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ap 2.5

  1. N

    2022.8.10.17 2017 MCU1 AP2 HW3

    Just received notification to update firmware to 2022.8.10.17 on my 2017 MCU1 AP2 HW3. Have FSD, location Norway. Is this the new AP disengaged punishment update? Or is this just another small fix update? Also, Tesla seams eager to replace all my cameras to new version, but read somewhere...
  2. O

    Confused about AP 2 vs 2.5 - Buying a CPO Model S

    I'm looking to buy a 2017/2018 Model S with FSD and I'm confused about whether AP 2.5 is something that's worth focusing on or should I just get a 2.0? There are more cars to choose from with the AP2.0 cars on the site and I'd have to make some slight (but not huge) compromises to get a AP2.5...
  3. Jomak

    Looking to buy used, cost upgrading?

    I am looking for a Tesla and I know that AP1 is MobileEye while AP2/2.5/3 are Tesla based. My question is if I end up buying a car with AP2 or AP2.5 and want FSD what is the cost? I am not an expert but if I see AP2 AP2.5 I would think you need to buy new/more hardware to update to AP3 as well...
  4. MS-Alec

    PLEASE HELP/EXPLAIN - new 2017 MS (MCU1, AP2.5) owner, AP issue

    Can someone please explain what I have to do in order to get the Summon and NoA back? I took delivery of the 2017 Model S a week ago. Purchased from 3rd party dealer. He sent me a picture (attached ) from the AP screen which clearly shows both - NoA and Summon options. When I picked the car up...
  5. jsopreis

    AP energieverbruik

    Hallo Toen ik een tijdje geleden op een vrij lage SoC geraakte, zei de AP dat hij er mee ophield. Ik dacht altijd dat dat gelinkt was aan het energieverbruik van AP. Vandaar: heeft iemand enig idee in welke mate AP-gebruik energie verbruikt?
  6. Asterix777

    Model X P100D Raven with AP 2.5 HW?

    Hi, I'm confused, I ordered a Model X P100D Raven in July took delivery last week. I made the Codec test and it seems like there is AP 2.5 HW. :( I thought that all Raven Models already have AP 3.0 HW. Difficult to add FSD later without the appropriate hardware. VIN 11889xx
  7. Rojer Lockless

    Differences between AP

    I've rented a Model 3 with full AP and drove it on a 500 mile round trip and the AP worked wonderfully. It was a RWD LR model. I knew I wanted a Tesla but boy did I enjoy driving that car. However, I'm really thinking about leaning towards a used 70D with AP1 and I'm wondering when driving what...
  8. M

    AutoPilot options on 2018 Inventory - APFB and APBS

    So, according to @EV-CPO the APFB option code is for Full Self Driving, however, vehicles in inventory I see with APFB and APBS are only advertised as "AutoPilot" while only vehicles with APF2 are showing as "Full Self Driving." Looking through the source code on the design page, APFB isn't...
  9. S

    Telsa AP and the basic speed law

    As I remember it from HS, the basic speed law is 'it is legal to drive as fast as conditions allow'. So if foggy and visibility is poor it is not legal to drive the posted 65. Today I found myself in the only clear lane on the freeway in otherwise 10mph or so traffic. If I was in command I would...
  10. BPSoCal

    Seriously Tesla, TACC sucks now

    I didn’t use to have a problem with the way TACC accelerated and braked before the 2019.5.15 software update. Ever since, it’s jerky AF, with the energy graph on, you can see how it swings wildly from accel to decel - so much so that it makes me queasy. I used to drive on TACC 90% of my...
  11. Penfold

    Roads and roundabouts missing from main dash screen

    Hi all, my S has been in for minor bumper and wing repair and since having it back (2nd rejection) while driving around my neighbourhood I have no roads on the main screen. Sat Nav is fine and showing roads correctly but I just have my car with a grey background and no roads until I get onto a...