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ap1.0 features

  1. paco878

    FS: 2015 Model S 70D

    Round Rock, TX - $37,500 2015 Tesla Model S 70D (Dual Motor AWD) Pearl White Multi Coat Black Leather Interior 19” 10 Spoke Wheels Power Moonroof GPS Enabled Homelink Keyless Entry Power Liftgate Piano Black Décor Matching Yacht Floor Light Headliner Autopilot with Convenience Features...
  2. Reeler

    Will AP1.0 Enabled Cars Get Software/GUI Feature Updates/Upgrades?

    Is Tesla done supporting/upgrading the AP1 software stack? Perhaps just working on the existing features and getting things out of perma-beta? Will we see blind spot detection, autonomous driving beyond lane keeping and adaptive cruise, navigate on autopilot, freeway exit nav, autonomous...
  3. Draginol

    Tesla auto pilot 2 progress thread

    There’s been a lot of discussion and speculation on the progress of Tesla Autoplot 2. As of August 2017, it still lags far behind Autopilot 1. However, it has been making steady, albeit. Frustratingly slow, progress. So where do you think it will be by end of 2017? How about end of next year...
  4. R

    2016 Model S 90D - 22k mi - Red, Tan, Pano, AP1.0, Smart Air, Lifetime Superchgr - $81k - California

    I just took a job abroad and my family and I are moving later this summer. We are selling our Tesla which we will miss very much. We have loved it and took very good care of it. Our next new car will have to be another Tesla for sure for it is such an amazing driving experience. YEAR: 2016...
  5. Nick S

    Whats in 8.1 firmware?

    Is there a list of features we should expect in the upcoming 8.1 firmware. Does anyone have any idea of what we can expect for AP2.0 vs AP1.0 in this firmware? I am hoping that this release will at least give AP2.0 cars parity with AP1.0. In terms of TACC, Auto Steering, summon etc. Is this...