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ap 3

  1. N

    2022.8.10.17 2017 MCU1 AP2 HW3

    Just received notification to update firmware to 2022.8.10.17 on my 2017 MCU1 AP2 HW3. Have FSD, location Norway. Is this the new AP disengaged punishment update? Or is this just another small fix update? Also, Tesla seams eager to replace all my cameras to new version, but read somewhere...
  2. C

    MCU1 -> MCU2 Upgrade + AP3 Cost

    Hey All, My Vehicle: - 2017 Tesla Model S - AP2.5 - MCU1 I recently set up an appointment at the SC to have my MCU upgrade from MCU1 -> MCU2, I also requested to have the FSD computer (AP3) installed so that I can subscribe for FSD. The SC is stating that its $2250 for the MCU2 upgrade PLUS...
  3. Jomak

    Not impressed with AP, why get FSD?

    I’ve been testing a new 20 M3 LR with AP only. The car has been great! The pickup is amazing. The handling is very good. The options are nice, minus no front camera. My biggest complaint is AP. Maybe I am not allowing it to work fully, but I value my life. Anytime I engage AP it says apply...
  4. E-Powah

    Insurance discounts for Enhanced Autopilot?

    I’ve been reading pages and pages of threads about the costs of insurance for the M3 (in the US) and, I'm wondering why insurance companies can’t give us a discount for having / using EAP?
  5. Matias

    Should europeans wait for AP3?

    Tesla will probably open orders for europeans at the end of this year. First cars will be delivered late Q1 (source: latest CC). On the other hand, AP3 will start rolling some time first half of next year. So if I order immediately when it is possible, I will miss AP3 by few months. I know Musk...