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  1. B

    What can we do with the Tesla API: trip registration, dynamic charging, ERP integration, other ideas?

    Hi everyone, I am a proud owner of a fleet of Tesla's, a Netherlands based entrepreneur and a tech enthusiast that tries to help tech-fixing societies issues. My first Tesla S is a 2015 blue one - hence the name Blue Ocean :) Based on my experiences with our own fleet of model S and 3...
  2. AlexParker

    https://owner-api.teslamotors.com/api/1/vehicles - state possible values (online/asleep, …)

    I've been googling and I'm usually really good with Google…but I can't seem to find anyone that has a comprehensive list of options for the "state" property of a vehicle. So far I've only seen "online" and "asleep". I'm sure there are others - hoping that maybe someone has a more comprehensive...
  3. P

    Refreshing the API token

    I have been checking out different codes, which refresh the API tokens, but for whatever reason it does not work for me. I used a third party app to generate the first (bearer and refresh) tokens and then used the refresh token from there to refresh it. Like this: curl -i -X POST...
  4. C

    Tesla API lets people control your car?

    Hey guys! I recently ordered my first Tesla a 2022 Model 3 Performance. I'm a software dev, so naturally, I was curious to play around with Tesla's API. Turns out there is an API that has been reverse engineered. Just a heads up, turn on MFA on your Tesla.com account if you haven't...
  5. P

    Reverse engineering the new Scheduled Charging API endpoints

    Has anyone (or does anyone know of someone who has) tried to reverse engineer the relatively new scheduling endpoints in the owner API? Specifically, I'm referring to the following endpoints: /set_scheduled_charging /set_scheduled_departure I have managed to decode some of the parameters...
  6. A

    Tesla Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) API Documentation

    Hey, I recently reverse engineered Tesla's BLE protocol which is used by (model 3 + y) keyfobs, the phone key, tire pressure sensors, and possibly more! I had a very fun time reverse engineering the Android app, and figuring out how cryptography even works; yes there's good cryptography...
  7. btenison

    Gen3 Wall Connector API?

    I noticed that the Gen 3 wall connector responds to most URLs (example http://<ip address>/status) with a 404, but noticed that if I try something like this: http://<ip address>/api/1/status I get no response. I'm wondering if there is an API underneath this thing that can be polled. Just...
  8. E

    Drive.State.Power Codes (1,11,21,4,-9)?

    I've successfully written a PowerShell script to get my Tesla's data from the well-known API : Tesla API. Run it hourly. Works great. I drag it into PowerBI - fun-with-data. However, now that I'm accumulating data, I'm seeing this column; [drive_state.power] and the values shown. My google-fu...
  9. C

    Generate V3 Refresh Token for API Authentication using Python

    There is already a nice little method on here using PHP created by MrTemple. I saw a few comments from people struggling to get it configured so I figured I'd document a simple step-by-step method using Python as an alternative. *NOTE: This guide assumes Python is not already installed and...
  10. MrTemple

    Generate V3 Refresh Token for API Authentication

    Tesla has changed how they do authentication (referred to now as v3). Every app and site that uses the API has to be updated. And if you don't want to give apps/sites your Tesla.com credentials (which you shouldn't, no matter how much you trust them, because they can always be hacked with a...
  11. S

    Tesla Bluetooth API

    Hi , guys. I'm a iOS developer and now I'm developing an app to control my Tesla car. I have got most of Tesla API done, but the most useful which is Phone Key Function is not in Tesla API doc list. I think it's a Bluetooth API, does some one develop this function? Thanks.
  12. X

    Tesla API Security

    Hey folks! Long time reader, first time poster. My company, Raxis, just put together a video that showcases an attack against the Tesla API and tells you what you can do to protect yourself. It's features my 2018 Model 3, Aurora. Thought some of you might be interested in checking this out!
  13. DaveW

    TeslaFi and other AWS and GCP clients currently blocked access to Tesla API

    TeslaFi and other reporting connectivity errors, looks like my GCP hosted TeslaMate is not working either.
  14. TooEager

    API Testing

    I've been looking at the Tesla APIs and am thinking about trying something out (mostly for my own benefit, but hopefully for others if it's useful). I'll try and get it working for myself first but wanted to find out if there was anybody brave enough to sign in with their credentials. People...
  15. D

    Tesla API help needed - perf_config missing

    Hello, I was told by my service center that they have uncorked my late 2016 75D and also have it in writing. I do not believe that they have actually done it as it was a back and forth to get them to agree to do it and they would not show me proof after doing it after I requested in person many...
  16. C

    Node-Red Sleep Charging Flow for Octopus or Time of Use Electricity

    Hello all! I am trying to integrate my Modbus charger, Octopus Energy and Tesla API to charge at best time. I've only been using Node-Red for a month and not a developer so surprised how far I'm getting! I have the charger integrated. able to get best charging times from Octopus API and using...
  17. S

    Tesla Web Dashboard and Trigger Alerts (Geofence!)

