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autopilot learning

  1. SSD420

    Autopilot question?

    Will the Model X speed while using autopilot? What speed limit will it drive at? Someone recently told me that it would go the speed of traffic around it. Is that true? Would love to learn more about autopilot before I take delivery on my 90D MX (fingers crossed) in mid July (hopefully sooner!)
  2. K

    Autopilot: Dip/Hill handling idle speculation on newest update

    Need to take this road a few more times to be sure but my observation (and I think I saw another post mentioning this) is that the hill handling behavior has improved. Previously autopilot would struggle with sharp decline followed by sharp incline. Seemingly it would perceive the hills as...
  3. rneugebauer

    Can someone explain the Autopilot "Learning" algorithm?

    I've read many times that Autopilot learns as we drive, that Tesla is creating an ultra-precision map based on the cars' experiences on the road. Sounds very convincing and logical. But I still have no clue how that learning process is supposed to work in detail, in particular what kind of...