padelford

    Just saw a stop sign in my driver display!

    AP 2.0 on 2019.12.5. The sign showed up at the very last moment while on autopilot - I was trying to let the car react to a T-intersection, and I hit the brakes when I realized it wasn’t stopping itself for the intersection. No traffic light, just stop signs.
  4. Battpower

    NOAP tried to exit at 60mph onto lay-by

    The other evening I was on the A38 heading northeastwards south of Derby with noap engaged. The exit turning (A61 towards Chesterfield I think) was maybe 1/4 to 1/2 a mile away but as I passed a lay-by, the car suddenly indicated and tried to turn off the main carriageway, clearly treating the...
  5. Jomak

    Looking to buy used, cost upgrading?

    I am looking for a Tesla and I know that AP1 is MobileEye while AP2/2.5/3 are Tesla based. My question is if I end up buying a car with AP2 or AP2.5 and want FSD what is the cost? I am not an expert but if I see AP2 AP2.5 I would think you need to buy new/more hardware to update to AP3 as well...
  6. T

    AP features unavailable after small repair !

    I have a 2017 MX with MCU1 and AP2.0 with FSD. My car was in the SC for replacement of the rear bumper (Just the black trim piece at the bottom) because of an small accident. The painted piece of the bumper was not replaced, hence I am assuming the sensors too were not changed.. There was at...
  7. Padelford

    Sentry Mode records on an AP 2.0 Vehicle

    Last night, I parked my vehicle in a mall lot & activated Sentry mode while my family watched a movie. When I got back to the vehicle, the driver display said there was one incident. Since it has AP 2.0, I can’t record any camera data. However, are there any data available to me like a time...
  8. Padelford

    Some observations on 2019.12 (AP 2.0)

    1) Wipers work significantly better than in 2018.50.6 2) I haven't seen any more garbage characters in the Nav display - yet. This started happening in 50.6 late in its tenure. 3) Auto-lane-change has a trick that I haven't seen anyone mention before: you have to jiggle the steering wheel...
  9. Ryshaw

    FSD & HW3 Clarification

    I think that it’s a positive sign that EM is once again confirming that AP 2.0 and AP 2.5 owners who pre-purchased FSD will receive the AP HW3 CPU (Now the FSD CPU) upgrade at no charge. I am curious, however, as to whether or not us AP 2.0 owners will also require a Hardware upgrade of some...
  10. J

    Lease Takeover Model X 90 AP 2.0 in SoCal $1065 per month

    Ap2 with enhanced auto pilot, 6 seats, White on White, the car does NOT come with the grey wheels shown in the picture, it comes with silver rims which i will put on the car before transferring the lease. Lease Payment: 1064.05 + taxes (mine with taxes comes to 1167.79) Down payment: $2500...
  11. J

    Model S 2016.5 with AP 2.0

    Hi All, My first post here. I have been on the market for a Model S since December of 2018. I was close to buying two different ones, but both ended up being snagged before I could see the car and make an offer. I am looking for a 2016.5 or newer Model S, with AP 2.0 hardware. The AP, EAP, FSD...
  12. M

    Rare MX unicorn for sale! FSD, Free Super Charging, 4 year extended warranty

    Rare 2016 MX 75 D unicorn with Auto Pilot 2.0 hardware, FSD [Free upgrade to AP 3.0 when available], free super charging for life [transferable], 4 year extended warranty from tesla [expiration: Feb 8th, 2023], 6 seats and excellent condition [comes with all weather mats]. Current Mileage...
  13. E-Powah

    Insurance discounts for Enhanced Autopilot?

