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  1. AndyWarrington

    Automation apps - Android

    Question for the more 'techy' minded folks I think (but all experience welcome!): I'm not that good with it (tech) however I have read in places that phones can be set up to automate tasks - I particularly would like my phone hotspot to 'activate' and the car connect to it automatically each...
  2. kuruma

    Change charge rate from app please!

    This is THE most tedious aspect of having our Tesla. Please Elon, allow us to change the amps remotely rather than having to head out to the car. Please pile in to lend support so that this somehow makes its way onto Elon's radar. Cheers.
  3. A

    battery charging, is this possible?

    Is it possible to plug your car into a standard 120v or 240v outlet, use the Tesla app on your phone to set when you want the car to charge at what capacity and have the ability in the app to change the capacity? I assume all this is probably possible with a smart charger, but do you have this...
  4. M

    Why does Tesla get so much attention from NHTSA?

    https://ktla.com/2019/12/31/feds-investigate-deadly-gardena-crash-involving-tesla/ Plenty of other vehicles have varying levels of automation (like TACC). But stories of crashes with those vehicles don't seem to make the news every day. They only hit the news when there's a major...
  5. BZM3

    HVAC on a timer

    Hey TMC! Since I, like I'm sure many others, leave home and drive home at basically the same time each day, is there a way I can set a timer to automatically turn on the heating/cooling of the car? If not I think this could be a great future update. For example, each day Monday through Friday...
  6. GolanB

    Got Clarification of User Manuals reference to reading road signs (it does not)

    Two weeks ago, I was reading through the most recent version of the Model 3 Owners manual, and the way it was written, it made it sound like the Model 3 had the abillity to read road signs. More specifically, it stated: You can also specify how the speed limit is determined: • Relative - The...
  7. oscarfish

    Would you manage SoC (state of charge) based on time of day?

    Not really an "energy" question but one that pertains to all S, X, and 3. So with my Model 3 I can schedule a start of a charge based on time of day, but terminate a charged based only on charge percentage achieved, not time of day. The reason I want to managed based on time is that I'm on a...
  8. T

    Tesla Powerwall Homekit Support through Homebridge

    Hi Tesla Powerwall Members, I got my Powerwall 4 Weeks ago, I live in Germany an I'am very happy with it. I moved to my new house which hears to Apple Homekit. Sadly, Teslas Powerwall has not so much 3rd Party Applications, even no IFTTT integration. So I decided to integrate Teslas Powerwall...
  9. ev-now

    Peak Demand Metering

    I did not find this discussed, please direct me to threads if it's already done. I have the option of how to pay for my residential electricity, one option is based on Peak Demand (just like our office commercial supply). With electric kitchen and dryer, demand is already reasonably high - add...
  10. msp85+

    Automatically Alarming ADT with Smartthings hub

    Anyone looked into automating their ADT alarm system when they close the garage and disabling the alarm when they get close to home? I saw an ADT module you could build to accomplish this at ADT Integration - Devices Integrations - SmartThings Community Anyone have experience setting up an...
  11. J

    Imagine a Tesla Home

    I'd love to have home automation by Tesla. 17" touch screens in major rooms with controls for: Doors Lights Windows and curtains A/C Entertainment Appliances (make coffee from bed!) Pool/jacuzzi Security/cameras Car Auto-presenting door handles, automatic doors Solar panels and PowerWall...
  12. AziwA

    New Bosch Automation demo in Model S

    Hi All I stumbled on this video on Youtube... I don't think it has been posted here before. Obviously this is a modified Model S, but hopefully this is the way things are headed. An autonomous, self-driving Tesla Model S, modified by Bosch - YouTube I expect some of the hardware that was...
  13. M

    "Robotic Autoplug" (?)

    Hello, I'm not an owner and not a regular visitor here, but I'm curious if there has been any discussion about some sort of automated plug-in mechanism that could be added to (or included with) home chargers. I know that: "Wireless charging" has an appeal to a certain segment of owners and...
  14. A

    Mobileye-update active cruise control now working.

    There is enough information on mobile eye on the TMC which I will not repeat. The new change is that mobileye has brought out a new enhancement box (Nov 2013) to add to a standard mobileye 5 series system. This will also retrofit to an existing installation. The advantage of this enhancement box...