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  1. Z

    Questions about a used Model 3 (AP2.5 vs , upgrades, autopilot), I've never owned a Tesla!

    My Tesla will arrive in about a week from Carmax, I am very excited! I have previously been running and hacking on Openpilot on my Rav 4. I had a Chevy Bolt for awhile and enjoyed owning an EV! I am a little confused about the autopilot hardware options and what to expect. The car is a 2018...
  2. SkiTrak

    Anyone Know when FSD Beta will be available for 2016 AP2 cars?

    It is frustrating to be someone who purchased a 2016 AP2 car and paying up front for AP and FSD and going multiple years before AP2 did what AP1 did and now watching lots of people with the FSD Beta but still not being included because the car does not have what is needed for the beta (the new...
  3. Kcain

    Dec 2016 Model S 75D, Seats 7, 0-60 in 3.9s, AP2, Bat Warranty thru 2024, SoCal

    2016.5 Tesla Model S 75D Refresh Uncorked 7seats HW2.0 Asking $39,900 I love this car, I wish I could keep it, it’s so hard to see it go. It was delivered to me in December 2016 and has been a fun ride ever since. It has reliably gotten me around for 104K miles without a single issue...
  4. B

    Delayed start of drivers screen after AP3 upgrade

    I recently had my AP2.0 and MCU1 2017 Model X updated with the AP3 upgrade. Since then the driver's screen in the back of the steering wheel goes to sleep much more than before. I have tried turning off energy savings and using always connected. It still takes about 30 seconds for the driver's...
  5. F

    WTB - Model X 100D or P100D 2016.5 or 2017

    Looking to purchase 100D or P100D Model X with: 6 seats Air suspension Premium package Cold weather package AP2 or higher hardware (whether activated or not, doesn't matter) Only interested in vehicles with order date no later than 1/15/2017 and delivery no later than April 2017. Open to all...
  6. Jomak

    Sentry Mode on AP2, I am confused

    I am looking at a used MS or M3 and I have been reading about AP2 has Sentry mode, but it doesn't work? Can you help clear up if an AP2 MS has functional Sentry mode?
  7. kylelerner

    AP2/MCU1 & V10 - German Model S Release Notes Found Online

    Edit: Yeah, I accidentally spelled "Summon" wrong in the poll. Oh well. I found the attached screenshots off of a Reddit post. Supposedly from a MCU1 Model S, no mention if AP1/AP2. Credit for these images goes to "failion_V2" from this Reddit post. "failion_V2" mentions that Smart Summon may...
  8. J

    How to Determine AP1 or AP2 on MS at Dealer

    Been looking for months for a used 2016 MS with AP2 sold direct from Tesla using ev-cpo.com. I have very specific options I want, and so far, no luck, so started looking elsewhere. I thought anything built in Oct, Nov or Dec of 2016 would have AP2, but now not sure (read on). I've been...
  9. J

    Upgrade options for 2017 Model X with AP2

    Does anyone have confirmation from Tesla which models of autopilot will be capable of being updated to Hardware 3 computer and hence FSD in the future? I have an AP1 MS and want to purchase a MX - but I want to be sure I get one that can have hardware updates to allow FSD in the future since I...
  10. Rango

    Used Teslas FSD module upgrade path?

    Hi guys. So Tesla on their website have used (off lease) S models available for sale. When i go to check out there is NO option to upgrade to FSD computer at all. It just goes to payment option. I believe from what i've read here upgrade price to FSD would be $3k? Tesla (Enhanced) Autopilot vs...
  11. G

    For Sale - Model X 75D, AP2.0, Dallas, TX

    Hello Everyone, I was hoping to hold on to my MX for at least 10 years but need to sell my beloved Tesla in less than 2 years because I am relocating out of the US. It is an AP2.0 Model X 75D in great condition. It comes with lifetime supercharging and I purchased 4 year extended warranty and...
  12. rexorz

    2017 Model X 100D, SF Bay Area

    2017 Model X 100D Deep Blue Metallic ~15,500 miles 6 Seat Configuration Ultra White Interior Carbon Fiber Decor Ultra High Fidelity Sound Premium Upgrades Package High Amperage Charger (72A) Towing Package (Was just purchased and added on 10/23/18) 20" Wheels Blackvue DR750-2CH Dashcam (Wired...
  13. selfbp

    Another reason our Autopilot is so clearly inferior..