    I’ve been reading pages and pages of threads about the costs of insurance for the M3 (in the US) and, I'm wondering why insurance companies can’t give us a discount for having / using EAP?
  14. aikisteve

    Testing The Tesla - Update 2018.48.1 has some minor UI changes and a big surprise

    Am I actually responsible for making a change to the #Tesla software in update 2018.48.1? If that would be true, that would be awesome and that was also the initial setup of my Youtube channel: to help improve the product! I'm not really taking credit for this, but like to think that at least I...
  15. S

    2014 P85 with AP 2.0?

    So I pulled the trigger on a what I thought was a 2014 P85 with autopilot (assumed AP 1.0). From what I've read that sounds like it's already a unicorn, but after talking with my Sales Advisor I was finally able to get higher quality photos and found out it's actually a P85+! The original photos...
  16. A

    Hello from Coastal Belgium that bought his first Tesla

    Hi There, Received this week my first Tesla I've bought after being friends for over 10 years now with Carl Reese, 'the World Record holder in autopilot driving and Tesla charging records and many motorcycle records. I live in Belgium (coastal side) near Ostend, (small town called Gistel), and...
  17. mrfra62

    PHC dashcam for Tesla model x with ap2

    Maybe a stupid question but a few month ago I have installed PHC dashcam for Tesla model X with ap2. Since a few days I noticed a flashing blue light. I have looked in the manual what the color lights mean. I have seen what green means and what it means when it flashes. I also found out that...
  18. N

    New AP Behaviour: autopilot canceled itself. Safety issue? Normal?

    So I have driven my 2017 AP2.5 75D for more than half a year. It's the first time I saw this behaviour (and I updated to 2018.21.9 only a couple days ago): I was driving on a stop-n-go expressway in the morning with good weather conditions with autopilot engaged (following distance 3). The car...
  19. Veritas1980

    Headlights always on after windshield replacement

    After a couple of months of waiting to get my cracked windshield replaced at Teslas recommended local carglass shop, I finally got it replaced last Monday. It would also need a AP calibration for which I made a appointment with the SC about today. While driving this past week, the line...
  20. AutobahnEV

    Auto Pilot 2.0 Nvidia PX2 Driver Assist Module 1078321-60-C

    I just pulled an Nvidia PX2 module from an 11/2016 90D w/ 16k miles. For Salee: $1900 PM any questions you may have Tesla Model S (2016-2017) OEM AP2.0 Nvidia PX2 Driver Assist Module 1078321-60-C | eBay
  21. S

    IC AP display renders car ahead to the left

    I have this issue where the AP display on the IC renders the car ahead to the left when the car is far. This started with 2018.10 and continued with 2018.12 on my S100D AP2.0 delivered in June 2017 in Canada On a road with good markings, my IC would render the car ahead too far to the left when...
  22. Padelford

    2018.10.4 Passes Torture Test, but new quirks emerge

    I'm pleased to announce that 2018.10.4 passes my torture test! The video below contains three trials under different conditions, and in all three cases my MX sailed right past the exit. On the other hand, I've observed a new behavior while passing on-ramps. The vehicle steps to the right...
  23. Padelford

    2017.50.2 Torture Test: ails, but fails more consistenly

    After the snow had melted back a bit, I ran my MX with 2017.50.2 on my torture route yesterday. This route has revealed some serious lane control and guidance issues with past firmware versions. The route has two exits and a "rise plus turn" feature in the middle. The rise + turn has led to...
  24. T

    Thoughts about Autopilot 2.0

    Hi everyone, So I've been feeling a bit confused and perhaps borderline irritated at hearing some news about AP 2.5 or 2.1 whatever people are calling it. Regardless, it is a version of AP that is apparently more advanced than 2.0 because of better hardware and computing power that will enable...
  25. Haxster

    Flaky Auto Lane Change

    I just drove from Silicon Valley to Santa Barbara and back on 101 in my 17.17.4 AP2 MS. About 700 miles I used autopilot most of the way and it worked very well. Auto lane change was another matter. About 20% of the time, the car wouldn't change lanes. Speed, lane markings, straightness, and...
  26. S

    AP2 and UK 'A Roads'

    What has everyones experience been of 8.1 on an AP2 car and 70mph dual carriage way A Roads? I travel on a fair amount of 50, 60 and 70mph A roads that have central reservation and are not particularly complex for AP (i.e. no severe bends etc). Basically non of them seem to be supported by AP...
  27. S

