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ap1 update

  1. Reekdog

    MCU1 To MCU2 Retrofit

    With the recent release if Firmware 10, tesla owners around the world are receiving several new features and software updates. Faster browser response, Netflix, and YouTube videos, New video games, business search, enhanced summons, etc. Unfortunately, many of the new features are only available...
  2. Reeler

    Will AP1.0 Enabled Cars Get Software/GUI Feature Updates/Upgrades?

    Is Tesla done supporting/upgrading the AP1 software stack? Perhaps just working on the existing features and getting things out of perma-beta? Will we see blind spot detection, autonomous driving beyond lane keeping and adaptive cruise, navigate on autopilot, freeway exit nav, autonomous...
  3. fasteddie7

    2448cfc first noticable update to AP1

    Holy cow! I'm shocked at the improvements to AP1 with the 2448cfc update. I have a hour long commute one way with a ton of sharp curves and hills. Prior to the update, it would take sharp turns full speed and veer off over the crest of hills. It still does the hill thing, but it now slows...
  4. Draginol

    Tesla auto pilot 2 progress thread

    There’s been a lot of discussion and speculation on the progress of Tesla Autoplot 2. As of August 2017, it still lags far behind Autopilot 1. However, it has been making steady, albeit. Frustratingly slow, progress. So where do you think it will be by end of 2017? How about end of next year...
  5. M

    Wishful Thinking Part Deux

    I have Autopilot one. With only one front facing camera and the Mobileye system. I know it would be too expensive to put all the new side cameras in my original (less than a year old) AP1 Model X. If possible, I still would want to update the current AP1. I wish Tesla would offer to switch...