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  1. T

    Do you think we will get a USS Retrofit?

    I have a 2023 Tesla Model Y, overall it's been a great car. Except for the fact it doesn't have USS, I find it mind-boggling that Tesla would remove such a necessity. I live in Canada so the snow always builds up on the back of the car, and the camera is always covered. I constantly get warnings...
  2. T

    Autopark People!

    Can someone help me out, I keep checking to see if the Model Y has Autopark as a standard. I did not buy the "Full Self Drive" and I'm starting to think maybe that is the reason I can't get Autopark to work. I saw a few videos on YouTube and people show you how to use it but fail to mention if...
  3. islandbayy

    Enhanced Summon wont go more then 5-10 ft

    I havent used Enhanced Summon much, as it's been more of a parlor trick that is of questionable functionality (Especially after it almost ran my son over...). Now that weather is getting colder, I've started using it in emptier lots. Or such as at the grocery store, load groceries and have the...
  4. Z

    Auto park scrapped rear bumper on curb

    I suspect this was caused by the combination of auto park, air suspension and summon. The story: I backed my car half way into an uncovered parking spot. I’ve been only using auto park in my home garage so I thought I’d try auto park to get comfortable using it in public parking spaces. Not...
  5. A

    I’d prefer “Auto Home Parking” Over Generic “Autoparking”

    Every time I come home, I wonder why “Terry”, our name for the Model S, doesn’t say “Let me park it by the charger for you sir!” Quite frequently part through parking in a particularly narrow shopping car park it interrupts me while I am in the middle of the process. I invariably say no, as it...
  6. C

    Seriously Considering Going Back to ICE

    I've owned a 2017 X90D since May of 2019. I bought it on 35k miles, it's now on about 41k. There is lots about the car I love. Free unlimited supercharging and being able to charge the car at home for next to no money is fantastic. I think I'm probably saving between £3-5k a year on running...
  7. J

    Model 3 7 day return and auto park

    Greetings, I am a longtime Model 3 wannabe. Thinking I will take the plunge but am not going to be in a position to take a test drive until around December 3 and I would want to take delivery of a M3 LR no later than 12/31 for tax credit reasons. Two questions, if I order today (11/22) and...
  8. T

    MASTER THREAD: 2019.36.2.1 - new HOLD mode and other features

    Tesla's new software will display traffic cones in improved Driving Visualizations
  9. M

    Take autopark warning seriously - ruined the driver side door

    Turns out the m3 does not take happily to autoparking in a garage with pillars. I was minding my own business and backing my 2-day old m3 into my usual parking spot at work, when the m3 offered to autopark (pre-v10). And i let it. It tried a couple of times, backed in nicely and then decided...
  10. A

    Issues with backup camera

    Hi All I got a Model S on May 31st and am facing the following issues. If anyone has any idea I would really appreciate it. 1) Starting from Day 1 my model S has a black blank screen when I put it on reverse. The guy doing the demo said its a known issue and should fix itself in some days. I...
  11. T

    Auto Park Fail - scraped curb

    Beware when using Auto Park (AP) between an auto and a curb. Today I used the feature to park between a car and a curb and apparently it didn’t properly measure the distance between my car and the curb, because my right/passenger side scraped the curb (just a bit on my rear/passenger tire...
  12. UncaNed


    I have a year-old Model X with EAP & FSD. I stumbled upon a video for autopark; didn't know autopark existed existed. How do I make it parallel or perpendicular park itself? I can't find out how to initiate that.
  13. T

    Schade door gebruik Autopark

    Ik parkeerde mijn Model S met autopark assistance achteruit in een parkeervak in een parkeergarage. De auto reed echter meteen in de deur van de ernaast geparkeerde auto. Behoorlijke schade bij de andere auto, en bij mijn auto. Iemand ervaring met schade bij gebruik van Autopark? Dat is toch...
  14. Padelford

    Big V9 annoyance

    When I’m in the left lane on a four-lane street (crazy enough, I was in the curb lane this time!) waiting at a stop light (or in the left turn lane at a light), this is what I typically see: A “P” either to the right or left rear. When there isn’t anywhere to back up & park. I rarely see...
  15. I

    Autopark with a trailer hitch installed?

