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auto pilot 2.0

  1. S

    2016 Model S 70

    Let me start by saying that I love my Model S and I don't want to sell it, I need to sell it. Due to a growing family I have to get the Model X. I am the original owner and it has been babied and garage kept from day 1. I took delivery in the middle of June 2016. I put on a complete clear...
  2. fatmiko

    Perfect MX100D - my Tesla experience so far

    So, I'm posting this as I've been reading these forums for a couple months, and it's been a HUGE wealth of knowledge and actually invaluable in my decision to get into this whole Tesla cult... :) I've had an interesting experience so far. I live a couple hours south of St. Louis, MO. Did a test...
  3. C

    Should FSDC (Full Self-Driving Capabilities) be an option right now?

    As a Model S owner who purchased EAP on AP2 hardware, I wanted to know everyone's thoughts on FSDC. FSDC is currently a $3,000 option ($4,000 after taking delivery). Is this really fair? Tesla is charging $3,000 for an option that doesn't exist and will clearly not exist in the near-term...
  4. inottawa

    Service Loaner with AP2

    So I just sent off my P85 for a 100k service inspection (more like 103k at this point), and just had a loaner dropped off. You can imagine my surprise when I received a 75D with AP2! The car is basically new with only 100kms on the ODO. After all the paperwork was signed off, I promptly hopped...
  5. ev-now

    TACC disable - dependent on Internet/Maps?

    My wife was driving yesterday and TACC suddenly disabled. Just before it disabled the map stopped updating properly - half ot the screen was block tiles, not detail. Map stayed 'frozen' for a couple of miles then refreshed properly - exactly the same time as TACC came back. I cannot see why...
  6. Ø

    Can level 5 Autonomy be achieved with Hardware suite 2.0?

    For level 5 Autonomous driving (driving without anyone in the drivers seat or in the car) Elon Musk has previously stated that the system needs to have redundancy on all levels. I can not see that this system has the required redundancy to achieve this. For instance there is only one computer...