    Here is a tutorial on how to send data from your Tesla to a web service for historical data storage and real-time alerts. Being able to set a geofence trigger alert is really cool. How to Build a Tesla Data Dashboard with the Tesla API
  18. M

    Tesla API and Google Script

    Hello everybody, i try to access the Tesla API via Google Script. Getting a token via Google Script works without any problem (i've tried the token with another program). But as soon as i try to access the url "https://owner-api.teslamotors.com/api/1/vehicles" for example, i get an 401 error...
  19. KlokkProjects

    Vendor DRIVE Electric for Tesla, an app for Samsung watches (Tizen)

    Please check out the support link here for more information.
  20. D

    API returning wrong option codes

    I thought I'd got this working as the API returns the VIN and the name of my car but the option codes are for a completely different car. As its all within the JSON response it seems like its the API reply and not me. Can anyone confirm if they're seeing the same? Thanks
  21. Potatoee

    Control/Monitoring EVs by Municipal Power Companies

    I happen to live in a town that has its own municipal power company (no generation, just owns the town grid) that is very progressive in promoting solar, EVs, etc. I've had the pleasure of interacting with them on several things but one thing that came up recently was grid and load planning for...
  22. F

    API data point when AP is active

    Good day all, I am trying to determine how much of my driving is on Autopilot and I cannot find any data indicating when autopilot is active or not within the API data stream. Does anyone know if there is a special endpoint for this?
  23. M

    422 API Error (duplicate txid)

    Hi there, I'm getting an error 422 response when asking for vehicle data. { "response": null, "error": "{\"error\": \"duplicate txid xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx\"} for txid `xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx`", "error_description": "" } Does anyone know why this error appears? I'm...
  24. LakeWorthB

    How to recreate in-car consumption chart using data from API?

    I am working on my grafana charts, and would like to get the average Wh/mi graph like the one in car? Is there a better place to post this question?
  25. Dameon

    Using API to gather individual battery cell voltage?

    I thought I saw this information somewhere before, but it may have been a screen dump from one of the Tesla hackers rooting efforts and not an output from the API. I trouble-shooting a potential battery pack issue and would like to gather my own data in conjunction with Tesla Service running a...
  26. R

    API and option codes -- how accurate?

    I tried the API by writing a script following the example at timdorr/tesla-api and got back the option codes for my Model 3. A lot of the codes have unknown values right now. But a couple that are known, according to that web site, are DV2W and DV4W, which mean Model 3 Rear Wheel Drive and Model...
  27. ckoval7

    Aggregating supercharger occupancy data

    So now that the API is able to provide information about the occupancy of nearby superchargers, will sites like TeslaFi will aggregate the occupancy data and create trend graphs for various chargers? If it was an opt in thing, I would certainly tick the checkbox.
  28. akmedia

    One month ownership update - features that don't get enough attention...!

    It is exactly a month after taking the delivery of my Model 3 LR Dual motor. Before buying decision, I researched, read many blogs and watched youtube videos. It gave me a clear picture of what to expect and how to adopt. But there are many more niceties that are not covered. Thought I will jot...
  29. P

    API newbie

    I used to manage a hobby server in PHP way back in the day, so I'm pretty rusty on cURL. I took a look at the example, and using apiairy I got a 503 on my GET for a token. Is this example still correct? If so then I'll keep trying to figure it out. Thanks! { "grant_type": "password"...
  30. I

    Looking for Volunteers - IOTA and Tesla API Proof of Concept

    I have been an avid Tesla Fan for a number of years - I waited 3 years for my "X" to arrive and was lucky enough to be one of the first to receive a production MX in Canada, having put my deposit down in the Fall of 2013 As someone who loves to be on the leading edge of what's possible, I've...
  31. oscarfish

    Would you manage SoC (state of charge) based on time of day?

    Not really an "energy" question but one that pertains to all S, X, and 3. So with my Model 3 I can schedule a start of a charge based on time of day, but terminate a charged based only on charge percentage achieved, not time of day. The reason I want to managed based on time is that I'm on a...
  32. spudnik187

    I made an iOS app for generating/managing API tokens

    For those who need it and don’t want to mess with manually generating them. The app will automatically renew your token when it expires and remind you to update your apps/sites that use it. Everything is stored securely in the system keychain and it never stores your Tesla.com credentials...
  33. spudnik187

    I made an iOS app for generating/managing API tokens

    For those who need it and don’t want to mess with manually generating them. The app will automatically renew your token when it expires and remind you to update your apps/sites that use it. Everything is stored securely in the system keychain and it never stores your Tesla.com credentials...
  34. spudnik187

    I made an iOS app for generating/managing API tokens

    For those who need it and don’t want to mess with manually generating them. The app will automatically renew your token when it expires and remind you to update your apps/sites that use it. Everything is stored securely in the system keychain and it never stores your Tesla.com credentials...
  35. D

    Does using the unofficial rest API void your warranty

    Hey, soo i really want to play around with the api for my connecting to my tesla, But i don't want to void the warrenty on the car. will using it void my warrenty?
  36. F

