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autopilot 2.0

  1. R

    Autopilot Creativity.... Or Ignorance.

    This is ignorant, but also very creative. Congratulations to the ones getting weird with Autopilot, but also.... please wait for FSD.
  2. J

    AP stays close to edge of lane

    I picked up my new M3 about 10 days ago. After 200+ miles without successful AP calibration I took it in to a service center for examination. They told me that they couldn't figure it out, but that they were able to get it to calibrate after a re-initialization of the firmware. Now, however...
  3. P

    AP stopping for stopped cars significantly improved

    I'm not sure exactly which version introduced this behavior but I'm on 2019.20.4.2 on both my 3 and S and I've noticed the stopping performance for completely stopped cars has improved significantly. Previously when traveling over 45 mph the car's ability to see and stop for cars that are...
  4. T

    Autopilot worse after latest Update

    Hi everyone, I just wanted to say that with the latest update that was pushed through my AP2.0 has become much worse and erratic than it was before. I own a 2016 Model S with AP2.0 hardware. At first the AP was absolutely unusable. Then sometime in 2017 they pushed a major update that brought...
  5. aikisteve

    Can a crippled autopilot still avoid a €300.000 collision in v9.0? - Testing the Tesla

    Taking testing of Tesla's autopilot to the limits with disabling the sensors and seeing what it still can do. Auto lane change now uses (predominantly) the cameras instead of the ultrasonics. Impressed by the results and I believe this is now a good implementation to keep it as much as possible...
  6. aikisteve

    Testing the Tesla: official release (2018.42.2) on Belgian roads

    As usual, I've taken the Tesla for a spin on my test route to see where we got some improvements. Compared to the unofficial release I tested last week, there are some minor improvements. But in general, I really love the progress V9 brings us!
  7. aikisteve

    Good news: software update 2018.32.2 solves nearly all bugs introduced in 2018.28.1

    Put the latest updates through its paces today and I am a happy camper in the sense that it solves nearly all issues I had with the previous update. Check it out here:
  8. aikisteve

    Testing the Tesla: update 2018.24.1

    This update has a big improvement in traffic jams, but also some minor improvements on local roads. And unfortunately also a regression in sharper turns.
  9. copyhacker

    WTB: Model X 90D w/AP2 HW

    After browsing dozens of mispriced and misadvertised dealership listings, it's time to bring the search to the people. Exterior: Titanium, midnight silver, or silver Interior: preferably white or tan 7 seats would be great, 6 would be ok. 5 is Right Out. PUP Mileage not a factor as long as it's...
  10. aikisteve

    Testing the Tesla - update 2018.21.9

    My review of the latest software update 2018.21.9. Some minor AP improvement, some big visual improvements. But a very annoying nag time. This might actually be the very first time that I want to skip it.
  11. aikisteve

    Hardware differences between AP1 and AP2

    Since my previous video about comparing AP1 to AP2, I did get quite some questions about people not really knowing what AP1 is (the newer guys, I assume), or they just don't know which version they have. That' why I made this video to compare the 2 hardware versions and to show how easy you can...
  12. aikisteve

    AutoPilot 1 vs AutoPilot 2.0: why AP1 is still better

    In my test videos I frequently talk about AP1 still being better than AP2. This tie, with the help of another Model S driver I took it to the test and compared the 2 in the same conditions. As I claimed before, the dreaded S-curve is a lot better with AP1, whereas a lane shift is better with...
  13. aikisteve

    Testing the Tesla - update 2018.18.2 fixed a minor bug, but also has regression

    Update 2018.18.2 has fixed a slight regression bug on hill crests, but regressed further in sharper turns. Curious when it will be able to handle that part gracefully
  14. AutobahnEV

    Tesla Model S AP2 Front and B Pillar Cameras

    Here are my listings for the AP2 forward facing triple camera ($750), the LH + RH B Pillar Cameras ($400) Please message me with any questions, thanks! Tesla Model S X (2016-2017) OEM AP2 Forward Facing Autopilot Camera 1089531-00-C | eBay Tesla Model S (2016-2017) OEM AP2 LH B Pillar...
  15. sillydriver

    Non-freeway AP speed restriction returns

    After being unrestricted on secondary roads for roughly a year, I encountered the 5 mph over-limit AP speed restriction this morning where US50 in Virginia narrows from a divided four-lane section to a two-lane road. I have an AP1 car updated most recently to 2018.12 on 3/28. I don't use AP on...
  16. V

    Automatic Lane change in EAP - does it check for other cars before changing?

