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autopilot 2

  1. Josh_byteRyde

    Vendor Introducing: byteRyde - Insurance for Teslas with Autopilot

    Hi Everyone! Since this is our first thread, the byteRyde team would like to take this opportunity to properly introduce ourselves to the TMC community. My name is Josh and I am one of the Founders of byteRyde / run the account here. So if you ever have questions please feel free to reach out...
  2. J

    AP stays close to edge of lane

    I picked up my new M3 about 10 days ago. After 200+ miles without successful AP calibration I took it in to a service center for examination. They told me that they couldn't figure it out, but that they were able to get it to calibrate after a re-initialization of the firmware. Now, however...
  3. A

    WTB: Model S with AP 2.0

    Hi, I'm hoping to buy a Model S with Autopilot 2.0 (or 2.5). Ideally with EAP and FSD already purchased. My requirements are: AP 2.0 or higher hardware (ideally with EAP and FSD) Eligible for extended service agreement (or has extended warranty already purchased) Black, Gray, or White exterior...
  4. W

    2017-18 Model 3 AP2 Triple Forward Facing Upper Windshield Autopilot Camera

    Never used. As far as I know it's only for the model 3 2017-18 version but idk.
  5. E-Powah

    Insurance discounts for Enhanced Autopilot?

    I’ve been reading pages and pages of threads about the costs of insurance for the M3 (in the US) and, I'm wondering why insurance companies can’t give us a discount for having / using EAP?
  6. B

    2017 Tesla Model S 75 For Sale. Florida.

    Silver 2017 CPO Tesla Model S with 45k miles. I am the 2nd owner and it was bought through Tesla CPO program. I've had it for little less than over 3 months. Amazing and safe car, but due to unexpected job relocation no longer have a need for it. Still have sticker window. Original Owner bought...
  7. M

    First Tesla Autopilot Accident in Taiwan

    Not sure how the autopilot disengaged, did the driver disengaged manually or automatically by the no hands on steering wheel detection? Seems a bit dangerous if autopilot will disengaged automatically when driver is unconscious; I thought it will pull over first then disengaged. First Tesla...
  8. K

    Gentle weaving on autopilot

    Recently I did a longish trip and tried to use the AP on the motorway portions. I had a car full of people (6 - its an MX) plus luggage. I found that on very often on both straight and curved sections, the car seemed to start doing a slow, gentle weaving. The steering wheel barely moved left...
  9. P

    Never upgraded to Nag version of autopilot still on 2018.18.4c72e69

    So when everyone here started complaining about the nag on their X's I made a decision not to update my software. Hard call for me as I always update everything right away mostly due to know security vulnerabilities. But in this case I thought that this weeks VP of autopilot decided that...
  10. FalconFour

    TACC/Autopilot overreacts to cars changing lanes (not cutting-off)

    Scenario: Model 3 LR/RWD. Freeway traffic, going full speed but comfortably stacked/spaced to each other. TACC set to 70, car doing 68, spacing set to "6". A car in the lane to the right signals to change lanes, matches speed, and fits nicely into the "6" spaced gap between me and the next car...
  11. M

    Auto Pilot - from 60 years ago!

    This article from 1958 shows a few things, the last of which is really a cultural issue that we have not completely overcome: Auto-pilot for cars is not new, it just does more. This one was the first invention of what we now call "cruise control" - but there was controversy about how this...
  12. G

    Why did you get FSD?

    Based on the spreadsheet, over 10% of the configurations so far have included FSD. I'm interested in why someone would buy this now. As a previous 2016 Model X owner with AP2, I got to see just how slow AP2 development is, not even hitting the features of a 2014 AP1 car after over a year of...
  13. elmos_world

    Buying Model S or X with Autopilot 2

    Hello. I am looking to buy a Model S or X, definitely with Autopilot 2(enabled or not, 2.0 or 2.5 doesn't matter), for up to 60k. I also need premium upgrades package (for HEPA filters) and if you have UHFS and/or SAS that's even better. I may be able to go higher after I sell my current car(s)...
  14. elmos_world

    Looking for Autopilot 2 Model S or X to Buy

    Hello. I am looking to buy a Model S or X, definitely with Autopilot 2(enabled or not), for up to 65k. I also need premium upgrades package (for HEPA filters) and if you have UHFS and/or SAS that's even better. I may be able to go higher after I sell my current car(s). Colors don't matter. Car...
  15. A

    Model 3 has only seven Autopilot cameras?! (vs. eight)

    "Seven cameras, forward radar and twelve ultrasonic sensors" -- Monroney Sticker posted at teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/posts/2288342/ "All Tesla vehicles produced in our factory, including Model 3, have the hardware... Eight surround cameras..." -- www.tesla.com/autopilot What do you...
  16. ishareit

    Autopilot information from Tesla.com misleading

    On Autopilot page, under the "Enhanced Autopilot" section, it says (relevant parts taken out and put below): transition from one freeway to another exit the freeway when your destination is near Autopilot will watch for opportunities to move to a faster lane when you're caught behind slower...
  17. SoCal Tsla

    Was shooting a video during roadtrip and came across an Autopilot problem

    I was shooting a video during a road trip and autopilot started constant beeping without the initial warnings... It feels like a bug to me. You can go to around 1'30" directly to see the issue... Shouldn't AP give visual warnings, then single beeps, then double beeps, then the constant beep...
  18. S

    Full Self Driving Option vs Autopilot?

