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auto open

  1. MichaelJava95

    Tesla homelink skipped auto-close auto-open

    Hi everyone. I finally got my Homelink auto-close, auto-open to work. I want to create this thread so other people googling this problem can hopefully come across this thread. 1- When you program the Homelink, point the car to the garage if you park front first(driving forward into the garage)...
  2. L

    Homelink - Can I program AutoClose without AutoOpen?

    Our question is about Homelink. We want to set one of our garage doors to AutoClose but NOT to AutoOpen. Is this possible? While there are two boxes to check, I cannot access the AutoClose box without selecting AutoOpen. I even tried to program both and then unselect AutoOpen (but it then...
  3. Mknac

    Auto-open doesn't work after 1 week

    Ok so the auto open stopped working after 1 week. I have to either use the fob or touch the door handles. What gives? Can the 12 volt batter really be that depleted after 1 week with a new car? I've tried using both fobs - holding them by the the key ring next to the door handle, door and...
  4. P

    Frunk auto open & close

    I thought that this would have been talked about already but I couldn't find anything. So the question is if anyone put in electric linear actuator and some fix for the looking of the frunk. It would be great if it would be possible to open and close the trunk with the fob/key. I would use it a...