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  1. Kbra

    2018 Performance Model 3, FSD, 36k Miles, Plus Upgrades

    $47,000.00 Located Atascadero, CA 2018 Used Tesla Model 3 Long Range AWD Performance. Deep Blue. Black. Full Self Driving. $35,500-miles. $47,000. Atascadero. California 36k miles Long Range All-Wheel Drive Performance Deep Blue Metallic Black Premium Interior Llumar tint on all around Chrome...
  2. sgblank

    775 mile California Road Trip - 5 Superchargers

    Took a 775-mile trip around California this week. I wanted to see if real-world long distance travel was possible with the Tesla. I used the Harris Ranch, Tejon, Buellton, Atascadero and Gilroy Superchargers as well as local chargers in Santa Barbara. Short answer, these trips are eminently...