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auto folding mirrors

  1. Stevie Jewel

    Mirror auto-fold changes after update

    My user profile seems to change after a software update. Specifically, my mirrors, which auto fold at home, do not unfold. I have to stop a short ways from my house, unfold the mirrors, turn off auto fold for the location. Then when I get back home, the mirrors do not auto fold. I have to...
  2. S

    Auto-fold Mirrors on Location with Long Driveway

    I'm sure this has been covered multiple times, but can't find a straight answer. Is it possible to have the mirrors on a Model 3 with premium package only open and close when turning car on/off and not based on location? I have a long driveway and no matter what I've tried, my mirrors...
  3. ckoval7

    Turned off auto fold mirrors, mirrors fold in anyway. Is that normal?

    We got a bunch of snow over the weekend. I don't have a garage, so I have to park outside. My mirrors got iced up and made a nasty noise when they unfolded so I turned off the auto fold to prevent any (further?) damage. I came outside this morning and noticed my mirrors were folded in, but did...