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ap hw 2.0

  1. chwall P90DL

    Sentry Mode on AP 2.0 (+3.0 refresh)

    In trying to understand how to record Sentry events on my Model S 100D AP 2.0 (purchased and waiting for 3.0 FSD) I’ve learned that for some reason Sentry Mode won’t work even then. I haven’t found an explanation that makes technical sense. If someone better understands and could share a bit on...
  2. L

    My first long(ish) distance road trip with Auto Pilot

    I recently did a round trip from Saratoga to Sacramento (128 miles each way) with my 8 months old Model S. This is the first time I used Autopilot most of the way … even in heavy traffic. Here are my observations. It was mostly smooth and work as expected. I had TACC [Traffic Aware Cruise...