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artificial intelligence

  1. P

    Facial recognition option to e-sign documents

    So Tesla tries to get you to e-sign your documents before taking delivery through use of facial recognition. For those who did it, what was the process like? I was thrown off and backed out of the flow and never got that option again - instead it went through another e-sign flow.
  2. Brando

    Tony Seba - 30 min. talk - IF you never heard of Tony - required to watch

    Disruption - electrification; AI; autonomous vehicles; super computers
  3. N

    TeslaAssist Android App

    Hey, so I've been working on an Android app related to Tesla vehicles ever since I got my Model 3. Originally I was planning to just keep track of my Model 3's state periodically, but the app evolved into something more. Now it can do that, shows trends, exports the tracked data, awards...
  4. D

    Uber's Self-driving AI Predicts the Trajectories of Pedestrians, Vehicles, and Cyclists

    Read an article on slashdot and wondering if Anyone knows if Tesla is working on this? It’s super annoying when a car crosses my lane with plenty of room and my X slams on the brakes thinking it a stationary object for a moment. “In a preprint paper, Uber researchers describe MultiNet, a...
  5. Avendit

    Thoughts on AI feature parity with specialised sensors

    So I've been sticking it out on 40.2.1, which was the first with 'deep rain' (make sure to pause then use your special voice for that!) as the 50's don't offer much in the UK and this working really well. Today I did my first long drive in a while - 6 hours in total - in mixed weathers, across...
  6. diplomat33

    Neuro-symbolic AI & Autonomous Cars

    I stumbled upon this article called " Neuro-symbolic AI is the future of artificial intelligence. Here's how it works": https://www.digitaltrends.com/cool-tech/neuro-symbolic-ai-the-future/ The idea is to combine neural nets with symbolic AI to create better AI. "The idea of neuro-symbolic...
  7. Lasairfion


    Obviously we don't know much about Dojo, but it seems that Elon is very good at keeping his companies at the bleeding edge of whatever is out there. This recent article about researchers from the University of Notre Dame and Global Foundries suggests some very interesting points which I am...
  8. G

    Activation function, instruction set?

    For HW3 it is public what the activation function(s) is/are for the neural network? Also is an instruction set available for the neural network chip? thanks
  9. B

    How Tesla is making cars think like humans

    Interesting article on the Tesla neural networking processor... Under the skin: How Tesla is making cars think like humans
  10. Lex_MIT

    Arguing Machines: Tesla Autopilot vs Neural Network

    Here's our video of the arguing machines concept applied to Tesla Autopilot "arguing" with an end-to-end neural network. Disagreement is used to predict challenging situations. It's a simple but powerful method for human supervision of black box AI systems: Paper is available here...
  11. Lex_MIT

    New podcast on Artificial Intelligence from MIT

    I'm starting a new podcast on AI simply called "Artificial Intelligence". It'll include accessible, big-picture conversations (at MIT and beyond) on the nature of intelligence. Some big names and brilliant minds coming up in the fall. I'm posting it on TMC because there will be some people from...
  12. puritan

    AP 3.0: Upgrade from AP 2.0/2.5.

    I heard on the earnings call that the the new AI chip made in-house by Tesla will rollout sometime next year. They also seemed to indicate that all 2.0 and 2.5 AP equipped cars will be upgraded to 3.0. First, can this be confirmed? Second, will it be free as AP 2.0+ came with the promise of FSD.
  13. A

    Harvard / MIT machine learning research

    New to the forum - wanted to reach out to Tesla owners that might be interested in participating in research that I'm working on with a group of students at MIT and Harvard. We're working with Thomas Poggio and Vikash Mansinghka on a project to apply Machine Learning / AI techniques to novel...
  14. A

    Think Tank Fodder

    Gleans from current reads, "Thus one species of evil is balanced by another; thus the fury of one element is repressed by the power of the other. In the midst of this great, astonishing equipoise, Man struggles and lives." Hector St. John de Crèvecoeure Recommends for future, Humanity exists...
  15. A

    A.I.ophobic? Elon Musk Says, "Yeah" We Should Be

    I, for one, do not fear change nor the imminent advancement of modern technology. Actually a world without good coffee is quite a bit more horrifying an existence. Yet, Tesla and Space X CEO Elon Musk shared at a recent broad discussion at the National Governors Conference his more than a...
  16. X

    My car is learning a lot but.... what? and how?

    I am reading all over the place that Tesla cars "learn" as more miles driven, that with AI the learning process is faster, that with shadow mode Tesla validates the software etc etc. Can someone with knowledge on the subject please explain what exactly "learning" means and how it happens (or...
  17. F

    Is Auto Pilot 1.0 fleet learning really a reality?

    Some posts indicate that the newly introduced Auto Pilot "1.0" is using crowd data to improve itself. I'd admit that a lot of articles discussing this topic addresss the same posts at teslamotorsclub and repeating the story doesn't make it more probable. I'm sure that the owners reporting the...
  18. graham

    Elon Musk

    Figured there probably needs to be a thread just on Elon. This interview is newly published, but seems fairly dated already: SUCCESS — What Achievers Read. On Newsstands Now!