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autopilot hardware

  1. V

    Autopilot hardware 2.0 or 2.5...how to tell?

    Hey everyone. How do you tell what version you have on your car? I am having a hard time finding out where/how to find it.
  2. lunitiks

    FIRST PICTURES - Tesla Autopilot 2.0 ECU (Nvidia PX 2)

    A bunch AP2.0-cars out, but not yet any pictures of the AP2.0-ECU. So please be the 1st person to post images of the OEM Tesla Vision (Autopilot) 2.0 ECU "supercomputer". 99.9 % sure it's mounted in dashboard, above glove box (passenger side). You'll need to remove outer panels + glove...
  3. 787steve

    Stop signs and Red Lights

    Ok, I'm a newbie. In fact, delivery in two days. One thing I don't quite understand is why the autopilot suite does not brake for stop signs and traffic lights. The cam should pick them up. The only theory I can come up with is a possible problem from such items oriented in a confusing way...
  4. 787steve

    How long does build take?

    I just got email yesterday saying that my MS has completed production. I have seen several posts theorizing that cars built in the past week may have new AP hardware, or at least accommodations for the hardware. Anyone have any info as to how long the production process takes. Just curious as...
  5. N

    Ordered Model X Aug 10th. Should I cancel?

    Tomorrow, I believe, is the last day to alter or edit my order for my Model X. I feel like with the autopilot 2.0 rumors that in the next couple weeks we will get at least a clearer picture of time frame of 2.0 hardware. I have a second car, but I am getting married in October and would have...
  6. David29

    Question about side sensors

    I had a long drive yesterday, with more than 200 miles on I-95, and used AutoPilot virtually the entire time. So I had a lot of opportunity to observe the "cartoon" vehicle display in the instrument cluster. One thing I had noticed before, and repeatedly confirmed yesterday, is that when the...
  7. krazineurons

    Autopilot 2.0, what do we know about it?

    I am considering to buy a MX or a MS this month and i am wondering if my investment to buy a Tesla right now would mean i would be driving a soon to be outdated vehicle in less than 2 years. I have been following the M3 (Model Y) news and it appears that it might be Level 4 Autonomous capable...
  8. 8

    New Tesla Model S Has 2nd Triple Cam For Autopilot & Pedestrian Noise Unit

    New Tesla Model S Has 2nd Triple Cam For Autopilot & Pedestrian Noise Unit (CleanTechnica Exclusive) "The key items of interest are right there in the title: the new Model S is set to have a triple cam for Autopilot that supplements the camera the S has had since Tesla began its foray in...