    I am a bit conservative in terms of trusting EAP and I only initiate lane change after checking that there is no car present in the lane next to me for a good distance front and behind (and no other car two lanes over is trying to get into that lane). Do you trust EAP to do safety checks for...
  17. aikisteve

    Does speed matter for AP 2.0 in handling curves

    During my last video I got a few comments that on the sharper turns I was going to fast for AP2.0 to handle. If I would slow down, it would handle it perfectly. Now, of course I tested this and turns out there is a difference, but it's not as big as you might expect and AP2.0 can still not be...
  18. aikisteve

    Testing the Tesla: Big AP 2.0 improvements in 2018.10.4

    Hi all, I got the latest update too and after reading some of the earlier remarks about AP improvements, I took it for a test on my usual test route. Hill crests are taken without veering off to the side anymore. Auto lane change is smoother, although I've encountered some scary moments when...
  19. aikisteve

    Road trip to the UK: driving on the wrong side of the road

    This week I had to go to the UK office for work. Usually, I go by train. But this time I felt like driving. Also, because my wife wants to go road tripping through Scotland, I wanted to see how comfortable I feel with driving "on the wrong side of the road". Along the way I ran into trouble...
  20. lunitiks

    Happy Birthday AP 2.0

    And now for something completely different Oct 9th 2016: Electric Bus? Snake Charger? Tow hitch? 'Tesla product unveiling on the 17th (unexpected by most)' Oct. 17th 2016: Need more time 'Moving the Tesla announcement to Wednesday. Needs a few more days of refinement.' The guy knows how to...
  21. thatisug

    Autopilot seems to love using ABS...

    Hey Folks, New Model S owner, and am curious if it is normal for Autopilot to use ABS so much? My drive from home to work (~30 miles each way), I drive about 20 of those miles on the interstate in SoCal using Autopilot. On the drive ABS seems to kick in about 3-4 times during my commute to...
  22. Padelford

    AP 2 Bad Behavior - 1b27c6d

    I've noticed in the past that AP 2 can have some very bad behavior under the following circumstances: Driving in the right lane Rising/descending pavement Following a freeway turn Passing an exit Essentially, the vehicle gets confused and dives for the exit. The vehicle can also lose lane...
  23. lunitiks

    Autopilot simulation!

    I think this topic deserves a thread of its own. In September 2017, Mike and @Caleb Elston at the Tesla Show did an excellent podcast on Autopilot simulation (highly recommended listening). I was struck by the huge potential this simulation stuff seems to have. Please note that there's...
  24. thatisug

    "Wobbly/Swaying" Autopilot and Initial Bluetooth connection issue

    Hello Folks! Brand new Tesla owner and hoping for some advice / recommendation from you experts! My Tesla is about a week old and I have noticed 2 odd things I am hoping you can provide some insight to. --- New Model S 75 Firmware v8.1 (2017.36 1b27c6d) "Enhanced Autopilot" purchased with car...
  25. N

    Autopilot available and activated

    Anyone seen this: Tesla's self-driving Autopilot feature is now officially available in the UAE Soooo, it's included and activated now?
  26. fasteddie7

    Just for fun I went back

    I’m a relatively new owner who is a regular here on tmc. Lately there has been so much controversy over autopilot and what the video and Elon promised it would be, that I went back to watch old videos for fun. I’ve discovered that this is not unique. I found videos on supercharging and the...
  27. lunitiks

    Autopilot nagging intervals

    I always thought that they were completely random, but today I found that they occur at exactly 800 metres (≈ 0.5 miles) when driving at 63 km/h (speed limit +3), under these conditions: AP1 @ 2017.28 c528869 Country road No lead car I logged 0,8 km no less than twelve (12) times in a row. I...
  28. T

    Autopilot 2.0 is dangerous

    Hi everyone, So I understand that AP 2.0 is still "beta" which is kind of frustrating to begin with because I purchased my AP 2.0 Model S in December and its almost May and I don't see any light at the end of the tunnel when a fully rolled out version will become available. Anyway now that I...
  29. lunitiks

    MobilEye's approach

    A very impressive and thought provoking talk by MobilEye CEO at CES 2017. Warning: Long video
  30. seevT

    Autosteer on local Roads Videos (17.7.2)

    1. The local road Autoseer is not ready. Be very careful while using it. I tried it multiple times today and on 3 lanes road, the autosteer tends to take the car to the rightmost lane if you are in the middle lane. Luckily there was no one coming from behind. little scary 2. This a...
  31. lunitiks

    AP2.0 Cameras: Capabilities and Limitations?

    Dear camera savvy, driver assistance-knowledgeable and AP2HW insightful fellows. My head is full of questions about Teslas 8 x camera sensor suite. Such questions are being touched upon now and then in many different threads, but I would really like to read some more focused discussion on the...
  32. A

    When do autopilot features begin to work on a new Tesla?

    Picked up my MS 90d yesterday. HW2 running version 17.4.75. Have 104 miles driven so far. No autopilot features activated yet. What should I expect? Sorry if this is explained elsewhere. Thanks!
  33. Nev&Co

    New Update

    i just received a new update notification but haven't got the chance to do it yet. Anyone else getting the update? I saw from the S forum saying the following: Auto steer increased to 50mph Tacc increased to 80mph Added side collision warning Will confirm after my update is done.
  34. L

    How would autopilot handle this scenario.

    Hi all. I do not currently own a Model S however I do have a Model 3 reserved. Yesterday I was traveling down the interstate (BMW335i no autonomy at all) two lanes with a shoulder on the right. I was in the right lane. Suddenly a piece of wicker patio furniture flew out of a truck bed that...
  35. X

    My car is learning a lot but.... what? and how?

