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  1. BZM3

    AT&T Issues with Tesla App

    I have seen a few threads that make note of a potential connection, but haven't found a specific thread to this (post link if I am wrong). There seems to be a common issue recently in that AT&T users are unable to connect to their car through the Tesla app through cell service (not wifi). The...
  2. David29

    Rash of "Vehicle Connection Errors"

    In the past couple of weeks, I have gotten numerous "vehicle connection errors" when try to preheat the car in my condo parking lot. So I am unable to start the HVAC, and in the current cold spell this means a very cold cabin and a cold battery when I go for my first trip of the day...
  3. J

    No LTE connection in car

    No lte connection this morning in car. Any ideas why or how to fix. Did a soft mcu reboot. Means i have no streaming channels and no way to connect via app.
  4. McManX

    Road Trip into Canada (Whistler-Blackcomb): A Few Questions

    I have a ski trip planned up to Whistler in March and I just have a few questions about crossing the border with a Tesla. 1. Will the ATT service in the car still work? I searched a bit on the forums about this. The few old threads I found seemed to say that for a while the service did not...
  5. Mr So Chill

    Only connecting at 3G

    I just took delivery this past friday and I have only seen a 3G indicator on my display since. I have been all over and can't get an LTE signal. My phone connects to LTE just fine. Ive tried resetting the dash without any luck. Does anyone have a way to for it to connect to 4G?