    Tesla Autopilot couldn't even avoid this simple interaction. Sad! Wow Tesla, all this time and development and I'm seeing our systems still cannot avoid airplane incidents? Come on now.. I'm gonna switch to SuperCruise or Mercedes... I've had enough!
  14. mrfra62

    AP2 bugs ??? rendering, autopark, reading signs and sudden breaking

    Hi, I have a Model X from end june 2018 with AP2 and wondering if AP2 has some bugs compared with AP1. 1) Rendering: For instance I noticed that any object is rendered as a car. A motorcycle is a car. A bicycle is a car. A pedestrian is a car. Even a wall is a car. I have seen videos of AP1 in...
  15. aikisteve

    AutoPilot 2.0: 2018.28.1 is the worst update in a very long time

    While we've seen a huge improvement at the beginning of the year with the rewrite of the AI system, and we have seen small incremental improvements over the past few months, for some strange reason this update now takes us way back with a number of regression bugs as well as new bugs. The...
  16. R

    AP1/AP2 comparison

    I've owned an AP2 Model S since May of 2017, and have experienced the evolution of AP2 from drunk teen aged driver to better than I am on the highway, as long as nothing unusual happens. A week ago my car was in the shop for several days and I was given an AP1 P90D loaner (lovely car). So I...
  17. A

    WTB Model X 75D/100D/P100D (6 seat white interior) AP2

    Hey guys, I've been looking diligently for a correct combo of Model X, if you have one of the config below and is thinking about selling please contact me through DM or ajpardilla[at]gmail[dot]com MUST HAVE: 6 seat ultra white interior Enhanced Autopilot (AP2) Premium Upgrade with Sub Zero...
  18. fasteddie7

    Slowing for a sign, just bot the one I'd expect.

    So here in the states we have this double arrow sign that signifies a "T" junction. While testing to determine why the vehicle drastically slowed down at some intersections and not other ones, I noticed that it might be this double arrow sign it the map data associated with places that this sign...
  19. CFrolander

    Tesla Safety features/What happens in a crash?

    So my wife was driving the Model X (AP2) to work last week when another driver lost control, fishtailed, and crashed into the side of our X. Both insurances have now declared that the other driver has 100% fault (in fact the other driver admitted to it). My wife isn't completely positive what...
  20. fasteddie7

    Slowing down for stop sign visually or GPS?

    So this is new... I've been trying autopilot on roads I don't normally use it on after the latest update. Now I see it drastically slowing down on T Junctions with stop signs. So is this new? I'd have to imagine it recognizes the signs even if it takes no action, but this slowing down might be...
  21. fasteddie7

    Look ma, no lines! Autopilot growing up or glitching out?

    On my commute home yesterday the sky was the perfect shade of grey and the read was just wet enough to reflect it and make road markings seem to disappear from the autopilot camera, yet it continued to navigate curves and the roadway. The display would freak out from time to time, almost looked...
  22. Tam

    AP2 Lateral Turn Across Path detection

    It may not be a big deal as a car was waiting in the driveway on my right would run across my path to make its left turn. However, this is what Mobileye described that its hardware supplied to Tesla was lacking "Lateral Turn Across Path detection" (LTAP) in 2016 fatal Autopilot accident in...
  23. Murbs

    AP2 on local streets

    Here's a clip showing how 2018.10.4 handles a local road without any lane markings:
  24. fasteddie7

