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  1. MarcoRP

    Supercharger - Mesa, AZ

    Tesla is finally building a Supercharger in the East Valley!!! Last week, Tesla filed an ADR permit for a Supercharger in Mesa. 12 stalls are being added in the parking stalls beside Party City at 1859 S Stapley Drive (33.3802, -111.8056)
  2. repoanything

    Supercharger Glendale AZ

    There is a large (16) Supercharger being constructed in Glendale AZ. I do not have the location but if someone can check for permits, we might find something. I will try and get more info also. Sounds like it is under construction already. I believe its going to be close to a new service center...
  3. U

    Supercharger - Yuma, AZ (Fortuna Road)

    Tesla has asked the local utility to install a Supercharger at 11235 S Fortuna Road. Tentative start date for utility work is September 2022.
  4. MarcoRP

    Supercharger - Tucson, AZ - West River Road

    A new Supercharger is coming to Marana, near Tucson, AZ. Per an article by Real Estate Daily News, 16 stalls are coming soon to the Marana Market Place, just outside Tucson city limits, despite the Tucson address. Permit is approved but not issued due to there not yet being a selected...
  5. A

    Overnight Fire at Gruber Motors in Arizona

    Tesla family and friends, I have some sad news to report about our friends at Gruber motors in Phoenix. I was scheduled to pick up my car there today after it had been in for service. I received an email message from Gruber early in the morning that unfortunately they had had a fire at their...
  6. S

    2018 Model 3 LR AWD FSD

    Car located in Phoenix + Blue LR AWD + Premium White Interior + Full Self-Driving + Unlimited Premium Connectivity + Acceleration boost + 18" Aeros w/ Michelin Pilot Sport All-Seasons (mid July 2021) + Full front PPF + Ceramic coating + Ceramic tint (front, sides, back) + Floor liners +...
  7. S

    2018 Model 3 LR AWD FSD

    Car located in Phoenix + Blue LR AWD + Premium White Interior + Full Self-Driving + Unlimited Premium Connectivity + Acceleration boost + 18" Aeros w/ Michelin Pilot Sport All-Seasons (mid July 2021) + Full front PPF + Ceramic coating + Ceramic tint (front, sides, back) + Floor liners +...
  8. spbond0079

    Questions regarding PPF and Tints

    I recently took delivery of white MY. Just like every other tesla owner I decided to look up PPF and Tint options. On my quest for a straightforward solution, to my surprise (may be not), I slid down the rabbit hole and came up with more questions than answers. I hope someone can help me find...
  9. I

    Model X 20” OEM wheels for sale (Scottsdale, AZ)

    Took these off around the 5000 mile mark. Three are essentially perfect. One has slight curb rash. See attached photos. Tires not included. $500 or best offer. I live in Scottsdale. Thanks!
  10. E

    Tint/PPF for Model 3 - Phoenix, AZ

    TLDR at bottom I recently purchased a 2020 Model 3 Performance and, just like a lot of owners in the Phoenix area, I wanted to get my new car protected with some paint protection film and window tint. I want to share my experience with other Tesla owners in hopes that I can help them pick the...
  11. Willjou

    Tesla doesn’t accept Arizona eTitle transfers for trade ins.

    Hey all, just wanted to share an experience to help those about to trade in a car to Tesla for a new car. Here in Arizona MVD has gone away from issuing paper titles. When you buy a car or pay off a loan, AZ MVD holds the title electronically. You can still request a paper title but they will...
  12. D

    Hot AZ garage

    Hello all. So this will be my first summer with my model 3. Unfortunately my home is east/west facing with the garage on the west side of the home. As we are starting to get in to the summer months it typically gets hot in the garage in the afternoon when the sun is hitting it. The last...
  13. IsthataTesl.a?

    Anyone up for Model Y Show&Tell?

    I'm interested in meeting a new Model Y in Arizona, but would consider traveling to California or Nevada for a really cool owner. Thanks in advance. If you're available or looking for the same in your region, post an indirect rather than a direct or "reply to" reply. (This is my first new...
  14. PLUS EV

    Supercharger - Willow Beach, AZ

    Just wanted to start a new thread for this one as we seem to have credible information that a supercharger will go in here: Shell Service Station 12683 White Hills Rd Willow Beach, AZ 86445 This Shell station is owned by the same people who own the Shell stations in New River and Tacna where...
  15. Chuq

    Supercharger - Tacna, AZ

    New surprise supercharger! Don't even know if this was a grey pin on Tesla's map before?

    Az SRP Utility - Please request your ballot and vote!

