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autopilot 2.5

  1. Cyber-Rhino

    To DIY or not to DIY? Front Camera Replacement: Fisheye and Narrow Cam Dropped Frames

    I have a 2018 Model 3 Long Range RWD with Enhanced Autopilot, and I often get the UI_a114 "Driving Visualization Temporarily Degraded" error whenever I leave my car out in the sun for longer than 20 minutes and ambient temperatures exceed 75 degrees F. This error disables the ENTIRE DAS (Driver...
  2. Dariushd

    My Model 3 on AutoPilot through very twisty Topanga Canyon

    I drove my M3 on AP last year with HW2.5 and then again exactly a year later with HW3 to compare notes. I can't find the video of the entire 2019 HW2.5 drive, except for one clip, but I have uploaded the 2020 entire drive (sped up mostly) along Topanga Canyon and Old Topanga Canyon Blvd entirely...
  3. S

    Autopilot sensor replacement $190?

    A while back I got message on my Model 3 dash saying some autopilot features stopped working. "Ultrasonic sensors not communicating". I just dropped my car off at the service center to fix it. Now I get this message from the service center saying "After further diagnoses performed regarding...
  4. S

    Autosteer oscillation during curves on 2019.40.50.1

    Ever since our Model 3 got the update to 2019.40.50.1, we noticed that the autosteer would oscillate within a lane (left/right) during a curve on the highway - does anyone else have this issue? Previous version would hold the vehicle steady while driving along a curve down the highway.
  5. kristezla

    Cruise Control / Autopilot Unavailable After removing cameras

    I know what you’re thinking. If the cameras were removed Of course it wouldn’t work. But I have a brand new model x that just got back from the auto custom shop getting clear bra and chrome delete. The side cameras were removed wrapped and reinserted. There is no obstruction as to the view of...
  6. Josh_byteRyde

    Vendor Introducing: byteRyde - Insurance for Teslas with Autopilot

    Hi Everyone! Since this is our first thread, the byteRyde team would like to take this opportunity to properly introduce ourselves to the TMC community. My name is Josh and I am one of the Founders of byteRyde / run the account here. So if you ever have questions please feel free to reach out...
  7. MountainRoad

    2018 MX75D 9k miles, $78k

    We need to sell our like-new 2018 Model X 75D LOW MILES: 9,101 7 seater Midnight Silver Metallic Cream premium upgrade interior Autopilot & Full Self Driving (FSD purchased after vehicle purchase) Free Unlimited Supercharging 20” silver wheels, original tires plus snow tires with less than 4K...
  8. S

    Auto Pilot Controls disappeared

    On my way home today, I lost all AP controls. the car did not see any lane marking or other cars while I was driving home. Also the headlights are set to auto, and they were on according to the screen. Also Autopark and the parking sensor/backup camera works. Any ideas ? Bug maybe ? I am 12.1.2...
  9. C

    Inaccurate or missing speed limit data: Tesla should be able to read speed limit signs in real time!

    While I'm very impressed with Tesla's Autopilot and Full Self-Driving Capability, I'm more than disappointed that Tesla's speed limit data is wrong or missing 20-25% of the time when I'm driving on city streets and 2-lane roads in North Florida. My 2016 Volvo can read speed limit signs with...
  10. M

    July 2018 Black Model S w/autopilot 14k miles, $67k or best offer

    Owner needing an SUV so looking into Model X - pretty straightforward base July 2018 model black with autopilot upgrade (has some current FSD features). 14k miles pretty much like new. Details in this craigslist ad. 2018 Tesla Model S 75D black 14k miles no issues, current new $79k
  11. E

    Navigate on Autopilot fails, Autopilot continues

    Yesterday I experienced something I thought I'd share. When I began a road trip in the morning after a heavy rain, Navigate on Autopilot (set ON by default) frequently would drop out with a message to the effect (not a quote) that it was unavailable, and if the problem persisted, I should...
  12. Vipercat

    New great autopilot feature in 2019.4.3 (for Europe)

    Hi Guys, I noticed a great new feature (or improvement) in autopilot on v9.0 2019.4.3. Previously when driving on autopilot and driving in the right lane, the car would speed past the left lane if the speed set in autopilot was higher than the current speed. It ignored the speed of the cars in...
  13. P

    Autopilot Impressive City Driving

    Sometimes I'm really impressed with how well autopilot is driving in poor city conditions. In such conditions autopilot is normally not available, but if there is even a small stretch of the road where you can turn it on, then it will drive no matter what without disengagement! In my video...
  14. T

    How to access ECU / Autopilot computer / hardware on model 3?

    Long time lurker first time poster. I am waiting to buy a model 3 until it has hardware 3 / HW3 on it (days to months away, apparently), standard. If nothing else for a higher resale value when I eventually sell the car. I’ve seen posts and videos on how to access the ECU / autopilot computer...
  15. Leopold Stotch

    Autopilot through construction!

    Autopilot did really well, have a look! Let me know what you think. Started a YouTube channel, videos will get better with time as I learn to edit.
  16. Smoofv

    Right Foot on Autopilot

    Hi all, What do you do with your right foot when autopilot engaged? I've only had my Model 3 LR AWD for a little over a month, but I find that when I engage the autopilot, I keep my foot tensed and hovering over the pedals, which creates more strain than actually driving the car. Just curious...
  17. aikisteve

    Hardware differences between AP1 and AP2

    Since my previous video about comparing AP1 to AP2, I did get quite some questions about people not really knowing what AP1 is (the newer guys, I assume), or they just don't know which version they have. That' why I made this video to compare the 2 hardware versions and to show how easy you can...
  18. nostik

    Autopilot 2.5, how do you know...?

    Just took my delivery over the weekend and was curious how one would know if your Tesla has Autopilot hardware 2.0 vs 2.5? I did receive an email from Tesla over the weekend, which (sort of) indicates that my Tesla has the new hardware...? Here's the email: We recently introduced some minor...
  19. lunitiks

    Autopilot simulation!

    I think this topic deserves a thread of its own. In September 2017, Mike and @Caleb Elston at the Tesla Show did an excellent podcast on Autopilot simulation (highly recommended listening). I was struck by the huge potential this simulation stuff seems to have. Please note that there's...
  20. A

    Tesla vs Volvo xc60 T8 vs Cadillac ct6 Super Cruise

    Drove xc60 T8 with Pilot Assist fully loaded. The car is hybrid and can go in all electric mode, so, all that was impressive. The Pilot Assist was actually very good it kept the lane quite well, however: 1) on not so tight curves 80 miles/hour it crossed the markers 2) couple time it disengaged...
  21. A

    Model 3 has only seven Autopilot cameras?! (vs. eight)

    "Seven cameras, forward radar and twelve ultrasonic sensors" -- Monroney Sticker posted at teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/posts/2288342/ "All Tesla vehicles produced in our factory, including Model 3, have the hardware... Eight surround cameras..." -- www.tesla.com/autopilot What do you...