    Sure does feel like AP parity now

    After testing on 10.4 and now on 2018.12 driving an AP1 and AP2 vehicle feel almost the same. I say feel as the binnacle display still doesn’t show adjacent lanes, but just because I can’t see it doesn’t mean autopilot can’t. I suspect even though the rendering on the display is different there...
  25. barjohn

    December 2016 Silver S 75D For Sale

    I am offering for sale my December 2016 Model S 75D. It is Metallic Silver with black interior and has just less than 16,000 miles on the odometer as of 4/2/18. The car is in excellent condition. It’s 12 month service was done in February at the Tesla SC in Costa Mesa, CA. A set of 4 new...
  26. fasteddie7

    Time to trade ap1...elon says yes

    Writing on the wall...or a tactic to increase sales of new vehicles...
  27. fasteddie7

    Video: Autopilot 1 vs 2 on 2018.6.1

    Made a quick video after my AP1 vehicle and AP2 vehicle got the 2018.6.1 update to show autopilot side by side. My commute has a ton of cresting hills and sharp curves. Couldn't wait to see how it handled some of them. I'll keep testing this, especially after the next update the electrek has...
  28. fasteddie7

    Does AP2's NN trickle down to AP1 development?

    This is a question for those who know way more than me. Does AP2's NN and development of Tesla vision translate to improvements in AP1 where the team can easily translate the learning and improvements to AP1 for whatever hardware will allow or does Tesla have dedicated resources for AP1...
  29. buttershrimp

    I See your AP1 and I will raise you my AP2. Firmware is getting freaky good.

    Let's see AP1 do this, especially in the second half of the video.
  30. aikisteve

    Testing the AP2 "hold steering wheel" interval

    Since Bjorn Nyland tested the AP1 interval, I thought it would be useful to compare it with the AP2 "nag" interval. Turns out that consistency is key with AP2 and it's still a far cry from AP1 unfortunately, with a lot shorter intervals.
  31. J

    2017 S90D AP2.5 1500 miles

    Hey folks, we have a black model S 90D. Essentially, we bought the car and then found out we have another child on the way and life will be hard with the S and four kids. The only option on the car is EAP but it is a post August build and has air suspension and AP2.5 hardware. I’m in the...
  32. B

    mid-2017 (AP2) S90D for sale (NOVA)

    Fully loaded Red S90D for sale with 6k miles. All options sans rear jump seat: Sunroof Premium sound Smart Air Suspension Premium Upgrade Package Black leather/Alcanterra All weather floor mats Upgraded Charger Sub-Zero Package Gauging interest more than ready to sell at this point. $113k new...
  33. sublimejackman

    2200 Mile Supercharger Trip (DC to Omaha and Back)

    Last week I took delivery of a new Tesla Model S 75D and I thought, I should take this on a road trip. I wanted to pick a state that I had never been to. Unfortunately I have been to every east coast state and most midwest states. However, after a friend made a joke about Nebraska, I decided on...
  34. OilSucks

    The ONLY thing I want from AP1 to AP2....

    The instrument cluster that shows all the different vehicles types both in front of you and in parallel lanes. God I loved having that on the loaner and test drive vehicles I've driven.
  35. S

    Experiences getting Tesla to resolve autopilot / EAP issues?

    Has anyone with "WTF" or "stop trying to murder me autopilot" experience (e.g. AP1 or AP2 starts leaving lane with clear markings into highway divider) raised issue with Tesla and they've resolved it? please share your experience working/dealing with tesla, process you used to ensure issue...
  36. E

    AP1 vs AP2 from someone who owns both

    I took delivery of an inventory model X P100DL on Monday, what a car! I’ll do another post about the FWD and the X in general, right now I want to focus on AP. The X comes with AP2 and I have a 2016 S 90D with AP1 that has been my main driver, commute and road trips for a little bit than 1 year...
  37. B

    Time to crack her open and get inside the network for AP2

    I'd like to start with, my plan with this thread is to update this excellent thread : My adventures in gaining control of my car and describe my journey to get access to my car. My goal is to update current information as best as possible for AP2 cars, my car being a model S as somethings have...
  38. S