    Richmond, VA 2016 AP2 Tesla Model S75D 8k Miles For Sale

    got in December 2016. Want to get a P100D now....love it...but need to sell this one. Need a number in the 80k range. Will attach pics shortly. Perfect condition.
  28. A

    WANTED: Model X 60D with AP 2.0

    I'm looking to make the jump up to the Model X sometime in the next 6 months. I know I'm looking for a unicorn, but if anyone is looking to sell or get out of their Model X lease feel free to send me a PM with your vehicle options and asking price. I'm only interested in AP 2.0. Thanks!
  29. lunitiks

    AP2.0 Cameras: Capabilities and Limitations?

    Dear camera savvy, driver assistance-knowledgeable and AP2HW insightful fellows. My head is full of questions about Teslas 8 x camera sensor suite. Such questions are being touched upon now and then in many different threads, but I would really like to read some more focused discussion on the...
  30. grayguy

    HW2 Failed Updates and Driver Assistance Features Unavailable

    My Model S with Hardware 2 has consistently failed with Tesla OTA updates. Each time this happens I also get a Driver Assistance Features Unavailable. If issue persists contact Tesla Service error message that persists on the instrument panel. A couple of times, the attempted update actually...
  31. C

    Speculate - will Full Self Driving have settings/preferences or be one-size-fits-all?

    What do you y'all think? Will we be able to configure a preference for the left/middle/right lane on highways? Set preferences for when to pass other cars, etc? Or will Tesla keep things super simple and keep all that away from us?
  32. Y

    Tesla AutoPilot Version 2 - Able to use data from 8 cameras or only 4?

    If one springs for the Full Self-Driving Capacity one gets 8 cameras instead of 4. I understand the Fill Self-Driving Capacity is not active yet and might take a while before it is rolled out. Is the current autopilot able to access and use the four additional cameras at the moment for the...
  33. K

    AP2 features to be released "in about 3 weeks"?

    Thoughts on this? Tesla Enhanced Autopilot to be released in ‘about 3 weeks’ with incremental monthly releases
  34. D

    Shedding some light on the Tos is the fully autonomous cars.

    Hello all, I am wondering if you all could help shed some light on a question I am having troubles answering. I am considering getting myself a Ms 60d with AP enabled (Not fully autonomous enabled ) and I know you cannot use an "autonomous" car for ride sharing. I was considering using my car...
  35. mtavel

    AutoPilot 2 Delivery Thread

    I was hoping to start a thread for people to share information about AP2 equipped vehicle deliveries. I'll pitch in to start :) My 75D order was: Ordered: October 15th Confirmed: October 23rd VIN Assigned: October 23rd Order Change for Enhanced Autopilot Confirmed: October 27th Delivery...
  36. fasteddie7

    A thought on AP 2.0 from a September Delivery

    I, like everyone else who took delivery in the last few weeks, hit the forums in anticipation of finding some shred of hope that my 25 day old car would be able to be retrofitted with AP 2.0 hardware. I started thinking I missed the bus until I actually started to think about it: I have never...
  37. Matias

    Coming AP 2.0 deaths and bad publicity (don't shoot the messenger)

    Tesla is getting self-driving cars to market first by being imperfect, but better than humans Disclaimer; I’m very excited about AP 2.0 and will get it sooner or later. I just want to point out, that if AP 2.0 is not 100% safe, there will be much bad publicity. Can Tesla take the heat from AP...
  38. DJ 240V

    Would you trust AP2.0 with your life?

    I'm looking for input from experienced AP1 owners . Autopilot sure does lull you into a false sense of security. Being a techie I know software will have bugs and hardware will fail. Its a matter of "when" not "if". I've just placed an order and excited about getting the new hardware. However...
  39. vandacca

    My Model-X resale value just dropped significantly

    Looks like new AP 2.0 hardware is out. Check out Tesla's website.