    FYI, critical votes coming that could impact energy costs and solar in Az. I'm just passing along some info gathered as a contributing member of LD18 (and I'm an Engineer who grew up hating gov't anything, go figure). Some action came highly recommended and thought this might be a good place to...
  17. F

    In Phoenix: 99.9% new OEM Michelin Primacy MXM4 235/45/18 tires full set Model 3 Tesla

    I am selling a full set of 4, basically new OEM tires, Michelin Primacy MXM4 235/45/18 tires, with only 30 miles of use. The only use is going home from the dealership and to my local tire shop the very next day for removal. I just wanted a more summery tire living in Phoenix. These are the...
  18. F

    99.9% new OEM Michelin Primacy MXM4 235/45/18 tires full set Model 3 Tesla

    I am selling a full set of 4, basically new OEM tires, Michelin Primacy MXM4 235/45/18 tires, with only 30 miles of use. The only use is going home from the dealership and to my local tire shop the very next day for removal. I just wanted a more summery tire living in Phoenix. These are the...
  19. Chancellor32

    Supercharger- New River AZ

    10 stalls, V2 Located at the shell in New River, AZ. Isn’t on yet.
  20. Chuq

    Supercharger - Ehrenberg, AZ

    Thanks to @WalterB for this one! (sign is presumably at Quartzsite) Someone needs to find the spot now :)
  21. Chuq

    Supercharger - Tusayan, AZ

    There has been reports of a supercharger sighting in Tusayan (Grand Canyon Village), on the south side of The Grand Hotel. 8-10 stalls. No photos provided though - and it isn't on Tesla's planned map, so thought I would ask for additional confirmation here before adding to supercharge.info...
  22. Gur814

    21" Arachnid Wheels & Tires - $3,000 AZ, CA +$200

    I have a set of brand new 21" Arachnid wheels and tires (Model S) from the referral program. I was hoping to use them but ended up needing to sell my car. Tires are Michelin Pilot Super Sport. I am located in Tucson, AZ and would be willing to drive them anywhere in the Tucson or Phoenix area...
  23. M

    New Signature Wall Connector / Charger (Phoenix)

    Hi everyone, I have a new Gen II Elon Signature wall connector, just received it via referral. Have not even opened the box. $500 local pickup in Phx area. Attaching pictures of box and part numbers. Thanks.
  24. wraithnot

    Supercharger - Quartzsite, AZ

    The Quartzsite supercharger is becoming a bottleneck for interstate travel between LA and Phoenix. We making that drive yesterday and I was watching the supercharger occupancy on the nav system and getting more and more worried about both Indio and Quartzsite. We lucked out at Indio and got a...
  25. aekemmerer

    Is the Vehicle License Tax in AZ still reduced?

    I’m looking to place an order on a 3 and I know that the vehicle license tax (annual registration) was dirt cheap for alternative fuel vehicles ($150 for 5 years). However, recent legislation stated that alternative fuel vehicles will see an increase, if they haven’t already, and the state’s...
  26. A

    Late 2016 Model S for sale (AP1) in AZ

    I love my S, but due to a job change, I am working from home now and it literally is just sitting in the garage, so she needs to go. 24k miles, about half of that on a few road trips where my dad actually took the car to Indiana! Car is in perfect shape, has been garaged the entire time (other...
  27. ce2078

    Supercharger - Payson AZ

    Found a permit for the Payson Supercharger. Permit # PY1803-037 applied for 3/19/2018. Lists the address as 201 N. Beeline Hwy. Seems to be the NW corner of Hwy 260 and 87. @BlueShift
  28. gjunky

    Antelope Canyon - From Flagstaff

    I am planning a short trip from Flagstaff to Antelope Canyon near Page next weekend. I ran the trip throug the Tesla, EVTripPlanner, EVTripping and ABetterRoutePlanner (yes, OCD kicked in). I get wildly different numbers from all those, especially for the return trip (Antelope to Flagstaff). I...
  29. asimo3089

    Supercharger - Tucson, AZ at the La Encantada mall!

    Ran to Apple tonight for some charging cables at La Encantada. While exiting the place through the back, we discovered some crates. I knew the crates looked familiar and had to turn around for a picture. They're located at the upper level behind Anthropologie with about a dozen spots gated off...
  30. gjunky

    Supercharger - Sedona AZ

    Anyone have any info on where this one will be located? Any scouts out there?
  31. ahm

    19" OEM Wheels for sale, set of 4, $500 (Arizona)

    I have four (4) 19" OEM Wheels off my 2015 Model S. They have ~3,000 miles on them. $500 for the four, regional delivery/pick up (Tucson metro, Southern AZ, Phoenix metro). Valve stems yes, TPMS no.
  32. I

    Arizona Powerwall Installs

    Since most of the posts on this forum are from California folks, I thought it might be a good idea to start a forum for Arizona people who are patiently waiting for their installs. So, first question, has anyone received utility and county approval, and has Tesla given any realistic date for...
  33. murph335

    Arizona: Charger Installation 50A - Great Service! Top Choice Electric

    Hey TMC members when I purchased my Tesla I went to the find installer site. I called 3 companies for estimates. One came out and the pricing just didnt make sense and the owner couldnt explain his own pricing model for a 2hr job. I Finally called TOP CHOICE ELECTRIC for an estimate. They...
  34. P