    2016 Model S P100D with Ludicrous for sale - loaded!

    Selling 2016 Model S P100D with Ludicrous: (Delivered Dec 2016) Dual Motor All Wheel Drive Solid Black Paint Sunroof 19" Slipstream Wheels - only have 2 weeks of wear on them (previously had 22") Black Tesla Premium Seats Carbon fiber décor Black Headliner Ludicrous Speed Upgrade Tesla Red...
  39. B

    2017.32.6 ca28227

    Just got alerted on this update and installed this AM. The list of official updates is minor again. So far only one quick drive: - AP2 autosteer seems to track much more smoothly -TACC still seems to overreact more than it should.
  40. cstromme

    Seems there are big changes coming with vehicles produced after October 21

    From the part catalogue ("October 21, 2017 through Current Production", previous was - "October 14, 2016 through Current Production"): - New part number for the MCU (same part for S and X now.) - New part number for front lights. - Automatic circuit breakers for the 12V system. - Redundant power...
  41. B

    Autosteer disabled after 3hrs?

    We're on a trip right now to Vermont. My wife was driving and right around the 3hr mark she disabled autosteer to get around a semi. Immediatley after that maneuver, the gray steering icon went away and kept saying "Autosteer temporarily unavailable." TACC continued to work. Figuring she just...
  42. ABC2D

    2017.28.4 cf44833 incorrect car placement in a lane

    My 2017 March build X drives severely to the left on AP2 after getting .28 c528869 update. When I say to the lift, I dont mean not centered, it's so much to the left that left wheels are actually over the dividing line. The car is actually aware of its position and IC correctly shows that the...
  43. fasteddie7

    AP1 differences?

    i see quite a few threads of folks with ap2 having vastly different experiences with autopilot, and I began to wonder if the same was true for ap1. Currently on 17.26.76 and I’m not seeing the improvements that others seem to be experiencing. While going around a sharp curve, the vehicle almost...
  44. milleron

    Relationship between AP2 and FSD?

    Does paying the $3,000 for FSD enable extra hardware useful to AP2? Does AP2 function better if FSD had been paid for? I elected to keep the money for autonomous driving in my pocket at the time I placed my order, figuring that it would probably be at least 3 years before the legislation was in...
  45. josher32


    Just saw this show up as a new version on Teslafi. Anyone have any details on what's new?
  46. K

    How does the 2nd gen Autopilot do in heavy rush hour traffic?

    The DC area is one of the most stressful areas in the country to drive, along with NYC and LA. The lanes are narrow once you get into the city limits, and accidents are common. But everyone in the area knows and dreads the beltway during rushhour. It's usually extremely congested but to make...
  47. T

    17.22.46 AP2 Reading Signs?

    I need to take this on a road where I know the Nav data was wrong, but the speed updates are much more accurate to where the signs are at a minimum. I'm surprised this isn't in the release notes. Can anyone else confirm?
  48. F

    Narrow envelope between 'hands detected on wheel' and 'assuming control'?

    I've been using AP2 on the highway regularly for the past month and have noticed that my hands on the wheel don't give enough feedback to register. When I get nagged I jiggle the wheel just a bit to appease the AP and I've learned to try and hold the wheel with a bit more authority in order to...
  49. NerdUno

    Fatal Flaw in AP2 Design

    Since December, 2016, we have logged over 6,000 miles on our Model S P90D, and well over half of those miles have been driven using AP2, warts and all. The good news is it's gotten better. The bad news is it still will kill you without a moment's notice if you're not extremely careful. We...
  50. S

    AP2 and UK 'A Roads'

    What has everyones experience been of 8.1 on an AP2 car and 70mph dual carriage way A Roads? I travel on a fair amount of 50, 60 and 70mph A roads that have central reservation and are not particularly complex for AP (i.e. no severe bends etc). Basically non of them seem to be supported by AP...