    REST API: response time of /stream

    Hey everybody, I was playing around with the REST API and noticed that the streaming API takes ages for me to respond. I get HTTP 200 after some seconds but the response itself appears after around 300 seconds. This is the endpoint I am using...
  37. Tom_020

    Vandebron Slim laden

    Goedemorgen! Ik ben werkzaam bij Vandebron in het EV-team. Ik zie dat op het TMC-forum best wat vragen en opmerkingen zijn verschenen over Slim laden bij Vandebron. Vandaar dit bericht. Mochten jullie meer willen weten over onze Slim laden pilot, hoor ik graag van jullie. Kort uitgelegd; wij...
  38. hobapolis

    Uncorked: Thanks TMC Friends!

    I took delivery of my 75D S in December 2017. I had assumed my car had been uncorked at delivery...but you know what they say about assuming. Anyway - I was exploring some rando threads about the API and came across a post that mentioned that someone else had a car that hadn't been uncorked and...
  39. hobapolis

    Missing API key-value pair?

    I have a 2017 Model S and I'm curious about the uncorking option on my 75D. When I make the API call to try to find `perf_config` that key/value pair seems to be missing. { "response": { "api_version": 3, "autopark_state": "standby", "autopark_state_v2": "standby"...
  40. V

    Powerwall 2 Gateway API Documentation

    Hello everyone. I'm currently working on documenting the local gateway API for the Powerwall 2. Additions, feedback, corrections are welcome! vloschiavo/powerwall2 Additionally I'm interested in adding the API calls for Powerwall via the Owner's API to Tesla's servers (ala Tesla Model S...
  41. Carspotter Daily

    [Mac App] Tapp

    Hello, I have spent a lot of time working on the new Tapp, and hope that is evident in the latest release. Since I now have developer signing, I have included a conventional .dmg disk to install Tapp.app. I've tried to make the best possible user experience, and feel that the app could be...
  42. Jonas_man

    New location Data found on Tesla API

    Hei guys, My car is at version 2018.10 and when analysing the API i found these new fields: "native_latitude" = "60.2"; "native_location_supported" = 1; "native_longitude" = "24.1"; "native_type" = wgs; I cannot test now, but can someone test that these fields keep updating while the...
  43. Maarten

    De meest veilige API voor de Tesla?

    In het draadje over het slim laden via De Bron wordt terecht gesproken over de (on)veiligheid om via een API toegang te geven tot je Tesla. Ik ben geen informaticus (anders dan algemene kennis over informatica opgedaan aan de TH Delft), maar vind dit toch wel een interessant onderwerp. De tegens...
  44. Akrion

    Tesla Owner API Tutorial (All you need is your browser)

    I searched through the threads here but all I was able to find was a little bit too technical IMO for the average user and the step by step how to was not really there. I love the fact that Tim did the Apiary.io documentation and wanted with just the browser to walk through an example of how to...
  45. Carspotter Daily

    Mac Tesla App - (Tapp 1.5 release)

    Tapp 1.5 Features: Automatic Login Minute-by-Minute vehicle location and tracking Google maps car location Lock + Unlock, Horn, Lights, Climate control, Charge Port control, Charge functions including Start, Stop, Charge limit, Remote Start, Valet mode controls Graphs - Temperature both inside...
  46. Carspotter Daily

    Custom warning/alarm through the Tesla API

    So, as some of you know, i've developed an app for macOS to control Tesla vehicles. I decided to add an alarm button into the next version(V1.5). This sends two commands to the Tesla API every 3 seconds until the user hits the stop button. These commands are flash lights and honk the horn in...
  47. dewski

    Superchargers.io is an open source GraphQL API for finding Tesla Superchargers, destination chargers

    Superchargers.io I'm a pretty huge Tesla fan and programmer, so I figured why not combine the two and create a resource for other Tesla fans and programmers alike. It's open source so you can learn from the code, contribute, or just create issues for things you'd like to see. With...
  48. SG57

    Official Tesla App - Certificate Pinning Bypass

    Hey all, Received my Model S a few days ago and noticed I'm unable to sniff the network traffic of the official Tesla app due to certificate pinning. This is a pain in my ass and your's, until now. Using the Xposed framework, here's my fork of Just Trust Me that supports bypassing certificate...
  49. O

    Could I Upgrade a ModelS to AutoPilot built after October 2014 (p50000 and above)?

    I've seen a number of people who've told me as long as the model s is built past October 2014, it has the hardware available to upgrade to AutoPilot for 2.5k, is this true? I'm looking at a CPO that is past p50000 and wanted to know if I could upgrade it.
  50. Jonas_man

    Tesla API for iOS

    Hi guys, If you are interested in developing apps to control your Tesla car you can now do it easier with the a swift library that i have developed on my free time. The library was build using swift and can be downloaded here: GitHub - jonasman/TeslaSwift: Swift library to access the Tesla...