    Has anyone had any experience with auto-park with a trailer hitch? I'm wondering if the hitch that sticks out half a foot from the car will be a problem for the auto park mechanism. I don't want to find out the hard way that the auto park mechanism pulls the car in too close to neighboring cars...
  16. T

    Front Bumper Issue After Sensor "Recalibration"

    A week or so ago, I had the autopilot engaged while in stop and go traffic on an interstate. While stopped, the warning chimes suddenly kicked in along with the flashers and the car did not start moving again with traffic. I was able to take manual control after a few panicky seconds but I was...
  17. mrfra62

    AP2 bugs ??? rendering, autopark, reading signs and sudden breaking

    Hi, I have a Model X from end june 2018 with AP2 and wondering if AP2 has some bugs compared with AP1. 1) Rendering: For instance I noticed that any object is rendered as a car. A motorcycle is a car. A bicycle is a car. A pedestrian is a car. Even a wall is a car. I have seen videos of AP1 in...
  18. W

    Summons and Autopark

    I have not gotten delivery notice yet. I have a question. In an earlier vid from Tesla they showed autopark/summons where the guy stopped the car (say at a mall) exited and the car would autonomously go find a place to park. When the guy returned to where the car dropped him off, via smartphone...
  19. Nathanael

    Auto-park fail - manually stopped just in time

    So yesterday was my second time trying out a parallel auto park. The first time worked perfectly, so I knew what to expect. This was your standard parallel park on a quiet residential street. Lots of space between parked cars, quiet road, parking spot on the right side of the model 3. As the...
  20. Pkmmte

    AutoPark without being inside car?

    So, I picked up my Model 3 last Saturday at Marina Del Rey and had the pleasure to meet a delivery specialist dressed more nicely than the others. He apparently had a higher management position and only appears for deliveries during the end of quarter rush. Anyways, during the tour of my car, I...
  21. fasteddie7

    Does this hole in bumper need covered?

    Recently had a fender bender. Small hole in my bumper and seems like park assist is out, even though it doesn't seem to be too close to the sensor. (Pic attached) do I need to cover this with electrical tape until repair or is it best to leave it be?
  22. GameMaker


    I've finally cleared out the garage enough to try autopark and summon. Got homelink set up - great! But the car won't park itself in the garage. The driveway is on a slope, up to the garage - I've seen reference to that confusing the sensors, like it can't see the ground in front of it, maybe...
  23. C

    Autoparking without Autopilot Hardware?

    Simple: Why we need Autopilot HW for a simple autoparking feature? For example, BMW i3's parking sensors aren't better than Model S's (probably worse). But it still can "auto-park". Why Model S Non-AP can't?
  24. JohnnyG

    Summon Failed (from app) - Key Fob Battery Too Low

    I started getting an error yesterday that my Key Fob battery is low. This is preventing me from not only summoning from the Key Fob, but also from the Phone App; and it is also preventing me from using AutoPark via double tapping Park button. I pulled both batteries out of both Key Fobs, and...
  25. Haxster

    8.2 Updates for Model S HW2

    8.1 has only been out a few days and now 8.2 fixes or adds: 1. Wipers have rain sensing 2. Wipers stay in their parked position if turned off when already parked 3. Audio system doesn’t lose playing position within a song or podcast 4. Autopark more reliably recognizes a parking...
  26. Alan Sherman

    Delay in getting Autosteer/AutoPark and Rain Sensing Wipers - We are owed a Refund

    After being the most enthusiastic Tesla owner for the 3 years I've driven a Model S 85, the new 75D I just got in January is disappointing me in a few areas. The salesman I worked with on the upgrade was like most Tesla staff, excellent. But he did tell me that the HW2 cars with the 21 sensors...
  27. S

    AP2 Autopark Video

    For those waiting for AP 2 autopark video here you go.
  28. Carspotter Daily

    Model S Randomly Moving

    Today, as i finished parking on a slight incline (Car facing downward, very slight incline), the car started to move forward at the Summon speed of 2 km/h indicated on the dash, however, the car was in park and no sliding occurred. This same thing happened four times as i attempted to park the...
  29. D

    I had an auto park malfunction / accident. Any one else?

    Posted this earlier here on the main forum but since it happened in Hong Kong I thought I should share my experience here too (with more local details). Earlier I used the auto park function in Hong Kong to parallel park my car. I had used the function maybe 4-5 times before and had no trouble...
  30. RobertSeattle

    Surprised auto perpendicular parking isn't available at SuperChargers

    (Scenario where no other cars are adjacent to an available spot) I kind of assumed this would have been a "no brainer" for Tesla. Since most SuperChargers require a back in perpendicular parking, wish it were automatic process.
  31. jsollender

    Summons ? for current owners: How far off line can you start

    Intrigued about using summons to auto-park my MX in single car garage spot. I have the width issue worked out as well as depth and height of garage doors. Problem is that my driveway length is perpendicular to the garage door. I have 26 feet between my garage door and tall hedges on far side of...
  32. benjiejr

    Autopark Demo

    I could not get the Autopark feature to recognize a parallel parking spot without putting a trash bin on the curb. My guess is that it didn't recognize the 7" curb. Once I put the trash bin on the curb it would recognize it. I tried this many, many times over the span of an hour with and...