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apple watch

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  2. RNHurt

    Is there a way to send text messages to my car instead of my Apple Watch?

    I'm testing out an old Apple Watch Series 3 to see if I like it and the problem I'm having is that it keeps eating my text messages when I'm in my car. Before I got the watch all of my text messages would get sent to my car for me to see and respond to. After I started using the watch all...
  3. E

    Tesla 3 key card in apple watch wallet

    I believe it is possible to load the Tesla 3 key card into the Apple Watch wallet and start using the Apple Watch to open the Tesla 3 (without additional app). Am I correct? Do you know how? Thank you and very much appreciated (I have googled, read a lot but nothing clear)
  4. T

    Bluetooth pairing to iPhone unreliable since getting Apple Watch

    I have a Tesla Y, iPhone 13 max pro, and an Apple Watch 6. My iPhone works flawlessly as a phone key, but pairing for audio and calls has become a constant headache since I started using an Apple Watch. The phone will no longer automatically pair to the car. I have to manually choose it to...
  5. joeblau

    I'm Thinking About Making Another Mobile App

    A few weeks ago, my car locked with my phone inside and my key dead. I didn't know about the secret location between the B pillars as a way to unlock the car but it made me think that I wish the Tesla app had a watch component. Being a software engineer, I thought — Maybe I can make an app...
  6. Boatguy

    Apple Watch and Tesla

    Has anyone been able to pair an Apple Watch Series 3/GPS-cellular with a Tesla? Apple doesn't seem too optimistic and I can't find a thread here that talks about it so I'm guessing it's not possible. I've also been unable to pair with my BMW i3. Kind of maddening to have to a device that will...
  7. fact200

    EV Watch for Tesla, watchOS 2.0 app

    Hi All, Just released a new Apple Watch app. The difference with existing Tesla watch apps is that it doesn't try to shrink the official Tesla App, but extends it by taking advantage of the Watch format: Complication support - monitor your charge state as easily as checking the time Use the...
  8. MarkS22

    Video Demo: Summon Initiated 100% from Apple Watch!

    All, For those of you who aren't following Remote S development, Allen recently added "Summon" and "Homelink" features to Remote S for iOS. But, to make things more fun, it also works with the Apple Watch. For my first attempt at using the feature, I took a quick video: Tesla Model S P85D...
  9. A

    "Charger Locations" iPhone and Apple Watch app

    I've been wanting a simple app for my iPhone (and iPad) that just contains a map with a circle with 250 mile radius and shows all of the superchargers within driving range. I couldn't find one that simple, so I wrote one. It's called "Charger Locations" on the Apple App Store. Green pins are...
  10. R²B

    Tesla - Apple Watch support

    Got my Apple Watch yesterday and it's pretty sweet. All that's missing is support from my Tesla app. I emailed the feature request group at Tesla to request it. Anyone else have an Apple Watch? If you do go ahead and shoot Tesla an email asking for support. Maybe enough of us can make a difference.