    Based on what I understand, the full self driving option for Model 3 is a software-only thing and installs no new hardware. At the same time, because of software limitations, it doesn't currently provide actual autonomous capability. My questions: * Is my understanding accurate? * What...
  19. A

    Autopilot Fail

    Hi All! Was driving home a couple nights ago on the 5 FWY into Los Angeles with autopilot engaged and my car swerved into the next lane over and almost smashed another car. Has anyone else experienced this? I have a 2017 p90 HW2 Model X
  20. fasteddie7

    Hw1 to Hw2 "transplant"

    Elon has said in several occasions that outfitting Hw1 cars with Hw2 hardware would be like spinal transplant surgery and be costly and near impossible. I remember a while back it was discussed that the car could be separated from the battery for a "battery swap" for a fully charged battery and...
  21. S

    Any Autopilot 2.0 accidents yet?

    I am just wondering, of course it's inevitable there will be car accidents where Tesla car is at fault and Autopilot 2.0 was activated. But I am wondering are there any reported so far? anyone know? thanks
  22. SoCal Tsla

    #29 How to use Autopilot without touching the wheel

    I know it's a simple trick but just in case you guys haven't noticed:)
  23. X

    Rt 3 to Cape Cod - HW2 Autopilot speed limit?

    With the latest update 8.1 (17.11.3) that removes the 55mph on highways, anybody knows if Rt 3 is one of the roads that the limit is removed? Thanks
  24. lunitiks

    MobilEye's approach

    A very impressive and thought provoking talk by MobilEye CEO at CES 2017. Warning: Long video
  25. P

    Autopilot Hardware 2 - I Never See the Blue

    I'm wondering if I'm alone. I never see the 'Blue Car' meaning that my car is steering based on the car in front of me. I originally thought perhaps it was just part of the slow rollout of the HW2 Auto Steer - but I saw a Youtube video of a HW2 Model S that was using the lead car and...
  26. lunitiks

    AP2.0 Cameras: Capabilities and Limitations?

    Dear camera savvy, driver assistance-knowledgeable and AP2HW insightful fellows. My head is full of questions about Teslas 8 x camera sensor suite. Such questions are being touched upon now and then in many different threads, but I would really like to read some more focused discussion on the...
  27. D

    New user with Questions

    I posted on the delivery page as well , just picked up my S60 from Inventory with Enhanced autopilot. I've had the car for 2 days now, but see absolutely no indication of Autopilot anywhere on the car, when I ask someone about it they say I am supposed to get an update for it and its still...
  28. L

    How would autopilot handle this scenario.

    Hi all. I do not currently own a Model S however I do have a Model 3 reserved. Yesterday I was traveling down the interstate (BMW335i no autonomy at all) two lanes with a shoulder on the right. I was in the right lane. Suddenly a piece of wicker patio furniture flew out of a truck bed that...
  29. NerdUno

    Buyer Beware: AP2 Extremely Dangerous

    I just sent the following note to Tesla, but wanted to alert others to some of the problems we have experienced with AP2... We have 17.3.2 and have used AutoSteer extensively on a number of interstate highways since its initial release. Primitive would be an understatement. Here's what we have...
  30. G

    HW2 Tesla. Are you supposed to use Traffic Aware Cruise Control on local roads?

    I tried it the other day, worked pretty well when the road is straight and the car in front of you behaves. Had a near accident when the road was a bit curved, and the car in front switched off to the next lane. It completely missed the next car in front and started accelerating. Luckily, my...
  31. andrewket

    Model: When does the AP HW2 fleet reach "several hundred million miles"

    Tesla recently stated: "These features operate on a new hardware and software platform. Therefore, their rollout will be measured and cautious until we have generated confidence across several hundred million miles of real-world usage." I thought it would be interesting to model the cumulative...
  32. JoshM

    Model S - Deep Blue Metallic w/Stealth Wrap

    Hi, I'm new here. I assume many of you also frequent /r/teslamotors and this post may be redundant. But I thought I'd share with everyone anyway. I recently got my S (12/13) and dropped it off at Exotic Vehicle Wraps in Dulles, Virginia the following morning. They applied xPel Stealth to the...
  33. lunitiks

    FIRST PICTURES - Tesla Autopilot 2.0 ECU (Nvidia PX 2)

    A bunch AP2.0-cars out, but not yet any pictures of the AP2.0-ECU. So please be the 1st person to post images of the OEM Tesla Vision (Autopilot) 2.0 ECU "supercomputer". 99.9 % sure it's mounted in dashboard, above glove box (passenger side). You'll need to remove outer panels + glove...
  34. grayguy

    AP2 hardware owners - upgrade after delivery for $5K

    I wanted to see if any owners who purchased post Autopilot 2 hardware release have been told they can add the feature after delivery for the pre delivery price of $5,000? It would seem reasonable for Tesla to allow this given that this is a software purchase and the software isn't available yet...