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apple music

  1. hadfiiw

    Apple Music Songs Grayed Out?

    I noticed some of the songs in my Apple Music playlists are grayed out. In trying to find a connection, it seems songs that I uploaded to Apple Music (back when I had iTunes Match) can't be played by the Tesla? The bonkers part (if my hunch is true) is that some of the songs are actually...
  2. O

    Attempting to add my daughters Apple Music Account but having issues

    I want to add my daughter's Apple Music account so when she's in the Tesla, she can use her own playlists, etc. I read on another forum that someone accomplished this by adding a new profile as 'Daddy driving kid'. When I do this, and I go to the Apple Music app, I scan the QR code with my...
  3. R

    apple music issue

    hi, When playing songs through Apple Music, the car stereo speakers occasionally pop, but it's OK to use other streaming media players. Does anyone have the same problem? Also explicit content cannot be play😢
  4. ʎ

    Apple Music keeps logging out

    Every few days, looks like Apple Music logs out of my Tesla and I have to scan the QR code again. Anyone else seeing this problem?
  5. B

    How do I sync Tesla Apple Music with Apple Music on my iPhone or iPad

    I haven't seen this discussed yet. I am able to log into Apple Music on my Tesla following the Holiday SW release using my Apple log in. I haven't tried to update the interface on my Tesla preferring to update on my phone or iPad. But what I am finding is that my Tesla Apple Music account...
  6. K

    Apple music issues

    What do I do if I can’t connect to the new apple music update? It keeps saying I need to enter in a code displayed on my device, but there is no code. Anyone have this issue?
  7. P

    Software Wish List.

    So Is there any software wishlists out there? I Know sometimes things actually get through via Elons omnipitent Twittering ( like Joe Mode ) … but is there any places to put Things? Here or elsewhere? Anyway, here is mine after driving my Y for a few days. Windscreen wipers. Method of...
  8. L

    Any Updates on Apple Music Integration?

    I got my Model Y a few days ago, and I've been enjoying the car so much. I've seen reports that Tesla is integrating other streaming services like Apple Music back in December. I was wondering if there has been any updates to that since then? Is that a feature that we should still expect? I...
  9. AC2DC

    I want to use my Apple One subscription in my Tesla

    That's it. I already subscribe to Apple Music, Apple TV+, and iCloud. With the new Apple One subscription, it would be great to be able to access Apple Music while driving and Apple TV+, Arcade, and News+ while charging. I doubt I would use the Fitness+ app while in the car, haha, but then...
  10. dst87

    Tesla Spotify Account

    As Apple Music users, hubby and I are trying to work out the best way to get our music onto our forthcoming Model 3. Given the lack of CarPlay and Tesla’s slightly feature-less bluetooth implementation we’re thinking about syncing our Apple Music playlists with Spotify. Is it possible to...
  11. Softwizard

    With 8.0, now my MX wakes my iPhone 6S often

    Got my 8.0 update on Friday, every since then my MX wakes my iPhone 6S (iOS 10.0.2) over Bluetooth and starts playing music (on my phone). When my iPhone is not in range, it goes down the list of registered phones and starts playing music on those phones. I have even shut down the Apple Music...