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auto steering

  1. M

    Cruise control unavailable sentry on

    I have software version 2022.4.5.1. If I had sentry mode on, the cruise control would not be available. To fix this, I had to turn off sentry mode and unplug the USB stick. Then I had to press both scrolling wheels and step on the brake until the Tesla T symbol shows up. After this, I had to...
  2. IROAR

    Auto steer Not ready for prime time

    I am on a 30 day trial of the auto steer so I took the opportunity to try it out on a 700+ mile round trip from Phoenix to San Diego. The route is nearly all interstate 75mph in Az and 70mph in Ca. Observations: 1. The "put pressure on the wheel" occurs about 3x/mile a real pia 2. When you...
  3. M

    First Tesla Autopilot Accident in Taiwan

    Not sure how the autopilot disengaged, did the driver disengaged manually or automatically by the no hands on steering wheel detection? Seems a bit dangerous if autopilot will disengaged automatically when driver is unconscious; I thought it will pull over first then disengaged. First Tesla...
  4. T

    Autopilot 2.0 is dangerous

    Hi everyone, So I understand that AP 2.0 is still "beta" which is kind of frustrating to begin with because I purchased my AP 2.0 Model S in December and its almost May and I don't see any light at the end of the tunnel when a fully rolled out version will become available. Anyway now that I...
  5. Joe F

    AP/AS I finally get it

    Okay, old hat to AP1 owners, but for a new AP2 owner, I finally got a feel for, and appreciation of, Auto Steer today... Given I have not traveled on any roads where doing less than 50 MPH without causing a major accident, I've only been able to use TACC up to now. I have had far too many...
  6. Colin Campbell

    How would you like to see the Auto Pilot improved?

    Much talk on this forum has been how to improve the Model X (Doors/Sun Shade etc.) I thought it would be good to just focus on one piece of technology. I am certain Tesla engineers review the forums so felt it was ideal to leave feedback here. I would also like to hear your stories of how...