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audio upgrade

  1. J

    24M3RWD: hitch noise from screen area and adding rear speakers

    Howdy! Two things: There’s a hight-pitch noise coming from the screen area you can only hear when sitting idle. I saw a couple of videos about this same exact issue I’m having and Tesla said it was normal. Anyone else with a 24 M3 have this issue? Upgrading RWD audio: I’m looking at the...
  2. P

    Add DSP to 2023 Model 3 RWD?

    About the only thing I don't like about my 2023 M3 RWD is the audio. I've read a ton about the speaker activation harnesses, and I don't think I would be satisfied with that solution. I'd like to add a DSP amp to run the existing speakers, and maybe add a couple of rear deck speakers. It seems I...
  3. R

    Model Y Aftermarket Sub box

    Ive had this setup for about a year and half and its time for an upgrade. Taking offers for the enclosure/ top piece/ both L7 woofers and grills. Iv'e attached as detailed pics as i can but more available if needed. I can shed more details on the amp/processor if anyone is interested but NVX has...
  4. M

    Trunk disassembly / modifications / sound dampening

    Has anyone taken apart their trunk in order to add a subwoofer and/or sound dampening material? My UHFS subwoofer sounds very boomy and I’m considering adding some sound dampening material. There appears to be some sound proofing already underneath the carpet. Additionally there is some type of...
  5. teaston

    Model Y Subwoofer Bass Mod

    One issue I‘ve had with my Model Y compared to my old Model 3 is that there’s hardly any bass at all from the audio system, it wasn’t amazing in the M3, but it was noticeably better than the MY. If I turn the bass and sub sliders all the way up then there is some bass, but it’s very muddy...
  6. Y

    Hi fidelity audio question

    How can one tell if this is present or not in the vehicle, other than it just sounding better? TIA
  7. jason.tv

    Stereo Upgrade and Audio Questions

    I am planning to upgrade the audio system and would like to swap out the speakers, tweeters, head unit, and add sub woofer. Few questions if the community can help me out that would be awesome so I can gain little more knowledge on the process and procedures of the correct way to do this. Keep...
  8. NickDeRoo

    SR+ Bluetooth audio is terrible with windows open

    Alright everyone, there are ton's of threads on people complaining about audio in the SR+, but here's another. I'm completely shocked that in a nearly 50 thousand dollar car I can not listen to music with the windows open. Does anyone have any suggestions to make the sound quality any better...
  9. F

    Upgrading M3 SR+ Sound System

    Curious if anyone has taken their M3 SR+ to an audio shop to enable/add speakers and sub to add aftermarket audio to sound more premium. I would love more immersive sound and a bass boost I feel is missing from the SR+ but want it to feel and act seamless with the current interface. Anyone with...
  10. puritan

    Experience: Model X Reus Audio Upgrade

    Hi! Background: I'd bought the Model X 100D in March 2018 with the standard audio system and was thoroughly underwhelmed by it. It literally sounded like I was face deep in mud. I looked around at the forums and saw that Reus seemed to be the most popular choice for the Model S owners and...
  11. Adrian Cockcroft

    Recommendations for Roadster paint and audio work in the Bay Area

    I tried searching for paint shops but couldn't find anything relevant... I picked up a scrape down the side of my roadster (SF rush hour traffic...) and I'm looking for a recommendation for a paint shop that knows how to repair paint carbon fibre panels and work on the Roadster. Tesla Palo...
  12. S

    Audio Upgrade Recommendations in Colorado

    Can anyone recommend a place to do an audio upgrade in the northern Colorado or Denver area? If you used a place around here could you also say what work you had done and how much it costs?
  13. Dan60D

    Another option for aftermarket sound upgrade for Tesla.

    I have a MS with standard audio system and I was looking for another option for sound upgrade beside of Reus, NVX, Light Harmonic. I found this Dutch company that offers the various sound upgrade for Tesla Model S. Does anyone have this system? Tesla Model S audio upgrade - meer dan alleen een...
  14. artisjr

    Safe and Sound in Chantilly, VA has done it again (audio upgrade)!

