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ap2.0 features

  1. ishareit

    Autopilot information from Tesla.com misleading

    On Autopilot page, under the "Enhanced Autopilot" section, it says (relevant parts taken out and put below): transition from one freeway to another exit the freeway when your destination is near Autopilot will watch for opportunities to move to a faster lane when you're caught behind slower...
  2. Draginol

    Tesla auto pilot 2 progress thread

    There’s been a lot of discussion and speculation on the progress of Tesla Autoplot 2. As of August 2017, it still lags far behind Autopilot 1. However, it has been making steady, albeit. Frustratingly slow, progress. So where do you think it will be by end of 2017? How about end of next year...
  3. josher32


    Just saw this show up as a new version on Teslafi. Anyone have any details on what's new?
  4. Haxster

    Hands-free Autopilot

    Tired of being bugged to put your hands on the wheel? Feel redundant steering a car that's already doing it? Is the incessant beeping disturbing your sleep? Try this hand weight attachment. It will fool your 5K pounds of moving mayhem and let you enjoy the full benefits of autopilot, and more...
  5. Nick S

    Whats in 8.1 firmware?

    Is there a list of features we should expect in the upcoming 8.1 firmware. Does anyone have any idea of what we can expect for AP2.0 vs AP1.0 in this firmware? I am hoping that this release will at least give AP2.0 cars parity with AP1.0. In terms of TACC, Auto Steering, summon etc. Is this...