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auto park

  1. L

    Tesla Software Irritations

    Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum and am hoping to be able to learn more about my Model Y and - in particular - some tips of optimal configuration of the software. Given I'm in Australia (Sydney), my experiences might be a little different from others, but I'd appreciate any thoughts people...
  2. D

    what's the trick to get autopark to work?!

    had autopark for several weeks now and have seen it offer to park in my work's car park just once (it didn't do a bad job of it to be fair). we have clearly marked bays. what's the trick to get it to actually offer to park for you? I'm crawling along at 5 mph or so - I thought that's all you...
  3. CertLive

    Why is the auto parking so bad? 8 Years later.

    I watched this today and..... how the hell has Tesla not nailed this after 8 years? Why why why? P.s. those 2 white lines are ridiculously crappy atm.
  4. UncaNed


    I have a year-old Model X with EAP & FSD. I stumbled upon a video for autopark; didn't know autopark existed existed. How do I make it parallel or perpendicular park itself? I can't find out how to initiate that.
  5. I


    I have had my S for a month and love it. However, several times, I have read folk refer to this type thing, in answering a question: Controls > Settings > Driver Assistance > Summon > ON I am yet to find the words Controls, settings. I have Quick controls and turn things on and off but that's...
  6. T

    AutoPark becomes available while at Stop Lights in traffic.

    Does this happen to everyone else while at a 4 way stoplight? AutoPark picks the craziest time & place be available. Instant accident maker to those uninitiated. I thought this would be fixed. Since last Summer, or before, Auto Park been doing this while stopped in traffic on my X. And...
  7. D


    Two weeks after picking up my Model X I was happy to see the "P" signal to park in an underground garage. It was a space between a car on the left side and a concrete pillar on the right. I hit the "P" and let the car do it's thing like many times before. It was all going smoothly, the car was...
  8. jvnoledawg

    Auto park not functioning

    For several months now, in fact since the major interface upgrade last fall I believe, the auto park feature has not worked. I have it activated, but the functionality does not engage. I am in the same parking lot in the same environment, i.e. car on either side and curb. Nothing. This is a...
  9. Z

    Does autopark really need a car on both sides of the parking spot?

    I always thought auto park needs another car on both ends of the parking spot to recognize the spot, so I was surprised when "P" showed up recently at a parking spot in which you could easily fit two cars. I expected this to be too big to be recognized as a parking spot. But the "P" was there so...
  10. D

    I had an auto park malfunction / accident. Any one else?

    Posted this earlier here on the main forum but since it happened in Hong Kong I thought I should share my experience here too (with more local details). Earlier I used the auto park function in Hong Kong to parallel park my car. I had used the function maybe 4-5 times before and had no trouble...