    Scottsdale, Arizona National Drive Electric Week Pavilions Car Show Event

    I saw on the registered vehicles page that 10 Teslas were coming to the event! Unfortunately, I heard the only P100D in the state would not be coming to the show. That would have been nice to see. Speaking of nice to see, someone registered a Tzero. I've only seen pictures and read about this...
  35. dauger

    2824-mile Road Trip through "Indian Country"

    Hello my TMC friends. I wanted to share a post about taking my family on a 2824-mile road trip entirely using my Model S earlier this month: http://tesla.dauger.com/roadtrip1608/ We visited National Parks (it is the centenary) and numerous points of interest in Utah, Arizona, and Colorado...
  36. Chuq

    Thought on I-10 route

    Even as a non American the absence of any SCs between San Antonio and Tucson is quite obvious and no doubt annoying for many of you. I've had a thought - this part of the world has extremely good solar coverage. What if Tesla is planning a new design of Supercharger site which is fully self...
  37. M

    AZ Tesla Club . . . and Now For Our Next Act

    The Meet-Up between Phoenix enthusiasts and the great people from Tucson went incredibly well in Casa Grande with about 50 people and 25 cars, but now what's next. John P (huzz1970) will be suggesting a variety of trips and meet-ups soon, but I wanted to get some feedback on a variety of other...
  38. M

    Supercharger - Kayenta, AZ

    It “appears” that Kayenta is on the map for a Supercharger in 2016. If you’re going to visit the amazing scenery that is Monument Valley, it’s likely you’re going through Kayenta. It’s a town within the Navajo Nation that has about 5,000 people, a couple of hotels, a hardware store, several...
  39. M

    Supercharger - Globe, AZ

    The placement of a Supercharger near Globe, AZ is a great idea! While many of us struggle to determine exactly where the superchargers will be based on the 2016 Tesla Supercharger Map, it's gotta be close to Globe. For those who don't know, Globe has a rich history as a mining town and was on...
  40. M

    Supercharger - Heber, AZ

    The last Arizona Supercharger planned for 2015 appears slated for Heber if you overlay the Tesla Supercharger Map with a map of Arizona. Yeah . . . Herber! It’s a great little town, complete with a 4th of July parade, beautiful scenery & family-oriented people, BUT it’s also just 45 miles from...
  41. M

    Supercharger - Benson, AZ

    No . . . Tesla does not appear to have a planned supercharger anywhere near Benson, Arizona on any map that they have released to the public, but many in the Arizona Tesla community believe that it’s absolutely necessary. We currently have a Supercharger in Casa Grande and there appears to be a...
  42. M

    Casa Grande Meet-Up, January 31 at SCS

    Andy (ahm) in Tucson has suggested a meet-up at about 2pm at the SCS in Casa Grande on January 31 for Arizona owners. I'm supportive of the idea, but would encourage some discussion about what we might do together beyond a quick charge and a burger at Culvers. Is there an interest in a...
  43. M

    Meet-Up, Phoenix Area, July 12 Ahwatukee

    You’re Invited! Please join us at My Wine Cellar in Ahwatukee for beer, wine, a light meal and TeslaTalk, perhaps with old friends or new enthusiasts. My Wine Cellar has a nice menu and a broad selection of wines and beers. It’s happening Saturday, July 12th from 2 to 4pm, during “happy...
  44. dauger

    Tide Turning in Arizona?

    Republican Arizona state senators have endorsed and passed a bill allowing direct sales by Tesla: Arizona bill would allow Tesla to skip dealers Tesla Sales to Be Legalized in Arizona? Is the catalyst the Gigafactory or Christie's folly or both? Either way this may be a trend because in...
  45. M

    Supercharger - Cordes Junction, AZ

    A new red dot appeared on the TM website with "Coming Soon" status for a Supercharger at or near the junction of I-17 and AZ-69. Kinda hard to tell if its Cordes Junction or Verde Valley, but Cordes is probably more likely due to its position midway between Phoenix and Flagstaff. This location...
  46. A

    Supercharger - Yuma, AZ

    Another supercharger is now under construction and this thread is dedicated to the periodically updates and pictures. The location is at the Hilton Garden Inn in Yuma, AZ at 310 N Madison Ave, Yuma, Arizona, 85364. Tip by Tyl, thank you. Google Maps - http://goo.gl/zd2nln Tesla Wiki...
  47. M

    Supercharger - Gila Bend, AZ

    Good to see that Gila Bend is a work in progress.
  48. NuclearPowered

    Supercharger - Buckeye, AZ

    The permit for the Buckeye, AZ supercharger was approved today by the City of Buckeye. It can be found here: On-Line Permit Center Use BLD-13-01583 as the permit number. The supercharger will be located here: 33.443242,-112.557378 - Google Maps
  49. M

    Arizona Superchargers

    Please post whatever we know (or think we know) about Superchargers within or near Arizona.

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