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  1. D

    Tesla Credit - How Long For Reply Back - Given End of Q2 is 4 weeks away

    Before all the economic turmoil and craziness I had entered into my account no trade, payment in full (cash) for my MY. That was a while ago and a lot of things have changed since, so when I finally got a VIN and MVPA earlier this week (Mon), I tried to contact my DA via e-mail but crickets...
  2. J

    Fitbit clock face - Tesla Time - Beta testing / feedback group

    Hi everyone. I have been working on a Tesla inspired Fitbit watch clock face called “Tesla Time” which is compatible with Ionic and Versa watches that lets you see some basic Tesla stats like range, battery level, charging time and temperature along with your personal health stats. It also...
  3. amerimark

    Tesla’s Hiring a Gaming Software Engineer

    With an average salary of ~$124,000 according to Indeed, Tesla’s not kidding around–like they ever do in all seriousness. If you could pick any game to play in the Tesla (no hardware performance restrictions), which would It be? Tesla Job Posting for a Gaming Software Engineer (posted four days...
  4. mwu

    Changing down payment

    Down payment in the loan application is selected as a percentage, but I was bone-headed and forgot that I had already put down when reserving and ordering the car, so the down payment is calculated as the amount of the car minus $3,500 times the percentage selected. As a result, the down payment...
  5. Carspotter Daily

    [Mac App] Tapp

    Hello, I have spent a lot of time working on the new Tapp, and hope that is evident in the latest release. Since I now have developer signing, I have included a conventional .dmg disk to install Tapp.app. I've tried to make the best possible user experience, and feel that the app could be...
  6. 8XATL

    Tesla Financing Issues

    A couple of weeks ago, I spotted a thread pertaining to having to refresh your application if Tesla doesn't deliver your vehicle within 30-60 days. Well now, I can't find it but I'm having the same issue this other person was having. My approval was seamless when I first applied initially and...
  7. SomeJoe7777

    Tesla Winds and Elevation Web Browser App

    I've been a fan of mochouinard's Tesla Headwind Estimator for a long time. However, a problem is that the app relies on another web site to obtain the wind data, and that web site (and all others like it) will charge you if you obtain weather information from them too often. mochouinard ran...