    Hello everyone! I would like to share some photos of a recent audio upgrade. My Tesla was the third install at Safe and Sound in Chantilly, VA and I must say Matt Schaeffer has knocked it out of the park again. Last year, @Xenoilphobe brought in his Model S 85D to get an audio system upgrade...
  15. M

    Cassette Deck

    Was just wondering if anyone has successfully installed a tape deck in their model s? If so, what hardware and installation company did you use? Thanks, Mulloy
  16. M

    Custom Audio Installation - Model S - Orange County, CA

    So I just upgraded the standard audio system for my 2016 Model S to a custom one designed by Audio Lab in Lake Forest, CA. Sam and team at Audio Lab built a Custom Sub enclosure with a Focal P25F 10 inch sub in the footwell. Since the footwell has a unique contour, we wanted to maximize the...
  17. elreydetodo

    Reus Audio Boston/New England Early 2017

    I just spoke with Cliff from Reus Audio. He's coming to the east coast again sometime in January for a couple jobs in New York, and I'm going to have him upgrade my 2016 90D in Massachusetts while he's in the area. If anyone around has been considering an upgrade now would be a good time to...
  18. EVTechPioneer

    Ideal Aftermarket Audio System for Model S

    I'm currently awaiting delivery of my Model S P100D with the UHFS option. Unfortunately, after hearing complaints about the sound quality of the UHFS package from so many owners, I want to explore alternatives. I would like all audiophiles out there to chime in and provide the best aftermarket...
  19. A

    Any one recommend an add on sub for std audio??

    Thinking of adding a sub to my yet to be delivered MS60. My BMW has under seat subs that are really amazing and I was thinking of doing the same to the MS. Unfortunately no documented access to line level from std audio so Ill have to go with speaker level (which may be OK with low freq)...
  20. VerityZooms

    Parting out Ultra-High Fidelity Sound system (Model X)

    So, I'm upgrading from the UHFS that came with my Model X to some custom gear; and I'm gauging interest in other X owners who might want to upgrade their non-UHFS Model X to Tesla's OEM UHFS. If you're looking for any of these parts (supposedly ~18 drivers scattered throughout the car), hit me up!
  21. VerityZooms

    High-performance aftermarket audio in a Tesla

    So, my Model X is shaping up in to the beautifully customized beast I've envisioned; the next step is audio. I drove an old antique Mercedes drop-top for many years; and I had her fitted with a … frankly unnecessary quantity of bass-in-the-trunk: a pair of JL's 13.5" W7AEs (theoretically maxing...
  22. GasKilla

    You can adjust the EQ while on a phone call

    I just disdiscovered that you can adjust the EQ while talking on the phone. There was a weird kind of rattling noise while talking on the phone so I thought I'd check to see if I could EQ you out that sound, I presses the EQ button and you can adjust the EQ and turn on or off Dolby surround. I...
  23. Haxster

    Another Audio System Review

    One of the few benefits of crossing the half century mark on your biodometer is that you can save money on high-end sound systems. Elderly ears just can't get those high frequencies anymore, and your bio-signal processing just doesn't seem to work as well as when you were in your 20s. (For...
  24. zambono

    Will Ultra High Fidelity Sound, UHFS get updated on S

    It is known that the engineers did not have a Model S when they first created the setup, and they did with the X which provided a better outcome for the same price. The fact that the audio debate still exists should alert Tesla that its not up to par, specially at the $2500 price tag...
  25. jacobp

    Mid-Atlantic Reus Audio Upgrade Group Buy (Dec. 2015/Jan. 2016)

    Hi All, I am looking at having Reus Audio Systems install their audio system upgrade in my car toward the end of the year, in the December/January timeframe. Reus offers a custom Tesla-designed system that integrates perfectly with the car/touchscreen, and they have a few installers...