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audio issues while making calls

  1. E

    Sub, rear speakers not working. 2021 M3P

    I’ve had this 2021 M3P for two weeks. Still under full warranty but the sub and rear speakers aren’t connecting. As far as I remember (could be wrong) this happened right after I took it threw the first car wash (in car wash mode) and the seal let water in through the drivers side door...
  2. B

    Caller can hear an echo plus every bump my car makes on car bluetooth

    I just received my Model 3 and had it serviced because of the echo that could be heard by the caller on the other side. In addition, every bump I make on the road they can hear. The service center says that it is common and there’s nothing they can do except have me turn down the volume. I...
  3. M

    Audio system crashes when making call over bluetooth

    Starting about a month ago I started having this bug where when I make a call through Bluetooth the system freezes up a bit and then crashes. Once this happens the audio system will not play any sounds, music, blinker, Autopilot start/stop, Early warning collision, or beeping when parking. The...
  4. David29

    Odd audio system behavior

    When I got into my car today for a short, local trip, the audio system would not play one or two of my usual podcasts -- I got 2 or 3 loading errors. That is not uncommon, so I figured that maybe I was in a poor reception area or something. So I tried to play one of my usual music channels on...
  5. K

    Phone quality in model 3 over audio

    Is anyone else having trouble using their iPhone while calling people using the audio system in the car? I don't have any trouble hearing them but they say there is an echo sometimes and other times it sounds like I am under water. Any suggestions on how to make this incredible vehicle work with...