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  1. B

    Door leather lifting

    The leather of the armrest on the driver's door is is lifting away from the shape of the panel. Has anyone seen this before or have any idea if this is something that can be fixed and what that would entail. Attaching a picture of the driver side door with the issue and the passenger side door...
  2. Massive Attack

    Armrest Covers - Shiny, Happy People?

    Have any of you purchased the shiny-style center armrest covers? I'm trying to determine if they are actually hard plastic, or just a shiny coating on a soft padded material. A forum search did not provide the answers I was looking for . For reference, here are a couple of examples: Taptes...
  3. willow_hiller

    Fix for Model 3 Armrest Squeak?

    Just got my car back from the Service Center where they replaced my front USB ports, and now the armrest/center console squeaks when I open it. Rather than a ~1 hour drive back to the Service Center, I thought I would ask if anyone else has had this problem and found a DIY fix for it. Thanks!
  4. P

    Model S 2019 - Door armrest causing elbow pain

    Hey all, I picked up my 2019 Model S last month, and I noticed that the armrest on the driver door doesn't have a "soft" cushioning, and the hard material causes quite some pain to my left elbow area. It just seems that my arm somehow always ends up in a position where the bone on the inside of...
  5. J3ThePainless

    Interior rattles

    Hello everyone I am absiabsolu loving my new model 3 but there are a few noses that are bothering me. First when the driver seat is all the way back it makes a squeaking and popping noise when turning. I am 6'3" so I really need it to be back all the way. Second there is a rattle coming from...
  6. K

    Armrest sensor LED?

    Has anyone found a good center console armrest LED solution? I'm looking for a small stick on, battery-powered LED that ideally turns on automatically when the armrest is opened.
  7. L

    Model S Piano Black Trim

    4 pieces of the trim available for sale from a 2015 July Model S Piano Black. 3 dashboard parts + arm rest trim. $400 OBO including shipping to continental US (will not ship outside US). These are the instructions if you want to change the trim Premium Tesla Model S Rear Seat Cup Holders...
  8. S

    Center Armrest Bracket Mount for Nintendo Switch

    I am trying to figure out what the best option is to mount a Nintendo Switch to the Model S for rear passengers to play with. I tried putting the Nintendo Switch directly on the center armrests with the built-in kickstand, but not surprisingly that fell over pretty quickly. The best place to...