    I am reading all over the place that Tesla cars "learn" as more miles driven, that with AI the learning process is faster, that with shadow mode Tesla validates the software etc etc. Can someone with knowledge on the subject please explain what exactly "learning" means and how it happens (or...
  36. P85DBeast

    Anyone ordering without EAP and FSDC?

    Wanted to know who ordered without it. Why didn't you get it? Or if you got EAP but not FSDC.
  37. seevT

    Couple of Autosteer AP2.0 Videos with 2.50.185

    So while we wait for the new update to arrive hopefully today (I am one of the Cali1000 :) here are coupleof autosteer videos. Video being captured by passenger on a cell phone. Interesting timestamps :Video 1 @0.55: Autosteer getting disabled due not not holding steering @1.09, side lane...
  38. B

    After 8.0 Upgrade - 'Autopilot Features Currently Unavailable -- Manual Driving Required While...

    I got my software upgrade today and installed it. When trying to activate the cruise control or auto pilot, I get this warning: "Autopilot Features Currently Unavailable -- Manual Driving Required While Camera is Calibrating" I drove for about 15 miles on streets and on the freeway, but I...
  39. lunitiks

    FIRST PICTURES - Tesla Autopilot 2.0 ECU (Nvidia PX 2)

    A bunch AP2.0-cars out, but not yet any pictures of the AP2.0-ECU. So please be the 1st person to post images of the OEM Tesla Vision (Autopilot) 2.0 ECU "supercomputer". 99.9 % sure it's mounted in dashboard, above glove box (passenger side). You'll need to remove outer panels + glove...
  40. A

    V2V (Vehicle-to-Vehicle) Communication in FSD-Ready Teslas

    As NHTSA pushes for implementation of V2V communication in new vehicle, what does this mean for the current Tesla's being marketed as hardware ready for FSD? Are any of those opting for full-FSD at purchase (as opposed to an upgrade later), concerned with this potential requirement being put in...
  41. fasteddie7

    Do we think that AP1 will get a Updated along side AP2?

    Do you guys think AP1 will get the auto lane change, auto exit and on ramp, and a better summon along side 2.0 before AP2 starts to pull away and take better advantage of the hardware or does everyone think that AP1 updates will be little fixes because the hardware has reached its full potential?
  42. singleview

    "Full Self-Driving Hardware on All Cars" ...Is mine included?

    I'm a super excited new Tesla Model S owner. I'm curious: after hearing Elon Musk's announcement that "full self driving hardware" are already being installed on all cars - - DOES MINE HAVE IT? Is there a way to find out?? Here's the timing of my order/ pick up: Ordered: 8/22 Order...
  43. G

    Would fully self driving upgrade help EAP?

    Apologies if this has already been answered, but does anyone have a sense on whether the $3k FSD upgrade that unlocks the full hardware suite would help enhanced autopilot perform better? Meaning would you get better autosteer, auto braking, summon, etc. due to using more cameras, or is the...
  44. J

    Full self-driving capability Australia

    Is there any point paying for the "Full self-driving capability" for a car in Australia? Is there likely to be any partial functionality? I would assume it its not legally allowed in the region its being sold it would not be an option at purchase.
  45. Ohji

    Next generation autopilot - Model S vs XC90

    I am excited to take delivery of my Model S sometime in the next couple of months, as Autopilot 2.0 was far more than I was expecting from Tesla at this time. That being said, I thought it would be interesting/fun to discuss the differences between Volvo's approach and Tesla's, seeing as both...
  46. B

    Help deciding on AP 2.0 upgrade

    I placed my order a week ago with AP 1.0. I need help figuring out whether people think the improvements with AP 2.0 are worth the 2k upgrade. B/c I haven't used AP on a daily basis I can't tell whether the additional features provided by AP 2.0 will really enhance my experience. I know that I...
  47. DJ 240V

    Would you trust AP2.0 with your life?

    I'm looking for input from experienced AP1 owners . Autopilot sure does lull you into a false sense of security. Being a techie I know software will have bugs and hardware will fail. Its a matter of "when" not "if". I've just placed an order and excited about getting the new hardware. However...
  48. O

    in Production 90d - Enhanced AP + F-S-Driving Capability?

    Need some input folks -- I placed my custom order MS 90d early October. Seeing how they just updated the autopilot -- to me it seems like a no brainer to pay the extra 2000 (3000 AP1) and get the enhanced autopilot. I confirmed with my DS that my car will carry the new hardware. The question...
  49. hillestadk

    AP 2.0 at AP 1.0 price?

    I ordered my car back in August for December delivery. My car was pushed a few weeks and now says "Late December/Early January." I placed an order for a car with AP. Will the feature be enabled at my buy price of $2500 or are they going to try to upsell me now?
  50. JeffK

    Unveiling on Oct 17th

    Elon just tweeting that's there's going to be a product announcement on Oct 17th (unexpected by most). Thoughts on what it could be?